Secular Talk: January 6th Commission Blocked By GOP


Nothing is happening.

Joe’s agenda is stalled in Congress.

This is kabuki theater designed to distract attention from the fact that infrastructure is stalled and even that likely isn’t getting done until the fall or winter. As the clock ticks down, the chances of passing the follow up bill via budget reconciliation which would make the child tax credit permanent becomes less and less likely to happen. Yet again, the Democrats will have delivered on the aggressive culture war issues that piss people off like trannies while sidestepping the far more popular economic issues.

Suppose for the sake of argument that it was online influencers who were holding these negotiations. The overwhelming majority of the American people agree that we need to close corporate tax loopholes and tax Wall Street to fund physical infrastructure like roads, bridges, ports and airports. We could start from that baseline consensus and work out from there to points where people disagree like whether childcare is “infrastructure.” It wouldn’t be a problem to hammer out a popular infrastructure bill.

The culture war isn’t the obstacle that some people make it out to be. It is true that the country is deeply polarized on cultural issues, but there is far more agreement on economics and foreign policy. We could easily reach a consensus on cutting the military budget and withdrawing troops from overseas warzones. We could find agreement on dealing with the Big Tech monopolies and taxation.

Note: Hating Sadie Farrell and anarchists is another point that unites people across the political spectrum – nationalists, right populists, left populists, conservatives, social democrats, socialists, liberals – and transcends the Left vs. Right divide.

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  1. What do ppl expect from an ignorant electorate.

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

    Jefferson was right.

  2. This country has become a cruel enterprise.
    Allowing illiterate ghetto apes and ppl who can’t speak English to vote.

    It’s made a mockery of our republic.

    • It’s gone. What was the United States is now some kind of corporation, as you said. It’s a way for them to make money off of us.
      Soon it will be planet of the apes, as they give apes more and more power.

    • @Arrian…

      Mockery was made of our country by our elite long before and after that.

      You can go right back to The Congress in the first term of George Washington and ask yourself why, after fighting a successful war with the English to get out from underneath Rothschild, our Founding Fathers put us right back into the exact same vise-grip?

      Or how about the ridiculousness of a Yankee Nation fighting to keep Southerners lockt into a ‘union’ with them, when, in point of fact, The Northeast detests the South and long has.

      Or how ’bout this : going to all the trouble to establish the greatest manufacturing dynamo the world had ever seen, just to give it away to China and Mexico?

      Nope, if you think about it too long, and too often, you might drown on your own vomit.

  3. “The Democrats are engaged in meaningless political theater as a substitute for pushing their agenda”

    That does mean that they won’t succeed, however, Sir, because they will know that if they keep The Body Politick filled up with constant lies, and all the attendant theatre, most will be, at the very least, too distracted to look for the truth.

  4. That’S exaclty what the Democrats want. Always keep in mind: they are the party of the fat cats now. Their tactics? Shove the rainbowflag down everybodys throat while robbing you off.

  5. “Assad apologists”

    Well, there you go. It’s a Zionist Jew warmongering for more wars for Israel, all the while posing as a “anti-fascist.”

    Isn’t it odd how hated Tulsi Gabbard is? She’s a stereotypical libtard. She is everything the Democrats say they want, a woman … “of color” … down the line establishment liberal. She’s even a member of the CFR.

    Yet the left attacks her viciously. Why?

    Quite simple, she is not Israel First.

    So all these “anti-fascist” types all of a sudden line up with Hillary Clinton. What’s going on?

    So isn’t it interesting to see these “far left anti-fa anarchist” all of a sudden start spewing US imperial war mongering propaganda about Assad?

    Well, it’s because they are Jews.

    “Anti-fascist” is a code word for “anti-goy.” They say they are “anti-nationalist.”

    What is the Hebrew word for “nation?” It’s “goyim.”

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