Tucker Carlson: Stupid People Seized Control Of Our Country

The entire world has grappled with COVID and the economic fallout of lockdowns over the past year. The United States, however, is grappling with an explosion in violent crime.

Tucker Carlson is right that this has nothing to do with the pandemic. Black Lives Matter and the Great Awokening are the cause of the crime wave. The chaos that swept this country after George Floyd’s death was unique to this country although it briefly swept across the Atlantic into Britain. We also had a presidential election and the Democratic Party relies on stoking racial conflict to turn out its base. Black Lives Matter was also activated by its handlers to riot in the run up to the 2016 election. The elite cabal that controls Black Lives Matter admitted in that Time article that the riots were on stand by and were called off last November because Joe Biden has apparently won the election.

It was these people who unleashed this disorder in the big cities last summer. They allowed these people to riot and get away with it to own Trump. The people who rioted had their charges dropped by local Democratic prosecutors. It has been going on since Ferguson and St. Louis in 2014 and has steadily built up to this crescendo as the cancer spread through other cities like Baltimore and now nationwide.

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    • Most people just want to live their lives. The people who go for positions of power do so for a reason.

  1. The white working class in the UK are having none of what their American cousins have been forced to endure with Biden and Obama. Pub discussions in the countryside now revolve around shot guns and statues.

  2. I disagree that the chaos that swept this country after George Floyd’s death was unique.
    The rioting and crime waves after MLK was killed in 1968 still seems worse to me.
    I remember it all as an 11 year old kid.
    And you also had the riots in 1967 and the Vietnam War as well back then.

  3. Not stupidity. It is calculated. Weak take by the GOP, shows they are complicit to the Biden agenda. They are content being dummy opposition the next eight years.

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