Joe’s Memorial Day Speech

Democracy itself is imperiled.

The threat is coming from the Electoral College, the Senate and the states controlling their own elections. The threat is coming from the Constitution which puts Democrats at a structural disadvantage due to the toxicity of their brand in rural states dominated by White working class voters. Joe Manchin is more powerful than Joe Biden and the Democratic majority in Congress.

In their wisdom, the Founders created a system in which Wyoming would have the same power in the Senate as millions of coastal shitlib urbanites in California, DC wouldn’t be a state and freedom of speech and the right to bear arms would be protected by the First Amendment and Second Amendment. You have no idea how frustrating these constitutional obstacles to their power are for progressive activists.

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    • Yep. Funny how the West champions “democracy”, yet all these things that the people never wanted or voted for, keep getting inflicted on us.

    • Yes, that’s the reason The Framers gave us a

      (Democracy is just a fancy word for mob rule.
      Mobs can feel , but they can’t think)

  1. This President is nothing but some sort of senile gangster figure-head for organized crime in the United States. Our Republic is in grave peril because of these Jews behind Biden and their rabble of Reds.

  2. Whatever it is that President Biden thinks is in peril, I am not only happy that it is the case, I am also not in favour of bequeathing the name of ‘Democracy’ to it.

    In the end, I will say this : New England was once allied to The South in many ways – the notion of a loose federalism to be applied over a broad confederacy of sovereign states, (limited central government) a White European nation, and centering it all around Chryst.

    For whatever reasons you can discuss till the cows come home, New England changed and we, in Dixie, did not.

    When such a fundamental change occurs in a marriage it is a legitimate cause for a civil split, but, the spirit of New England, which is the principal spirit over The United States, does not want that, but, rather, wants to force us to adopt it’s ways.

    That we have tolerated this since WWII, when New England began in earnest another war on us, is our fault.

    The days of that, however, are numbered.

    That I see as clear as day in the facial expressions and unabashedly voicet sentiments of my fellow Southerners.

    We have compromised over and over during the last 75 years, and we are now at a breaking point.

    The questions left in my mind is who will go from the other first, when, where, and why?

    There will be a split, however, or perhaps several – and I think it is that to which President Biden is addressing himself, though, in reality, he has no idea how to stop it, because he belongs to a generation of politicians which collaborated with the one before it to make a union simply impossible to continue.

    Yes, even though our president is from Scranton, he has the classick New England mindset – foist a problem on your neighbours and then begrudge them for all the trouble that ensues.

  3. We’re supposed to be a Republic where the majority of people have a say, not a democracy where the mob rules.

    • @John…

      Very true, John, but, then again, you are a Copperhead with a proper Confederate understanding of The United States – exactly as had the overwhelming preponderance of The Founding Fathers.

      You’re in good company, Sir!

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