Oregon Leaders Discuss Creating “Managed Villages” For Portland’s Exploding Homeless Population

Portland is the vanguard of woke progressivism.

It is the shining city on a hill that represents to the rest of the country and to the world what we can become after we successfully implement the progressive agenda.

In addition to villages of homeless people, Portland has many other attractions:

This is a free country.

I support Portland’s right to be weird and experiment in anarchy. Portland is doing us a favor by giving this model a trial run.

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  1. Portland was a sort of Social Democratic paradise. Then something changed somehow. Can’t the switch be pinpointed?

    • The picture at the top of the article is an example of what can be seen all over the city; you can see a camp about that size around every 15-20 or so blocks. The increase in the homeless population began ramping up about 10 years ago, when people began moving in from other states to access freebees. There are homeless camps popping up all over the place; there is even a number to call to report new camps for the police to remove. Lots of the homeless people are substance abusers. You cannot walk near them without being pressed for money. Lots of these people hang out in front of convenience stores, pan-handling, despite efforts to make them leave. I’d guess there are probably several thousand people living in these type of camps now.

  2. Unfortunately, the hypocrites in Oregon that love diversity but don’t want to be around it will more to Idaho and try and force their ways on the communities they settle in. All the red states that turned blue happened because outsiders came in and corrupted those states. .

  3. A few years ago there was a viral documentary called “Is Seattle Dying” about the same issue.

    It’s the drugs. These “homeless” people are druggies and people with serious mental problems.

    Best thing to do is re-open the old mental hospitals and give these people medical treatment. Conservatives are wrong, as usual, these people aren’t “lazy” – they are mentally handicapped.

    Show some compassion. There people are ill and need medical care.

    • You got it. I genuinely hate conservatives, maybe even more than I hate the shitlibs.

    • There was a similar documentary called “Requiem For Detroit”. But it died because of “other” inhabitants…

    • @Banned hipster…

      You’re absolutely right – these people are mentally ill and need a place to be.

      If memory serves, the trend to get rid of mental hospitals started with Governor Reagan in California, over 50 years ago.

  4. In order to solve the homeless problem, we would need a large increase in social safety net programs for those homeless that are just down on their luck, a return of asylums for those that are mentally ill, and forced rehab for those that are drug addicts. Do you think there will ever be a liberal democratic leader capable of such a thing in the foreseeable future?

  5. I’ve never thought much about Portland, until recently.

    My heart goes out to the people who are heavily invested in life there, for it seems to me that is a very uncomfortable place to live, verging on becoming even more so.

    • “My heart goes out to the people who are heavily invested in life there”


      Don’t waste your sympathies.
      The ppl of the west coast, north of LA, are a cold an callous bunch of self-centered narcissists. They excel in sociopathic behavior.

      • @Arrian…

        Okay, Dear Arrian.

        As I am totally unqualified to remark about the nature and condition of people in Western Oregon or Washington, I’ll take your insight under advisement.

        I do, however, know a fair number of rural and smalltown people in Northern California who are the very antithesis of your description, so, maybe you are referring mostly to Urbanites in the part of the country?

        In any case, I appreciate your having taken the time to share with me your point of view.

  6. LA is finally getting tough in dealing with its homelessness problem. Maybe a lot of those junkies and vagrants are heading further up the coast to Portland and Seattle? Establishing work camps and state mental hospitals would solve most of the problem.

  7. ” state mental hospitals”

    Use to have them, in Cali, until gov. Ronald Reagan shut them down.

  8. Mental institutions for those who are sick.

    Forced labor for the junkies and bums.

    Labor, routine and regimentation are the cure for addiction. Let them earn their keep, and their healthcare.

    Treat them well, but make them work. Real work, like bailing hay, hoing a large garden, and other farm work. Make sure they get the fruit of their labor, which should be food and shelter.

    Make them learn to be people again.

    There’s dignity in labor and a simple life.

    • The current system is unwilling — and unable — to enforce any code of conduct, decency, or responsibility on any group of people other than White normies; who are decent and responsible by default.

    • @Ironic…

      That’s an excellent comment of yours.

      Yes, giving people the opportunity to experience the blessings of straightforward labours, and the fruits of that path, is not only medicine for the delinquent, it really would be good for The White Professional Class to undergo, at least one month a year.

      I think a lot of City-Slickers would come to a much better place, for themselves and everyone concerned, if, from dawn to dusk, they had to tend a 1 acre garden for a month.

      It’s really an incredible therapy to have your hands and feet in the soil, to work a job that produces something tangilble, with real tools, and to be a part of a process that has an identifiable beginning and end – the product of your own labour which you consume.

      It’s the sanity from this very holistick process which I oft sense is most missing in people.

  9. @Brad Griffin…

    I really love the pictures you put up, for this blog’s marquis, and, this picture is no exception – it’s very moving to me.

    Thank you!

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