Axios: Prices Expected To Continue Rising This Summer

The spike in consumer prices and especially gas prices is temporary, but is expected to continue rising all summer. That’s what we are being told now.


“Prices are expected to keep rising this summer, pushed up by bottlenecks for materials and labor, and surging consumer demand, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: The “Memorial Day Weekend price index” showed leisure-related prices up about 4.3% since the pandemic began — more than overall consumer prices, which rose 3.1% over that period. …”

Apparently, we are running out of chicken wings.

Daily Mail:

“A New Hampshire restaurateur has apologized to customers for putting prices up after the cost of basic items like oil, meat and gloves rose by as much as 300%.

Alan Natkiel, the owner of Georgia’s Northside in Concord, says the price of brisket has gone up 185%, chicken breast is up 70%, and fryer oil costs have doubled in the past three months, while plastic gloves were three times as expensive as pre-pandemic prices.

The price of disposable gloves have soared by 300%.

Natkiel says the surge in prices has even forced him to stop serving chicken wings as a national shortage has made them so pricey they were no longer commercially viable. 

He shared his frustration in a Facebook post at having to put meal prices up, as inflation reaches its highest level since 2008.

‘You don’t want to be like, ‘Hey customers, I just raised the price of your food because I have a glove issue,’ he told

‘They don’t really want to hear that.’  …”

KQ 2:

“The effects of a nationwide chicken shortage have forced the restaurant to adjust their prices of wings.

It’s a problem affecting more local businesses, the owner of Uncle J’s Fish and Wings, a midtown food truck said he’s also struggling to meet demand.

Chicken has been hard to come by over the past few months, the reason is widely believed to be a perfect storm of events. The Covid-19 pandemic along with a cold snap last winter in Texas both likely contributed to the current shortage.

Hunter said the shortage has had an effect on cost.

“I went to the notebook to see my prices and the price of the supply,” He said. “It was like I would not be making any money on the chicken wings.”

Instead of passing that cost to consumers, some eating places have just removed the chicken, for now. …”

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  1. In the last month, the price of a bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution at The Walmart Pharmacy has gone up from 79 cents to 96 cents.

    If my math does not fail me, that is about an 18.5% increase.

  2. Hunter,
    Did you see this?

    “The Red-Headed libertarian™
    BREAKING: the US Government directed Twitter to censor speech.

    The Twitter Trusted Partnership & Twitter Partner Support (PSP) Portal allows the government to issue “censorship orders”- Twitter agreed to comply to avoid “regulatory oversight”.”

    “Well, there goes the whole “It’s a private company, they can censor who they want” argument.”

  3. “consumer prices and especially gas prices is temporary,”

    Temporary ???

    So was the 1913 income tax, temporary.

    Does dog have any viable alternative to printing it’s way out of this mess ?

      • @Hunter Wallace

        This is story is what makes living in a liberal house of mirrors so frustrating….

        The argument that prices got artificially lowered during covid lockdowns is 100% true. Where I live gas dropped down to less than a $1 during the peak of the lockdowns. Gas prices rising back up isn’t weird at all but other inflation is hard not to suspect is merely price gouging.

        We won’t know, or at least not until after the fact.

  4. “nationwide chicken shortage ”

    People can’t afford beef or pork.

    “Chicken today, feathers tomorrow.”

  5. You are literally losing money if you have a savings account. That’s the plan though. Wealth transfer from the ants to the grasshoppers.

  6. “expected to continue rising all summer”

    Well duh ! Wholesale prices have skyrocketed and it will take a few months for the full effects to reach the retail level……… Note, I said FULL effects.

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