The Guardian: Outrage and Delight As France Ditches Reliance on Meat In Climate Bill

Do you remember when we laughed at Burger Nationalism?

Gradually, it dawned me that these people really are coming after our burgers and steaks. They really do want you to eat bugs and live in the pod which when you think about it that isn’t as extreme as some of their other ideas like instilling racial self-hatred and gender confusion in your kids.

The Guardian:

“The country that gave the world foie gras, coq au vin and le steak frites is being asked to ditch its meat-heavy diet in favour of vegetarian options, as France embarks on a historic “culture shift” that will bring sweeping changes to all aspects of society, the French environment minister has said.

Meat will be off the menu at least one day a week in schools, while vegetarian options will be standard in public catering, and chefs will be trained in how to prepare healthy and toothsome plant-based meals.

The proposals have sparked uproar and howls of outrage among the traditionalists of French cuisine, but have been welcomed by many young people.

Barbara Pompili, minister for ecological transition, said the country’s wide-ranging plan to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions would improve health and wellbeing, while providing a big boost to the economy.

“Developing a vegetarian menu offer is about freedom as much as ecology,” she said. “Vegetarians must be able to find menus that cater to their needs in their canteens. This is especially true for young people, among whom the proportion of vegetarians is twice as high as the rest of the population.” …

That reassurance is key, in a country that just two years ago saw months of violent protests by the “gilets jaunes”, sparked in late 2018 by a row about fuel price rises that were brought in on environmental grounds but which many felt unfairly penalised people living in the countryside. …”

Surely, you are exaggerating?

No, traditional French cuisine is already under attack by progressive activists. The same people who smash statues and who burn flags and who hate everything else that is great and wonderful about Western culture also hate the food which is an emerging front in the culture war.

The Guardian:

“A decision by the Green mayor of Lyon, seen by many as the country’s culinary capital, to temporarily take meat off the menu in school canteens during the coronavirus pandemic has sparked a major political row in France.

Government ministers have accused the mayor, Grégory Doucet, of “ideological” and “elitist” behaviour after the measure, which is also being studied by several other cities including Paris, came into force in Lyon’s schools on Monday. …

Food represents roughly a quarter of France’s carbon footprint and proposals are being developed by the government to encourage the French both to eat more local produce and to consume less meat, but of higher quality. The French senate last year recommended a more vegetable-based diet, but mainly to counter the unhealthy impact of fast food and takeaways. There have also been proposals to reward low-emission meat producers. …

Doucet has said he eats meat and denied he was trying to force vegetarianism on to the city’s children. “Being able to offer a seated hot meal to all the children is important,” he told French television. “This is Lyon, the capital of gastronomy. For us, flavour is also essential.” …”

The same talk about reducing meat consumption among the working class and turning “beef into the new coal” is already gaining traction with progressives on this side of the Atlantic.

Predictably, the usual suspects are already pressuring Joe Biden to take more extreme and unpopular actions on climate change with gas prices rising and the economy jittering.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — Despite President Biden’s pledge to aggressively cut the pollution from fossil fuels that is driving climate change, his administration has quietly taken actions this month that will guarantee the drilling and burning of oil and gas for decades to come.

The clash between Mr. Biden’s pledges and some of his recent decisions illustrates the political, technical and legal difficulties of disentangling the country from the oil, gas and coal that have underpinned its economy for more than a century. …

The three decisions suggest the jagged road that Mr. Biden is following as he tries to balance his climate agenda against practical and political pressures. …

Earlier this month, lawyers for the Biden administration also opposed in court shutting down the Dakota Access pipeline, which is carrying about 550,000 barrels of oil daily from North Dakota to Illinois. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other activists have fought it for more than five years, contending the pipeline threatens water supplies and sacred sites.

The Biden administration could have decided to halt the pipeline while the Army Corps of Engineers conducts a new court-ordered environmental review, but it opted not to intervene. Judge James Boasberg of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia criticized the administration for its inaction.

A few days later, the Biden administration defended 440 oil and gas leases issued by the Trump administration on federal land in Wyoming that is also the critical habitat of the sage grouse, mule deer and pronghorn. Environmentalists successfully sued the government to stop the leases, arguing that they violated a 2015 agreement that protected that land. But in federal appeals court, the Biden administration defended the decision to allow oil and gas drilling. …”

Check out the latest Pew poll on this.

2/3rds of the public opposes phasing out fossil fuels. This includes nearly half of Democrats who are also opposed to the idea. It can’t be stressed enough that climate change is an obsession of the White college educated, upper middle class, urban professional wing of the party.

Seriously, if there is one issue that unites the Right, it is defense of our beloved food and grills. Progressive activists are going to run into more resistance on that issue than even guns.

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  1. Time for good White men to move to Asia. Asians certainly will not be limiting meat consumption, regardless of what western retards want them to do.

  2. I had a double cheese burger with onions, bacon, lettuce,tomato and mayo on a pretzel roll.Vegans don’t know what they’re missing and the nutrients in meat that their lacking

  3. This is just not going not to work. They might get some urban soyboys and cat women to go along, but most people simply don’t don’t want the diet they want us to do. One sniff of a classic grilled steak, or even more dangerous, a Southern classic pit barbecue, nobody cares about fried cicadas, or peeled celery. I’m pretty sure it ain’t happening..

    • It’s just kind of social signaling. This crap will never catch on and in a few years it will be forgotten.

      Already all the coastline of Florida was supposed to be underwater and we’re all supposed to be dead from Covid.

      If you didn’t pay attention to mass media, you wouldn’t even know about any of this nonsense.

  4. Peaceful protests will accomplish nothing. Look at the Capitol trespassers being tortured and abused by black prison guards, look at the woman coldly murdered by a Capitol police-man who supports BLM. There is only one thing that can possibly deter these vicious dogs and that is fear.

    • It would be nice if the US had good looking people in the cabinet like that, instead of Jewish tranny abominations. Oh, wait, she’s not a tranny, is she? They’re getting really good at hiding it now, I would imagine.

  5. We evolved to be omnivores, not creatures who consume leaves and bugs. Without meat in their diets our prehuman ancestors would never have evolved beyond an Australopithecus type primate.

    • Yes, France is gay. When I tried to support that statement by going to Countercurrents to copy a link to a recent good article about the French police being helpless to prevent a killing by an African, I got a screen saying “Error 1005. The owner of this website has banned the autonomous system number (ASN) your IP address is in (Xxxx) from accessing this website.” Is Countercurrents gay, too?

  6. “2/3rds of the public opposes phasing out fossil fuels”
    That means nothing. 2/3rds of the public opposed gay marriage. So they beefed up the propaganda and shaming, and voila: the percentage in opposition dropped like clockwork. They flipped 2/3rds opposition to 2/3rds support from 1996 to 2020. That was the proof of concept, and they can do it with anything. All forms of opposition are just speed bumps. Undoubtedly, some actionable new slur will be introduced for meat-eaters. Kids will stop eating it because it’s gross and uncool, and the old die-hards will gradually die off. You can see it already in the stats you posted. The traditional side will lose because it’s the old who support tradition. The young crave something new. Did you see that Matt Gaetz & MTG rally the other day? Looked like lunch at a nursing home. The old won’t defeat the young in the culture war.

  7. Bury me with my copy of Julia Child, and the Bible- cuz you ain’t gonna pry either out of my cold, dead hands.

    Boeuf Bourgignon, Choux pastry, and COW Butter, forever!

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