VICE: Young, Male and Anti-Feminist – The Gen Z Boys Who Hate Women

I don’t hate women.

I’m happily married. I love all the women in my family.

I agree though that feminism has been an unmitigated catastrophe. It is leading to a pile up of social dysfunction. I’m a reactionary who supports traditional values over social liberalism.

I think the social order is terrible these days and that is why there is so much built up resentment against women among these types of men. Deregulating sexuality and letting it run wild on apps like Tinder is a recipe for resentment. How do people find healthy partners and form stable families in this context?


“One evening Marie opened her younger brother’s Oliver’s bedroom door to bring him a mug of tea. She was met with the typical stale smell of urine, cigarette smoke and alcohol, and the audible buzz of men shouting from her brother’s gaming headset. As she crept to the window with the intention of opening it, her brother shouted “rape her” and laughed that bitches need to be raped and disposed of.

Marie looked at the 20-year-old in horror, as he’d never spoken like this before. He didn’t acknowledge her when she placed the mug next to him. 

Over the next few weeks Marie – who requested anonymity for both her and her brother due to concerns for their safety – set out to monitor Oliver. When he was gaming, she’d listen outside his door to what he was saying semi-ironically over the headset. Along with slurs and typical internet 4chan slang she knew like “triggered” and “cuck”, she noted a few she didn’t, including “foid”, something she discovered was an incel term for women (“female humanoid”).

She also overheard Oliver debating rape statistics. “He was talking about how men were always being falsely accused of rape,” she remembers. “Feminists were liars and not to be trusted. I was thinking how horrible this was specifically because we’d had discussions with my mum and him about how I was sexually harassed as a girl.” …

Half of young men in the UK now believe that feminism has “gone too far and makes it harder for men to succeed”. These are the results of a significant study published in July 2020 by anti-extremism charity HOPE not Hate. The study, Young People in the Time of COVID-19, surveyed 2,076 16- to 24-year-olds on their ideological beliefs. …

If we consider that the far right spans incels, men’s rights activists, pick-up artists as well as neo-Nazism and alt-right splinter groups, women-hating can be a way to recruit across the board. HOPE not hate found in their study that the young men who feel that feminism has gone too far were also twice as likely to think that jokes about race or religion were acceptable and twice as likely to think that discrimination against white people is as big a problem as discrimination against Black people.

“The far right has increasingly spread, the number of issues they’ll talk about and it’s all part of a wider pushback against progressive norms,” says Carter. Similarly, once you’re within the far-right, that allows you to engage in hate towards other communities. Activists in different groups will feed boys into the others, referring them along. …”

Basically, my view of the subject is that cultural liberalism is grounded in modernism, which itself is based on a stupid and romanticized vision of the interior self and individual freedom which is hyper individualistic and corrosive of social norms which are the foundation of civilization. Feminism is nothing more than modernism applied to women. Individual freedom and equality and self-expression has been elevated to the supreme good over the last century and has blown past its old limits.

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  1. I love women, I just hate women that are feminists and try to act like men because society says they can.

      • As I said in the article on Multiculturalism, from the other day: “…[T]his FEMININE approach to ‘God loves everyone’ led to all the outrageous heresies! The Biblical GOD was too MASCULINE for Origen…Just as it is for everyone who’s a heretic, today.”

        Got this article from a friend of mine. It applies here.

        Restore the Patriarchy, and Monos-Arche rule, wherever it is needed.

    • “hate women that are feminists and try to act like men because society jew media says they can.”

      • Just like all of the “gender wars” are intentionally reducing White birthrates and cohesion through families. MGTOW and Feminism are driving people apart. It’s not genders…it’s certain people.

        • Actually, reduction of birth rate is not very bad. Communism or as you say liberalism is genetic and despite hitting every group hard, biggest reduction of birth rate we see within liberals. So we may solve the greatest white problem in history thanks to Jewry. Brats just die out.

          Eastern Europe is conservative not because we have special whites but we had 2 revolutions and 3 wars, including 2 World Wars and our liberal lunatics got killed and did not reproduced.

          And lower population in not always bad. When we take US for example, when Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, there was only 200 million people in the US.

          So what good those extra 130 million did ?

          • Almost all of those 200 million Americans in 1969 were healthy, normal and white. By contrast a lot of white Americans these days are a fucking mess.

          • “So what good those extra 130 million did ?”

            It’s not the numbers, it’s the kind of ppl.

          • Those two million Americans didn’t put the Apollo 11 Lunar Excursion Module on the surface of the moon. The German scientists brought over by Operation Paperclip did.

    • This problem was already getting out of control several decades ago.

      I was fortunate that, at that time, the Good Lord was looking out for me and sabotaged all my romantick affairs, so that I could meet the right one – an Alabama country girl who had been raised by her Victorian grandparents.

      Contrary to feminists, (most city girls even by that time), my wife was of the opinion that she needed a man to complete her, one who would respect and love her forever and one to whom she could reciprocate that.

      So, her head was right even before I arrove on the scene.

      If her head is right, it does not matter how great your chemistry is – the relationship will not be blesst, but, will be a curse – a neverending high-maintenance grind of a curse.

  2. “I was thinking how horrible this was specifically because we’d had discussions with my mum and him about how I was sexually harassed as a girl.”

    Today “sexual harassment” includes whistling construction workers & virtually any man trying to pick up a woman she doesn’t find attractive.

    “…anti-extremism charity HOPE not Hate.”

    (((Cultural Marxist))) strong-arm gang.

    “…and twice as likely to think that discrimination against white people is as big a problem as discrimination against Black people.”

    It’s a far bigger problem.

    “The far right has increasingly spread, the number of issues they’ll talk about and it’s all part of a wider pushback against progressive norms,”

    “Progressive” “norms” are just jewshit imposed from the top-down by a relative handful of commie usurpers, so of course pushback is natural & right.

  3. “feminism has been an unmitigated catastrophe. It is leading to a pile up of social dysfunction. ”

    That’s why the jew media started it, in the 60’s.
    It’s a way to destroy healthy man/woman relationships, destroying the family and consequently destroying the society.

    The Perfect way to sabotage the gentiles.

    • Modern feminism goes back to the 19th century and was created by bourgeois Anglo women, not Jews. Jews just took advantage of the weakness that was already manifested in Anglo culture.

      • Anglo-feminism and Jewish-feminism are indeed quite different.

        Anglo-feminism was prudish church ladies trying to end vice like prostitution and men becoming alcoholics and beating their wives after coming home from the saloons tanked.

        Jewish feminism – a reaction against the awful misogynistic culture of Jews – was Jewish women projecting their hatred of their own fathers onto the “goyim” men.

        Anglo-feminism has problems but it’s a legitimate aspect of Western, Christian, and White culture.

        Jewish feminism is just typical Jew subversion and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

    • Jews thought up feminism, transgenderism, porno, and non-white immigration


  4. I believe the article quoted above is fake,
    Some synthetic fiction to smear the right.

    When jews developed feminism, they knew it would cause a destructive backlash on women, all to further the goal of our social destruction.

    Destroy the gentile society and replace it with one of jwish mastery.

  5. Of course not one word in the article sympathetic to the reasons a young man might feel alienated, unsupported and have a hostile attitude to those he deems have declared war on him. No of course there’s no good reason to think that the little bastard is ‘privileged’ actually so it must be some vast conspiracy of internet trolls and possibly Vladimir Putin to make young men feel this way.

    That’s one of the hallmarks of all of these pieces that analyze the growing ‘radicalization’ of especially young men that not once do they ever stop and consider that in fact it is the very ideas and policies they themselves pursue which are causing this reaction. It’s always some malign outside force like 4Chan which is the root cause.

    I guess it doesn’t help as well that this sister is such a good little Pavlik Morozov that she’s snooping on her own brother’s reactionary and counter-revolutionary bad thought and then writing large pieces in Pravda about them. What an utter creep.

    • That was my thought on the article. Zero focus on women’s negative stereotypes and treatment of men, as if that is completely irrelevant to the attitude today’s young men have towards women.
      And yes, the sister is a true Bolshevik snoop in training.

  6. A country has been cursed by God when its (White) women would rather be a Cat Mom or a Dog Mom than get married and become a mother to an actual human baby.

      • Anecdotally, and I am a woman, I’ve watched female leadership destroy my workplace. It’s infuriating to watch because it’s so unnecessary. Is there any attempt to fix the actual problem: females in charge? Heavens no. That would require rational thinking and introspection on the part of management. The solution, in their minds, is more of the same.

        • I’ve had a similar experience. Female bosses are almost always petty little tyrants who make — and take — everything personal. Female co-workers often develop into “mean girls” cliques.
          Men simply are better bosses, overall.

    • “women would rather be a Cat Mom or a Dog Mom ”

      Wait till their job, welfare or pension gives out.

    • Hey, I knew one of those. Strong, independent wo-man, loves her cats, goes to Church. Thought she was a fairly decent human until I found out she was screwing a convicted pedophile every night.

      • AND YOUR POINT? The woman was not being a Christian, nor was she being a woman, but a tramp, a whore, a witch…. all the things that PAGAN women pride themselves on being- and shiksa Talmudics.

        Just because someone says they are Christian, doesn’t make them so- all they really are, in such cases, are an effing ideological Jew.

        “If you were children of Abraham,” said Jesus, “you would do the works of Abraham. 40But now you are trying to kill Me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham never did such a thing. 41You are doing the works of your father….You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, refusing to uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and the father of lies. 45But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me!”

    • The other day I saw a very attractive and athletic looking young woman pushing a baby carriage along the sidewalk. “Wow, what a beautiful white mother”, I said to myself as I prepared to pass alongside her. ” I’ll bet her baby must be very cute! I only wish more good looking white women these days would have children like she does!” And then I peeped in the carriage and saw that it was one of those small, useless dogs that Paris Hilton liked carrying around in her designer purses.

      This selfish, decadent society needs to be completely destroyed. And women like her need to be sent to an SS Lebensborn facility.

      PS: Any online columnist or reporter – like the one from VICE featured above – who capitalizes Black but not White should be marched at bayonet point into a shallow pit and disposed of.

      • And then I peeped in the carriage and saw that it was one of those small, useless dogs that Paris Hilton liked carrying around in her designer purses.

        It could have been worse, a nigger, which is the punchline I thought the story was heading towards.

  7. Feminist: A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

    Man: A man needs a feminist like a fish needs a fishhook.

    Definition of a feminist: A woman who hates men and bitterly resents the fact that she isn’t one.

  8. The fact that his sister is the type of person who would spy on him and contact Vice to write an article about him probably explains why he hates women. Assuming the story isn’t just fabricated by the author, which is probably more likely than not.

    • “Assuming the story isn’t just fabricated by the author, which is probably more likely than not.”

      Agree. The MGTOW fellow on Bitchute reads out fan letters every day. I suspect he also makes up most of them himself. The whole point of this article though, is not feminism. It is to put out the word, that online games will be censored next.

      • Yes, it’s just a call for more censorship across the internet. Now that censorship of “far right” ideas has been accepted everywhere, they will just keep pushing for more and more censorship. The only people allowed to access most mainstream sites will be Jewish journalists from Brooklyn.

    • While not a gamer myself,nobody screams “far right” “ideias” during while playing. Its probably made up,notice how in the first to the second paragraph they associate a hateful autist spouting 4chan slangs with real reactionary arguments in the second paragraph.

  9. “and twice as likely to think that discrimination against white people is as big a problem as discrimination against Black people.”

    They literally capitalize black, but not white, and then act like there is no discrimination against white people. These “journalists” are sociopaths.

  10. Could they have discussed the issue with the boy instead of Sister Informata of the Backstab?

  11. I love women, just not feminists. We all have women in our family that we love.
    Take note:- feminists aren’t pro women…….. they’re just anti white. Do they tackle women’s issues in Saudi Arabia, or in remote Indigenous communities in Australia? Nup………too busy jumping on white men who whistled at a female colleague during a social function!
    I always found women confusing though, as do most young men.
    ‘I like bad boys’…….’where have all the good men gone?’……….’i like funny men’……….’i like men who take things seriously’ …………’i can’t stand controlling men’ ………’i love men who take control’………..’when men approach me it’s creepy’…………’men who don’t approach are weak’……….get the idea?!
    Men, and women, are confused about what women want. Feminism is to blame. They’re a branch of the left out to damage traditional white families and their birthrates. When they tell us to have fewer/no children on environmental grounds, then tell us to import half the world’s groid population to help fill labour shortages, you know they have a sick, anti white agenda happening behind the scenes.

  12. Feminism is just stupid.

    Both women and men are far better off, much happier, and have more fulfilling sex lives under more-or-less traditional gender roles.

    I’m not even a big social conservative or anything but I would ban pornography and send the people who run things like OnlyFans to prison for sex trafficking.

    • It would seem there are lots of wammyn who enjoy performing LIVE SEX ACTS online for PAYPIGS and SIMPS. Should they all go to jail too?

      • It’s the oldest profession. It’s one of the most common women’s sexual fantasies. Men are inherently violent yet we have no problems using state power to regulate violence and punish offenders, why should sex be any different?

        I favor the Nordic Model. Women are assumed to be victims and men are assumed to be perpetrators.

        This will drive some men nuts – oh my god! A double standard!

        But I believe in two standards for two sexes.

        The Nordic model means:

        1. No foreign men can pay our women for sex.

        2. Women are assumed to be victims thus treated via some sort of rehabilitation. It’s the youngest women – and underage girls – who are traditionally the prostitute class, thus treating them as victims makes perfect sense. It doesn’t matter how horny a 19 year old girl is, 19 year old girls are typically rather stupid and immature and don’t know what’s good for them. We don’t even let people under the age of 21 drink beer, for God’s sake!

        3. Men and women who actually know each other can get away with what amounts to prostitution under the radar as it would be impossible to prove. No one actually wants to stick their noses in private affairs, but a commercial sex industry is the opposite of a private affair.

        So some pornographers and pimps get punished even though it may seem somewhat “unfair.” So what? Why would that bother me? Justice has always been imperfect and the set of pornographers and sex traffickers “just happens” to intersect with sets of many other of my enemies.

        Since I’m not the dictator, I can’t actually make this happen. But even the suggestion alone – “The Nordic Model” – puts the fear of God in certain classes of people that I want to be afraid.

        I’m sure some of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers weren’t exactly “victims” – so what? It’s still a good thing he went to prison.

        Maybe a judge will show leniency on a white prostitute and her white johns while throwing the book at some rich Saudi coming to America to use his wealth to exploit our women.

        Instead of thinking in terms of abstractions, let’s think in terms of the practical realities on the ground.

        • Very good points. Males and females are inherently different so having two sets of standards does make sense. And we certainly do not want any nonwhite males oogling our women.

          Here is where that double standard works in OUR favor: It’s not necessarily bad if a white man occasionally hooks up with an attractive nonwhite female, as long as no procreation takes place. But we should never allow our women under any circumstances to indulge in such behavior with males from other races.

  13. >modernism

    Modernism was the age of great collective creeds — Communism, Fascism, and capital-D Democracy. Modernism was also inherently temporal, obsessed with capital-H History. Nationalism is modernist. The pledge of allegiance, for example, was published in 1892. National identities were not ready-made — like Nick Fuentes taking Americanism off a supermarket shelf — but culturally forged.

    Consider what America sounds like. In an Avengers movie, you might hear Captain America’s theme. It sounds American. Why? Modernism. More specifically, Charles Ives. He took hymns, folksongs, marches, popular tunes, and forged them into a uniquely national American idiom, something with open sonorities, accessibility, a modest militaristic edge, a clarity evocative of morality and seriousness, syncopation, and busy energy.

    Ives: Symphony No.3 – “The Camp Meeting” – 1. Old Folks Gatherin’ (Andante maestoso)

    Decades later, themes in, let us say, Saving Private Ryan, sound American — not British, not Italian, not Russian. Modernist composers like Piston, Copland, Harris, Schuman, and ultimately Ives were responsible for this. Prior to Ives American composers were writing in an academic Germanic style.

    Revisiting Normandy (From “Saving Private Ryan” Soundtrack)

    As the modernist poet Ezra Pound exclaimed, make it new! Even an artistic arsonist like Duchamp had to deface the Mona Lisa, instead of something original. When I think individualism I think Byron or Berlioz, men before the age of mass man.

    • I remember Dennis Hopper was always talking about the art of Marcel Duchamp. I will have to look into that. Symphonie Fantastique must have sounded revolutionary upon its first performance in 1830.

  14. Does it ever occur to the “feminists” that the anti-White male policies they champion will result in exactly the kind of things they complain about here?

  15. The last three generations of women have been (((poisoned)). The big difference for Z is they are fugly too. Maybe Jugly is more appropriate. Fat, lumpy, bitchy with ugly tattoos and an entitled attitude.

  16. “Twice as likely to think that discrimination agains white people is as bad as discrimination agains black people”.
    There you have it folks,they want you dead and thats all there is to it.

  17. The duties of a Catholic woman in marriage is traditionally defined in the Papal Encyclical of 1880 as follows. Arcaneum Divaniae February 10,1880. I cannot add or subtract from that law.

    Articles 11

    Secondly, the mutual duties of husband and wife have been defined, and their several rights accurately established. They are bound, namely, to have such feelings for one another as to cherish always very great mutual love, to be ever faithful to their marriage vow, and to give one another an unfailing and unselfish help. The husband is the chief of the family and the head of the wife. The woman, because she is flesh of his flesh, and bone of his bone, must be subject to her husband and obey him; not, indeed, as a servant, but as a companion, so that her obedience shall be wanting in neither honor nor dignity. Since the husband represents Christ, and since the wife represents the Church, let there always be, both in him who commands and in her who obeys, a heaven-born love guiding both in their respective duties. For “the husband is the head of the wife; as Christ is the head of the Church. . . Therefore, as the Church is subject to Christ, so also let wives be to their husbands in all things.”(18)

    • @Cristina…

      Yes, cherishing each other, even when bickering over this and that is of extreme importance.

      As to the husband being the head of the household, it is often not so, in The South, even in very Christian households, this because our women are often so headstrong – that trait nothing to do with feminism.

      There are several archetypes for marital relationships in The South, and the most common one is with an assertive woman and a man who, not necessarily passive by disposition, caters to her whims…

      • > The South, and the most common one is with an assertive woman and a man who, not necessarily passive by disposition, caters to her whims

        Well that isn’t true at all. It’s not unheard of but it’s hardly the “most common.”

        This isn’t a Southern thing at all, it’s a class thing. It’s middle class signaling.

        The late blogger Neo-Nietzsche said:

        1. The lower-class man wants to make a slave of his woman.
        2. The middle-class man wants to be a slave to his woman. — you are here.
        3. The upper-class man provides a slave for his woman.

        • @Banned…

          You live in a Modern globalist city that happens to be located in Dixie, and, as such, are not much acquainted with traditional Southern habits.

          At any rate – have a great weekend!

          • It’s hilarious – a Jew, who probably lives in New Jersey, is telling me I’m not really Southern and don’t understand “Southern habits.”

            How do we know he’s Southern? He misspells words in an apparently failed attempt to mimick pre-Webster Dixie spellings, but gets most of it wrong.

            Hint: to be more authentic, just using British spellings, which is what the pre-Webster Southern literature uses.

            No one in the South has even spelled “Christ” as “Chryst.”

            I’d bet good money you’ve spent more time in Palestine than you’ve spent in North Carolina.

            You are about as “Southern” as Eminem is Black.

            If a white acting black is a “whigger” was does than make Ivan? A “jewtherner?”

            I would be offended, as Ivan the Jew is basically doing “whiteface,” but it’s just too ridiculous to get angry about.

          • You don’t live all that far from Charlie Rose’s farm outside of Oxford. Oxford sure as hell ain’t no “Modern globalist city”.

      • Ivan,

        I truly do not understand that. I am quick tempered and opinionated but I only want a man to rule and take care of me. A man has to rule and be in control or he is not a man. I have no respect for worms.

        Most of my education has been in private Catholic schools primarily female and Mexican even in the USA and we all the time talk privately about being married. That is our beautiful fate. We wish to marry and live happily. I know it may seem silly to the men on here but that is what we want. Even the anglo Catholic girls I go to school with believe that.

        • “Most of my education has been in private Catholic schools ”

          It’s obvious, you haven’t been entirely in indoctrination centers (i.e. public schools), You’re intelligent and well mannered.

        • @Cristina…

          As to how passive or dominant you will be in a relationship, time will tell with that.

          A woman at 17 is not who she is when she is 60.

          That process is a long tale, full of unpredictable turns that take an effect on her personality, which continues to form until the grave.

          As to you and your classmates wishing to marry and live happily, no, I have no problems believing that it is so.

          Women of my generation, excepting the lesbians and unusual case, were all like this.

          You simply are in a small pocket of those unspoiled & undegenerated by this time in history.

          That’s a good thing, and I am sure your parents will make sure that your prospective marital candidates are well screened from good families without destructive behaviors.

          Good to hear from you, Young Lady!

          • Ivan,

            Thank you. I would not marry nor would it be allowed to marry anyone that my parents did not approve of. It always helps to have family on the side of a marriage since it is a public and communal affair. Marriage really only exists to create children after all.

            If you reply it will be awhile before I can answer since my family is going to visit my grandmother at the hospital. She fell and broke her hip wendesday night.

          • @Cristina…

            And how wise, indeed, are your parents to supervise the whole coureting process.

            The Modern Western notion of the individual young person ostensibly finding someone, and then foisting that person on their family is a fanciful failure of rampant individualism.

            The joining of two separate families is a process that needs a firm and mature hand at the helm.

            The young person should only have a voice in being able to veto any prospective choice that their parents find for him or her, for reasons of not finding anything attractive about them.

            Sorry to hear about your granny’s hip.

            My wife is clumsy, too, and can find a way to fall on flat ground in the middle of nowhere, which is why I, several years back, banned her from carrying anything more than a loaf of bread.

            Hopefully your granny can get in and out of the industrial hospital mill before they sell her on having her hips and lips replacet!

          • @Cristina,

            I meant to address your grandmother’s broken hip in a previous thread.

            Please make sure that her surgeon test her for allergic reactions to different metals they may use to set her hip.

            Godspeed on your Abuela’s recovery.

        • @Cristina
          Yes I want women to have opinions, rights and the ability to say when they’re not happy about things. It’s called communication and transparency. Every marriage and relationship needs it. We’re not the Middle East or some African dustbowl. We want women’s rights. But all out feminism is hatred of men that’s destroying the West, and it’s birthrates.
          I visit the gym. I don’t drink or smoke. I have a goetee. I do repairs on my truck and home……. I’m a man.
          Straight women don’t want a husband that reminds them of their own girlfriends who they catch up with over coffee on Saturday mornings. They want……..a man.
          Real men don’t ask for trouble, but are ready for it if need be. Real men don’t harm women, children or animals, but are verbally firm and strong when need be.
          If any of that makes me a target for libtard fembats…….then I guess I’m a target.

          • Goose,

            I thank you for your kind and thoughtful reply. My views on what I think men should be are similar though more submissive because of the Catholic, Latin, Mexican, Arabic, and Indian culture and mentality that I am part of.

            I did not say I have Indian or Moorish blood but their views are part of my society. The anglo sexual equality views make me uneasy.

          • @ goose

            “Yes I want women to have opinions, ”

            Haha haha, that’s the funniest line I’ve ever heard.

            As if your desires have any effect on a woman’s behavior.
            Don’t worry, you’ll hear her opinions, wether you want to or not.

      • Ivan,

        I just realized that my statement on men not being in control being worms might be misinterpreted by you as me referring to you. That was not the case. I was only writing against weak men. That is all.

        • Oh, I understand, Dear Cristina.

          Actually, my analysis of Southern relationships (submissive me catering to dominant women) was not applicable to either me or the relationship I have with my wife.

          No, she and I have less common relationship structure amongst Southerners – that of equals, or, rather, we take turns lording it over each other and being dictatorial, depending on the acknowledged areas of our respective strengths.

          Shared dominance & submission – it’s a good model for some, as it allows each to lead in areas that conform to his or her loves and strengths.


  18. “women are often so headstrong – that trait nothing to do with feminism”

    Yeh, it’s called biology :p

    • Agreed. I don’t understand men who want women that are psychologically just like them. You want to date a female with a male brain? Like just go be a fag then.

    • November,

      I thank you for inquiring about my grandmother. The operation has already taken place and she is being rehabilitated. The process might take weeks but she does not have any life threatening symptoms currently.

      When she gets home again no more sugar, sockeye salmon twice weekly, green vegetables, and everything if possible organic. Plenty of water. We will check the internet for the best foods for bone health.

      I do not think the hospital gave any food recommendations.

  19. “One evening Marie opened her younger brother’s Oliver’s bedroom door to bring him a mug of tea. She was met with the typical stale smell of urine, cigarette smoke and alcohol, and the audible buzz of men shouting from her brother’s gaming headset.”

    Emphasis on this part: “the TYPICAL stale smell of urine, cigarette smoke and alcohol”

    In this VICE author’s imaginary tale of everyone she disagrees with, her son is a personification of MGTOW crossed with the Doomer meme (son’s room stinking of cigs and booze) and the NEET meme (son sits in his room playing vidya all day and stores piss jugs in his room, while someone else (older sister) brings him sustenance (mug of tea))). 5/5 for /pol/-inspired creative fiction.

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