The Vanguard: Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti Leave The Hill’s “Rising

What do you think is going on?

Why would they leave The Hill after building up that channel from 5,000 subs to 1.3 million subs in the span of two years? Is everything really cool with Jerry Finkelstein or is something else going on here? Did someone get in trouble over a hot take outside the kosher sandwich?

Note: Ryan Grim who Jimmy Dore despises is officially taking over the show tomorrow.

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  1. I hope NS makes it way back, that’s the only thing that can beat the jews at their own game.

  2. They might be having the same problem Tucker Carlson I’ve having. They are getting too close to uncomfortable things. I’ve listened to them several times, and, in their own way, they are just as likely to talk to about verboten things as Tucker, just different ones. I like them.

    • @Pilot…

      Though I certainly agree with your sentiments, I thought Crystal and Saagar’s show a refreshing exception to that.

      I wish them both very well and thank them for the candour they brought to the scene.

  3. “What do you think is going on?”

    Someone high up in The Hill has told Crystal and Saagar to cool it, with regards to certain analyses they give and, credit to both of them, I do not think either are interested in that.

    Probably they went after Crystal, and Saagar, loyal to her because he was her choice to co-host with her, told them he was with her.

    I see that ‘Shadowbass’, above, commented much the same.

    Though I am sorry to see them go, I know that they will quickly resurface.

    Those who are desperately trying to put the Neo-Con/Open Borders/Diversity genie back in the bottle are simply fighting a fight against a time in history that they will not win, if only because technology has so widened the scope of communication it is impossible to control, unless you go at it CCCP style.

    CCCP style, however, cannot work here, and so I repeat : the genie will not be put back in the bottle.

  4. Good daily reminder as well that the message is much more important to most influential people in media than the money. These two are obviously popular and are tackling a beat few others MSM MSM-adjacent will touch and just like that they gawn.

    I have no idea who Ryan Grim is but if Dore hates him presumably it’s because he’s some kind of toady — Jamie look that word up for me — or hack. If so the show will start sending the right message again and it will gradually just fall into irrelevance. Why go to the ‘alternative media’ to hear what you could on a dozen other stations?

  5. The biggest bummer of rising not being on the hill is that other msm can ignore them/the stories they’re covering more easily.

    They’ve done a really good job of taking the best aspects of color blind left/right populism and staying focused on that.

    For one I don’t really have much disagreement with Krystal & Saagar and I would always rather deal with the best version of my opponent/disagree with than some non-serious joker who’s word means nothing

  6. The Hill just destroyed their reputation with 1.295 million people who subscribed to watch Rising with Krystal Ball.

  7. They left Rising to start their own independent productive. If some of you actually paid attention to their social media you’d realize this. Idiots.

  8. Already a YouTube subscriber and will be a premium member Friday. Don’t agree with everything but totally trust that I’m getting their honest personal beliefs, which I respect even if I don’t agree politically with someone. They are putting their money where their mouth is. Following their new site.

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