Remembering Constantinople

Fall of Constantinople by Theophilos Hatzimihail. Constantine is visible on a white horse.

Lars Brownworth, Lost to the West: The Forgotten Byzantine Empire That Rescued Western Civilization, Random House, 2009, 315 pp., $69.99 (Hardcover), $24.46 (Audiobook), $11.99 (Kindle)

Jean Raspail wrote the most prophetic book of this century, The Camp of the Saints. It ends with the last remnant of the West about to be overrun. The book’s final words are: “The fall of Constantinople is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.” Tomorrow, May 29, that colossal misfortune will have taken place exactly 568 years ago, in 1453.

“The West” began with the Greek resistance to Persia and the creation of an intellectual, cultural, and racial tradition. Westerners have always fought each other, but “the West” was once united by the ideal (if not the reality) of Empire and the sense of being part of one civilization.

England, France, Germany, and other proud nations are tribes of a greater people. I would argue that their civilization has been shattered for a millennia now. To some extent, our entire racial history is an attempt to return to Rome and the unity it represented. The last manifestation of that unity was the Eastern Roman Empire. In 1399, when one of the final emperors, Manuel II, was touring Europe begging for help, Europeans remembered that the emperor “sat on the throne of the Caesars, and, no matter how debased that throne had become, its dignity was still unparalleled.” [p. 279]

What we now consider the “East,” including Egypt, Anatolia, and the Levant, was once part of our civilization too. For a millennia after Roman power collapsed in Europe, the Roman ideal continued in Constantinople. We often forget that they were us.

Lars Brownworth, a former academic who has become a full-time historian, writes that on the night of May 28, 1453 — the eve of defeat — Emperor Constantine XI Dragases told his men that they were “worthy heirs of the great heroes of Ancient Greece and Rome.” Also, for the first and last time in Byzantine history, Latin and Greek priests stood together and prayed for the city. Mr. Brownworth, quoting Gibbon, calls it the “funeral oration” for the Roman Empire. Italians and Greeks, Catholics and Orthodox, fought shoulder to shoulder on that last terrible day.

In Essential Writings on Race, Sam Francis says that, “The concept of the ‘Last Stand,’ in which an outnumbered army . . . face battle against overwhelming odds, usually without any realistic expectation of victory, recurs throughout Indo-European history and legend — at the battles of Marathon and Thermopylae.” It’s hard to think of a more inspiring example than Emperor Constantine charging into the enemy ranks, knowing that after a 53-day siege, all was lost. His body was never found. Like King Arthur, it is said he will come again.

Who needs fantasy when we have history like this? In Psalm 137, the Jewish author curses himself if he should “forget thee, O Jerusalem.” Should we not feel the same way about Constantinople?

History not only inspires us; it cautions us. Few of us reflect on Constantinople. Both white advocates and our opponents too often assume that whites always win. We are always conquerors, never conquered. This justifies stark racial double standards. Christian Lander, author of Stuff White People Likeunwittingly put it best. “It is always OK to make fun of white people because no unhappy ending is possible.”

Lost to the West reminds us this isn’t so. The fall of Constantinople was horrifying. “Women and children were raped, men were impaled, houses were sacked, and churches were looted and burned,” writes Mr. Brownworth. For Eastern Europe, the end of the Roman Empire meant centuries of political slavery under Ottoman oppression. For more than a million whites, losing the Mediterranean meant literal slavery.

There’s something worse than slavery. It’s losing an identity. Occupation means living under alien law, morality, and cultural codes. Even before Constantinople fell, the Ottomans had already occupied Eastern Europe. One of the main reasons Constantinople fell was that the elite forces of the Turkish army were “Christians who had been taken from their families while children and forcibly converted to Islam” and who had become “fanatically loyal” to their new masters. [p. 297] A people can rise from defeat, but not from deconstruction.

Constantinople tells us defeat is possible. It has happened before and the consequences were sickening. We still live with them. The Hagia Sophia, the greatest church of antiquity, is a now mosque. A Turkish ruler with neo-Ottoman pretensions uses Muslim migrants slowly to conquer Europe. The political police in Germany said in 2017 that the largest “right-wing extremist” group in the country was the ultranationalist, arguably terrorist Turkish Grey Wolves. Like the empire in its final years, we are increasingly surrounded in what was once unquestionably “our” land.

What caused the collapse? The answer is both too broad and too simple: We did. Of course, there was the rise of Islam, disputes between Catholics and Orthodox, and the wisdom or folly of various political and military decisions. Ultimately however, the Ottomans didn’t conquer Constantinople. Europeans destroyed it first.

When Roman authority collapsed in the West, it survived in the East. Technically, the Roman Empire hadn’t ended. In the sixth century, under Justinian and his great general Belisarius, the empire built the Hagia Sophia and reconquered much of the West. However, plague and petty personal disputes limited their accomplishments.

Islam was a powerful new enemy. Yet the decisive blow came when Western European crusaders sacked Constantinople in 1204. After that, it may have been a matter of time before the city fell to the Turks. Nevertheless, three things contributed to the fall, and all apply to our own age.

First, there were white traitors, who put greed ahead of loyalty. Chief among them in 1543 was a Hungarian named Urban, a gunnery expert who served the Byzantines. However, when the nearly exhausted empire couldn’t pay him enough, he went to work for the attacking enemy, Sultan Mehmed II. It was thanks to Urban and his artillery that the Turks breached the walls. White people really are our own worst enemies and Urban’s infamy should equal that of Ephialtes.

The warriors of the Fourth Crusade who sacked the city were also cultural/racial traitors. This wasn’t a battle between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Pope Innocent III flatly excommunicated the Catholic crusaders because he knew they had destroyed Christian unity. [p. 261] The Venetian doge Enrico Dandolo manipulated the crusader army into sacking the city for profit, and ensured supremacy for his city. However:

[I]n doing so he had perpetuated one of the great tragedies of human history. Byzantium, the mighty Christian bulwark that had sheltered western Europe from the rising tide of Islam for so many centuries, had been shattered beyond repair—wrecked by men who claimed that they were serving God. Blinded by their avarice and manipulated by the doge, the crusading leaders broke the great Christian power of the East, condemning the crippled remnants—and much of eastern Europe—to five centuries of a living death under the heel of the Turks. [p. 258]

You could say the doge served Venice by destroying Constantinople, but by destroying the empire, he ruined Venice because under Turkish rule it was no longer a gateway to the east. Leaders can’t afford to be individualistic, or even always loyal to their polity. They have to take a racial and civilizational view if they want to serve their people. A victory over a rival polity is self-defeating if it weakens your race and civilization.

The second factor that destroyed the empire was the short-sightedness of selfish elites. If our schools taught heroism instead of shame, our children would know about General Belisarius. However, he could have done far more were it not for the jealousy of the emperor’s wife Theodora, who saw him as a threat. Another general of the time, Narses, was unnecessarily insulted, and then invited the Lombards to invade Italy. [p. 118] The Great Schism itself, which permanently divided the Catholic and Orthodox churches, wasn’t really about theology. It was about two petty men, one a Catholic cardinal and the other the Eastern patriarch, socially snubbing each other. [pp. 223–224] Byzantine history has countless plots, poisonings, and coups that killed successful generals or emperors.

Personal failings are discouraging, but are common in history. Just as we see today, selfish elites displaced the classes who supported the economy and provided troops for the army. After Justinian’s reign, at the close of the sixth century, Mr. Brownworth writes that “the merchants, industrialists, and small landowners that made up the middle class were diminishing as wars and uprisings began to disrupt trade . . . small farms began to disappear, swallowed by the ravenous hunger of the great aristocratic landowners.” [p. 117] Centuries later, in 975, Emperor John I Tzimiskes returned from victories over the Muslims but discovered that the imperial chamberlain (a eunuch) was seizing all the land. He tried to stop him, but the chamberlain poisoned him first. [p. 205] Mr. Brownworth sees similar problems in the empire around 1025, when an “arrogant” and “insulated” educated class deliberately chose weak emperors, driving small farmers almost “to extinction” or serfdom, and spent so much they devalued the currency. [p. 221]

He writes that by 1347, “what was left of Byzantium was devolving into something resembling class warfare.” There were massacres of aristocrats and a pretender, John Cantacuzenus, even invited the Turks to fight for him. As a result, the Turks conquered Adrianople in 1362, the sultan sold the population into slavery, and eventually all Thrace filled with Turkish settlers. [p. 274]

It’s a more dramatic version of what we see today. Our elite is well-educated but not wise; prosperous, but not patriotic. The middle class, the bedrock of the nation, is weakening economically and socially. Elites use foreigners to win domestic power via replacement migration rather than as military auxiliaries. The consequences are the same.

Finally, there was a repeating pattern of trusting blindly in ideology or theology. The Eastern Roman Empire’s temporal power bolstered its spiritual power. Hagia Sophia’s beauty helped convert the Russians, the Bulgarians, and the Serbs. However, some emperors undermined their own legitimacy through religious persecution. In 725, Emperor Leo III gave a sermon explaining the rise of Islam by saying the Orthodox were using graven images. This unleashed a wave of persecution by emperors who thought that destroying Christian images would somehow help the Christian cause. It had no real-world objective beyond guessing the will of God.

Similarly, the refusal of the western pope and the Byzantine patriarchs to work together ensured their own destruction. Just as there is one God, there can only be one emperor, the sword that will protect the church. However, unnecessary divisions between the Latin and Greek churches led the Pope to proclaim Charlemagne “Holy Roman Emperor” in the West. This undermined the legitimacy of the empire, the papacy, and ultimately of Christianity. Popes in the west became temporal leaders bullied by kings and constantly in search of protectors. Instead of remaining above power politics, popes were mired in the unseemly battles.

Meanwhile, in the east, the worse the situation became, the more stubbornly eastern Christians clung to independence. Mr. Brownworth argues that Christians in Egypt voluntarily surrendered to the first Islamic invaders partly because they were dissatisfied with rule by fellow Christians. They found that “their new masters” were “considerably less tolerant than the orthodox regime they had swept away, but by then it was too late.” [p. 133] The Arab invasions and the population changes that followed wiped out the Hellenized Middle East and North Africa. It is now part of the Islamic world. That is far more serious than any doctrinal dispute.

In the empire’s final days, emperors repeatedly went west to beg for help, only to be told that they must submit to Rome. Some did, but found that their own subjects angrily rejected them. Meanwhile, the West never truly awakened to the threat. Only a few Genoese fought with the Byzantines at Constantinople’s last stand. The West put more effort into sacking the city in the Fourth Crusade than in trying to save it.

Religious authority needs temporal power. When the desperate Byzantines fled to Hagia Sophia in the terrible final hours, no angels fulfilled the prophecy to rescue them. The Turks butchered priests at the altar. Today, Middle Eastern Christianity has been all but wiped out. Under the Tsars, Russia repeatedly tried to retake Constantinople but failed, partly because of opposition from Western powers.

White traitors, myopic elites, and wishful thinking; Constantinople fell because the West failed to act as one. There will always be fights among whites. However, they are not potentially fatal conflicts where the stakes are the continuation of a people and a culture — rather than just an exchange of territory. Western kings never grasped the gravity of the alien threat. Just a few decades before the empire fell, Mr. Brownworth writes, “a concerted effort by Christendom just might have been able to push the Turks out of Europe while they were still fragmented,” but the “European powers” had “a false sense of security.” [p. 281]

It continues today. Demographic trends ensure whites will be minorities within our own countries within this century, even in Europe. Globally, we confront the rising power of China and an enormous African population boom. Few of “our” leaders fight for our race and civilization. “Our” rulers sometimes seem to be deliberately destroying us.

We should have faith in victory, but faith can’t be an excuse for inaction. What the West needs today are men who take the long view. We are doomed if we remain divided. Whites throughout the world share common foes and a common destiny.

The West is one. This won’t always mean political or religious unity. But it does mean that we see each other as comrades and family. It means that we can’t allow rulers who claim to speak in our name to set us at each other’s throats. We can’t afford another Fourth Crusade.

The fight that matters is the fight for our people. We must fight, not because we believe we are superior, but because we know we aren’t invincible. We see the cost of failure. We remember what has been lost in the Levant, northern Africa, Rhodesia, South Africa, and countless other beacons of civilization that have been snuffed out. Few torches remain. We will keep them lit and light new ones.

When Constantinople fell, its legacy lived on in the Renaissance, the Orthodox churches, and in Russia. Its light still shines because the West still lives. However, if we fail now, the darkness will last forever. We’re the heirs of Greece and Rome. That’s not a boast; it’s a challenge to live up to.

First published on American Renaissance on May 28, 2021.

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  1. As long as we’re remembering Rome, let’s get the Latin right: “millennium,” singular. “Millennia,” plural. (Second declension, neuter, if my high school memories are intact.)

    • “Yet the decisive blow came when Western European crusaders sacked Constantinople in 1204.”

      “You could say the doge served Venice by destroying Constantinople, but by destroying the empire, he ruined Venice because under Turkish rule it was no longer a gateway to the east.”
      blah blah blah blah
      You don’t have a clue about the Mediterranean basin.

      For hundreds of years, the Republic of Venice was the shield that held back the Turks.
      The Ottoman Empire’s expansion on the Mediterranean was disputed for three and half centuries by Venice with ridiculous gains for the Ottomans, even when they won, at very high cost.

      Talk about the crucial battle of Lepanto that effectively stopped the Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean in the moment their naval strenght was at its peak.
      The Ottomans were not able to wage war on Venice for 70 years and, when they did the balance of power on the sea had completely tipped.
      Little Venice won almost all the naval engagements, and was able to several times block the Dardanelles for months, forcing the Ottomans to sail only in winter, when the Venetian fleet had to retire.

      With the machinations of the Popes, it was a miracle that Venice survived at all – a state that was never conquered for 1100 years
      years – like in the formation of the League of Cambrai, an anti-Venetian alliance put together by the Pope Julius II, consisting of himself, Louis XII of France, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Maximilian I, the Holy Roman Emperor.

      Constantinople was a walking corpse back in the times of the 4th Crusade, also the Turks could of blocked all sea access and starved them out no matter how strong they were. Look at the maps the Turks had grabbed all the lands around Constantinople. What were they going to eat?
      They beat the Turks to Constantinople and all that fine art and sculpture was safe in another part of the old Roman Empire rather than in the hands of the Turks.

      Europe was a miserable shihole after the fall of Rome that they were totally unable to pay Venice the 95.000 marks from a contract to build ships to transport and maintain an army of 33,500 illiterate European men 1,400 miles across the eastern Mediterranean to fight for some Bible nonsense. To ancient Rome to transport 30k- 40k men across the Mediterranean would have been

      Not a clue about history of Rome, Greece, Venice, the Mediterranean basin

      Write an article about the grotesque submission of the so called Anglos to the Jews for over 3 centuries which is dragging and pushing all the “West” to the abyss

      • To complete the phrase….To ancient Rome to transport 30k-40k soldiers across the Mediterranean would have been PEANUTS.

        Another ridiculous thing that some glorify in the Middle Ages is the so called “crusades,” a laughable dumb enterprise instigated by that clowns better known as “popes” back and forth with their shoddy little armies of misery.

        • No one has mentioned the Plague of Justinian, that was imported from Ethiopia with the lucrative ivory trade and reduced the population of the empire by more than one third, which was really the beginning of the end.

          The Byzantine Empire was destroyed by the diseases of Capitalism (internally and externally), and Roman Catholic militarism, as well as biological disease.

          Regarding “little” Venice: It was a false republic, really the world empire of money, world center of capitalism in its time, with powerful money-based influence extending all the way to China.

      • Alot happens, there is a lot of competing interests and corruption, keep in
        mind that the time frame here is literally beyond 900 years. People need to
        keep this history in perspective, the Italians did great things, even though
        ” the west ” betrayed Constantinople a few times betraying themselves and
        future generations, and they knew what the moslems were while doing this,
        Constantiople was the worlds largest and richest city, Greek, the greatest
        Castle ever built, with great engineering, Aghia Sophia, LAW, our Law Code
        for the West was codified by Justinian, a bad man, another example, keep
        tings in perspective and do not get stuck on details.

        Knights of Malta , one of the most incredible battles ever, Vs Turks,
        outnumbered, fight to the death, just like movies, no reinforcements,
        we fight or we die, they destroyed the Turks, many battles like this,
        outnumbered, numbers mean nothing when fighting the zombie hoardes,

        Greeks are not afraid of the Turks, they are afraid of ZOG USA BACKING THEM.


  2. Reading up on this Empire ruled by Christ!

    The Byzantine Empire was God centered on its culture! That’s why Russia is what it is today the Third Rome!

    • I thought, “Has HW finally seen the light?” Until I realized that he is not the author of this column.

      The East/West Split is actually a North/South split, JUST AS THE O.T. ISRAEL/JUDAH SPLIT was, and just as the North/South split in 1860’s in the US, was.

      For we are the same people/race/religion. We are ADAMITY. And all others, are Xenos.

      The Great Schism of 1054 -as a North/South Split, actually was the Levant and Byzance, versus the Franks and the Northerrnors (Yankees) like Alcuin of York, and Charlemagne: it was these scalawags who sought to rule over both the Papacy, and to usurp control of New Rome (Constantinople) to FAILED Rome (i.e., the [sic] ‘Holy’ Roman Empire. It was them, vs. Leo III, St. Photios, and the rest of the Orthodox/Greeks (who controlled large portions of southern Italy during that period) who represented the ‘old ways’ that the North (i.e., Western (read, Northern) Europe sought to conquer.

      The Filioque is THE crux point for the Schism of 1054- or, ‘how do we worship God aright?’
      Just as the Israel/Judah split was, in the books of the O.T. Judah had the Holy City, Israel had Samaria.
      Just as the Yankee/Cavalier split was, in 1860. Lincoln was like Julian the Apostate, the South, like the Orthodox.

      History (if certain historians would only take off their mis-prescriptioned glasses) could easily be read in this fashion…. but the West (Yankees) have held the hegemony for so long (aided by the supreme ‘Other’- the Khazarian/Talmuddied [sic] “Jews”) that such a viewpoint seems fantastic, insane, bizarre… until it isn’t.

      We cannot fight the Pagan, the Turk, and the Jew, until WE OURSELVES are re-united, and submit to Godly rule, firstly of Ethnarchy, then unity of Dogma, Council, Liturgy, and Church order (i.e., Episcopacy)- that is, One Monarch, for One Race, practicing One Religion, in ONE territory, admitting NO OTHERS.

      Because just as the North of the Bible times dealt in syncretism, idolatry, and false worship- so, too, has Rome and Geneva, as well as D.C./NYC/Boston and the entire Left Coast, in the modern era.

      THAT is what being ‘based’ means….

      St. Philaret of Moscow stated: “Love your personal enemies, hate the enemies of Christ, destroy the enemies of the fatherland.”

      ????????? ? ???????

      • Hmm. Clearly, this comment section cannot read Greek…. thus the Question marks at the end of my prior post. (which read, “Orthodoxy or Death”).

        • That was a big problem, back in the way back, the Catholic Popes and their helpers couldn’t read Greek, and thus didn’t know what theological doctrines they had agreed to in Church Councils.

          I would recommend English historian Charles Freeman’s “The Closing of the Western Mind”, and “AD 381” which will give anyone interested a grip on the early Christians, and the early Catholics, both Greek and Roman.

          • Latin was lost, not just Greek, this is where Charles the Great comes in,
            he saves Latin, empowers the Church, the Church becomes the University
            System, and they do incredible things, the way we write right now is because
            of Charles the Great. They also go throughout all of Europe and help farmers,
            they are the TECHS , training people on tilling, farming, beehiving and blacksmithing, etc, nobody can knock any of this, they also invent the Hospital
            System, …


            later Greek comes back, with the Renaissance
            because of the destruction and emptying of Greek cities.

      • NOBODY on this board has has demonstrated his knowledge of history
        by asking people to do their own basic research on key topics.

        Just a few days ago it was ” ANTIOCHUS EPIPHANES ” .

        In the past it was ” INDOEUROPEAN ” .

        These are key topics that are censored.

        ” The Great Schism of 1054 ” Fr. John+

        This happened over a period of 200 PLUS YEARS ,


        Your entire post is bogus.

        There was only one Church until Charles the Great came to power,
        CHARLAMAGNE , key topic, the Church and State in Rome The City State,
        Charles asked for acknowledgement from CONSTANTINOPLE, IT WAS GIVEN.

        Add the ” icnoclast ” nonsense and it took 200 + years, power and real
        events on the ground, Moslems had a pincer move on Europe, people
        reading this have no idea how close we came to ALL becoming Turks
        600 AD.



  3. Excellent essay. Bravo!

    “‘It is always OK to make fun of white people because no unhappy ending is possible.’ Lost to the West reminds us this isn’t so.”

    “We remember what has been lost in the Levant, northern Africa, Rhodesia, South Africa, and countless other beacons of civilization that have been snuffed out.”

    “They have to take a racial and civilizational view if they want to serve their people.”

    Everyone, friend and foe alike, assumes we can’t fail. We, the inheritors of Greco-Roman civilization, can be wiped out, and wiped out forever.

    History also shows brief moments of European unity, such as the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, where whites finally got their shit together, put aside their differences, and unified to keep the Ottoman Empire from conquering Italy. I read about this almost two decades ago in Victor Davis Hanson’s Carnage and Culture: Landmark Battles in the Rise to Western Power — an engrossing book if one enjoys military history.

  4. The Pope created Islam and for two reason to retake Jerusalem from the Jews and to destroy all these small Christian Churches popping up every where and to consolidate the power of the Catholic Church. When Jews and the ill informed tell you Muslims attacked many many churches through out history they do not tell you it was Muslims acting on orders from the Pope.

  5. Who does the author think these ‘Turks’ are who pray in Arabic and use a Turkish dialect to do their daily business?

    Most of the Eastern Romans not only embraced the new creed but became the part of the new governing Ottoman elite. Almost all of the Sultans had Roman ancestry. Most of the modern day ‘Turks’ in the Republic of Turkey are descended from Cappadocians, Ionians, Galatians, Cilicians, Lycians etc.

    I am not saying that the Tartar or Oghuz element never came to Anatolia but that it is a mistake to assume that their numbers were overwhelming. Their Y-Chromosome was eventually outnumbered by converted Latin and Greek Muslims.

    By the way, an ethnic Turk looks like this >>>>>

  6. I have recently been binge watching the Napoleon Wars YouTube’s and specifically how the French fought a string of Battles in central Germany. Battle of Leipzig, Dresden, Ulm, Austerlitz etc. The thing that struck me very hard was the map. France v Austria, Russia, Prussia, Sweden. The Ottomans sit there the whole time doing nothing. It’s extraordinary. They had no dynamic presence in the bloodbath among the Frankreich, Russland, pruessen, Polen, Swede ding dong slaughter. What were they doing in those years as Europeans were massacring each other?

    • Edward Said famously complained about European tropes about the Orient, yet all are based in fact when we examine the history of the Ottoman Empire. It reached its peak under Sultan Suleiman (1520-1566), who had a long series of descendants from a red-haired Russian concubine named Roxelana, some repulsive weaklings, some total degenerates, some sadist ignoramuses, all incompetents. Centuries of decline! Centuries! The history of these events, from the harems to the slaughters, make Game of Thrones seem tame.

      The Ottoman Empire only lasted as long as it did because the British repeatedly blocked the Russians from finishing them off in conflicts like the Crimean War (1853-1856). This has disastrous consequences. Ottoman weakness left a power vacuum in the Balkans that long-repressed nationalists were eager to fill, which had a destabilizing influence upon the Austrian Empire and led directly to the Great War.

      • Russians were lucky they didn’t get finished off in the Crimean War. If Lord Palmerston had his way, Russia wouldn’t exist today.

        • @Eyre,

          The Lord Palmerston that kicked the Irish off their own land. That Lord Palmerston? He was an aristocratic piece of shit.

          If I had it my way, the british would be speaking German today.

        • @Eyre…

          The Lord Palmerstons will never have their way – or, at least, ot when it comes to Russia.

    • By the 19th century the Ottoman Empire had severely declined. They industrialized and modernized far too late and were plagued with the same corruption and tribalistic separatism, in-fighting and political assassinations as the Byzantines. It’s the Middle East after all…. It was kept alive a little longer through it’s geo-strategic alliance with the German Reich against “perfidious Albion”, but was dissolved after the Central Powers defeat in WW 1.

      Personally, I am not Greek so I wuznt Byzantium. I am also not Rome. The Holy Roman Empire sure, but I am not Italian. Although I am good friends with Italians and it’s my favorite European country where I will live soon. But Bismarck’s Prussian-protestant Kulturkampf was as opposed to Catholicism as to Rome and “Latin tyranny” against the Germanic protestant will for lllliberty and frrrreedom. Didn’t help us when fellow Germanic Protestant Albion betrayed us totally and blamed Prussia for everything.

      I don’t see any value in this crusader and we wuz Rome larping tbh. Especially from Americans it is ridiculous. When Mussolini and Hitler actually tried to rebuild the Roman Empire in Europe together, as the truly legitimate heirs to Rome and the Holy Roman Empire, Americans vanquished them at the side of Bolshevism and Stalin to build their own Judeo-American empire on the ruins of Europe and the white race. There has probably never been a more total and significant racial betrayal in human history. There is no way to deny this. Members of my own family had to liberate little Cesar from Allied captivity back in the day with Otto Skorzeny. And the true last stand was Ragnarök at Berlin and nothing else. When I am waiting for a return of the king, you know exactly who I am waiting for.

      I do appreciate Andrew Jackson and Mr. Ford however. And Huey Long and Father Couglin. And as much as Hunter Wallace denies it: the influence of Ford, Stoddard and Grand or just the boyscouts and Jim Crow were formative for the movement.

      I think that “white” nationalism is a failed ideology for people who have no clue of geo-politics. An ideology which was falsified in WW 2. All the pan-Germanic hopes of “Mr. Hilter”, be it towards Albion or white America for that matter, were completely and utterly misplaced and actually helped to contribute to his downfall and drastic strategic mistakes. Rudolf Hess flew to Britain in total desperation to still prevent a war and united against the Bolshevik menace to safe European civilization, but was imprisoned for the rest of his life and finally strangled to death with a telephone cable – either by British intelligence or the Jews themselves – so he couldn’t die of a natural death. It is a fact: the last true “white” army was the Waffen SS with volunteers from all countries in Europe.

      This does not mean however that I do not wish you to win over ZOG. Quite the opposite. But the English seem to be as obsessed with Islam as they are servile to the nose. British Israelism anyone…? Actually I have lifted with Osmanen Germania before they were outlawed and believe it or not: the good old traditions are sometimes revived with the Grey Wolves and the NPD has contacts to Hezbollah. Just imagine unironically worrying about muh Islam and battles from a Millennium ago when you live under MIGA and ZOG right now! WTF???? Now concerning those grooming gangs I read about here: Palestinians and Turks are not Pakistanis. And guess who protects them and enables these things to happen?!

      Muh Islam should be left with the fedora in the 2000s internet when we were still tricked by you know who into counter-jihadism to support wars for Israel. You know the saying: trick me once, shame on you; trick me twice…

      • To just add to one point, which also kinda goes into the grooming gang stuff: back in the day the boy scouts and the Hitler Jugend mutually influenced each other. FTN had a nnndeep dive on it some time ago. Now, there is a reason why the nose targeted the boy scouts in particular with homosexuals which lead to the predictable outcome of pedo grooming. Just as they are targeting American and European kids with LGBT grooming. They already tried that in the 1970s: Look up Daniel Cohn-Bendit and pedophilia. The J-left was already kneedeep in this grooming stuff. Also look into the theories of Wilhelm Reich Die Sexualität im Kulturkampf, his theories on fascism and kiddie diddling and family destruction as “preventive measures”. This drag queen story hour stuff is NOT a coincidence. They are sick and evil, but not dumb…

        So please get your priorities straight, guys. The nose is not a scorpion: aim for the head, not the tail.

  7. Alexandria, Rome and Constantinople were the three greatest cities of Western civilization. Two of them are now under Muslim control.

  8. Kind of a peculiar essay, the way some white Americans are tempted to reach out to the Byzantine Empire to feel connection to the past. Unfortunately, the people who stopped the Ottomans were the historical enemies of the English. Edward Gibbon has an interesting digression on the Courtenay family and its Imperial title.

    • Just to point out as has been pointed out by many historians,
      the Byzantines, did not call themselves that, they were literally
      The Roman Empire, and the City was called Constantinople,
      the office holders were Roman offices. Byzantium is an ancient
      and historic Greek city though, maybe Spartan stronghold, it is
      strategic defensive position, back when, it was the Persians,
      same area if not same spot.

      Many of the Emporers were not Greek, another main point,
      Constantine and Justinian are not Greek, Constantine came
      from the UK Roman Garrison, both could be German stock.

  9. This is key history and it matters today.

    Study it instead of repeat dribble from the internets.

    Nobody should be corrupting any European History in any way,
    there is no reason for it, the trolls of various kinds have angles.

    The last office holder of the Roman Empire exists today,
    60 Minutes did a documentary on this to warn the Turks
    if they oppose Israel this information of their history will
    be made commonplace in USA MSM.

    They cover the genocidal Turks, Christianity, THE PATRIARCH,
    read that right. Many of you WN on here ignore this.

    It literally took the Moslems 900 YEARS TO TAKE CONSTANTINOPLE !


    IF , MARTEL lost The West , IF CHARLES THE GREAT did not succeed,
    WE WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY ! Who here knows this history.
    It is very Pro Christian and very Pro Western , and censored information.

    Research this key history. Pick your talking points. Be smart.

  10. I would not buy any hard cover book on this history, there are quite a few online,
    many of them I call “200 page readers” , they are all a little different, you can
    read them quickly, they rely on sources, some of these sources are very interesting,
    everything is covered, VIKINGS, plus etc, many of the books if you want you can
    find them in paperback for less than $15. They almost all use the same sources.

    The history here is vast , don’t get stuck on details.

    There are also articles online if not taken down posted on WN websites, quotes,
    key material for research on various sites going back including SF , VNN, money
    forums, you name it, many blogs taken down.

    Many people can’t handle this history, it is brutal, and most women will not read it.
    I did it as an excercise. Stop reading fiction. You many laugh but even wikipedia
    has good stuff, find some pages on CHARLES THE GREAT, see the links, see
    for yourselves, one day this will all be gone, they are not banning Classical History
    at Harvard, this is your future, TURKIFICATION of the West , LITERALLY .

  11. JUST 2, quotes of a long compilation of leading historians, on 550 Years Anniversay.

    There is no copyright and I can post the whole thing. It is incredible reading, key points.

    It was posting in whole on the DS years back. It may have come from a link on SF.

    550 years from the end of Byzantine Empire:
    Remembering Constantinople / Tribute to Constantinos XI Paleologos
    QUOTES, May 30th 2003

    Remembering Constantinople
    by Theodoros Georgiou Karakostas

    “Western Europe has been slow to recognize its debt to Byzantium. The
    emergent nations of the western Empire surpassed the Greeks in material
    power and commercial enterprise from the 13th century onwards, but they did
    so behind the shield of Constantinople’s walls. Byzantium bore the brunt of the
    Muhammadan invasions, from the Arabs to the Ottoman Turks, and served as
    a breakwater which enabled the west to turn the tide. There were other
    incalculable debts; the preservation of classical literature and Roman law; the
    systematic study of history, the foundation of universities and the promotion of
    science, the rise of monasticism and missionary activity; the evolution of
    religious art and architecture which left their mark not only on Italy but in the
    Norman West. In return, the West sent to Byzantium its Crusaders and
    traders, between whom it is hard to distinguish for unscrupulous rapacity. It is
    little wonder that many Greeks accepted the Turkish conquest not only as a
    punishment for the heretical union of 1439, but as a merciful release from Latin

    Modern Greece, A Short History
    by C.M. Woodhouse

    On 29 May 1453, the holy and imperial city of Constantinople fell to the
    Ottoman Turks. For eleven centuries Constantinople had been the center of
    civilization. It had been the capital of a glorious Empire and had been
    established by Saint Constantine the Great for the “glory of God.”
    Constantinople and the Empire of New Rome nurtured the doctrines and
    teachings of Christianity and preserved Classical Greek literature.

    What all Christians believe today was formulated by the Greek Fathers of the
    Church. Saint John Chrysostom, Basil the Great, Cyril of Alexandria, Gregory
    the Theologian, and John of Damascus were among the Bishops and Saints
    who upheld the correct doctrines of Christianity and repudiated heresy. The
    holy fathers lived and taught not only in Constantinople, but in Cappadocia and
    other cities and regions of Asia Minor such as Nicea, Ephesus, and Calcedon.
    All these lands upon which Christian civilization was built, and upon which
    Hellenism survived for three thousand years are permanently lost and occupied
    by Muslim Turks.

    Constantinople, “Queen of the Cities.” once ruled by Greek Orthodox
    Emperors and filled with Churches, Monasteries, and Cathedrals renowned for
    their splendor is now an overpopulated Turkish City and breeding ground for
    Islamic fundamentalists. On a black Tuesday five hundred and fifty years ago,
    the city fell to the forces of Islam and despite the hopes and dreams of the
    Greek nation, the conquest of the Turks was never reversed.

    All of western civilization owes a debt to Hellenism. In our own day, the West
    is preoccupied with Osama Bin Laden. The earliest target of aggression for the
    ideological and spiritual forerunners of Osama Bin Laden was the Empire of
    New Rome. Palestine, Syria, and Egypt were taken from the defeated
    Emperor Heraclius who had led the Empire to glorious victory over the
    Persians the previous decade and had liberated the True Cross which had
    been stolen. Long before the Ottoman Turks, the Arab Caliphate attempted to
    seize Constantinople for the glory of Islam.

    “Blocked from Europe by the impregnable walls of Constantinople and the
    unyielding spirit of the Emperor and his people, the armies of the Prophet were
    obliged to travel the entire length of the Mediterranean to the Straits of
    Gibraltar before they could invade the continent-thus extending their lines of
    communication and supply almost to breaking point and rendering impossible
    any permanent conquests beyond the Pyrenees. Had they captured
    Constantinople in the seventh century rather than the fifteenth, all Europe-and
    America-might be Muslim today.”

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