Libs of Tik Tok

These are the people who we are sharing the country with.

The cicadas are emerging and their first thought is … WTF happened?

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  1. I will never watch their videos because of possible brain damage. These people should not be roaming around, they should me in padded rooms doing the Thorazine shuffle

    • There is a channel on BitChute called “Garbage Humans”. It is a weekly chronicle, offered without editorializing, of the decline into absolute deviance, degeneracy, and anarchy of what was once a highly advanced civilization. If nothing else, it will convince even the most optimistic that what remains cannot be salvaged. The chasm is terminal.
      Something new must be built.

  2. Horror movie psychopaths like these are in our governments and embassies. It seems the common theme is never let a psychopathic woman access to the keys to power, let alone dictatorship, yikes.

    • The abortion girl was the weirdest. “I am what conservatives fear…” like a rightwingers wants that bleach blonde Coalburner to have offspring?

  3. I really don’t want to even share a planet with these people. It is embarassing that we are of the same species.

    If aliens came to earth and saw this I couldn’t really hold it against them if they decided to wipe out life here and start over. Something has gone terribly wrong.

  4. I’m watching 8-9 year old League of the South Videos on YouTube and I’m pissed it took me this long to find you guys. Its my fault. I’m very proud of my Southern Heritage. My 4th Great Grand Father Volunteered for the Gadsden Grey’s and there are alot of niggers that live in Quincy Florida that have my last name. According to we had alot of tobacco farm equipment.

  5. Remember Snake Plissken at the end of Escape from LA? Something like that needs to happen. Shut all this down…reset.

  6. Quer. 14.
    All that the witch-finder doth is to fleece the country of their money, and therefore rides and goes to townes to have imployment, and promiseth them faire promises, and it may be doth nothing for it, and possesseth many men that they have so many wizzards and so many witches in their towne, and so hartens them on to entertaine him.

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