New York Times: Joe Biden Aims to Rebuild and Expand Legal Immigration

This is exactly what White Independent swing voters are crying out for at the moment. We need more legal and illegal immigration to compete with American workers!

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — If President Biden gets his way, it will soon be far easier to immigrate to the United States. There will be shorter, simpler forms and applicants will have to jump through fewer security hoops. Foreigners will have better opportunities to join their families and more chances to secure work visas.

A 46-page draft blueprint obtained by The New York Times maps out the Biden administration’s plans to significantly expand the legal immigration system, including methodically reversing the efforts to dismantle it by former President Donald J. Trump, who reduced the flow of foreign workers, families and refugees, erecting procedural barriers tougher to cross than his “big, beautiful wall.”

Because of Mr. Trump’s immigration policies, the average time it takes to approve employer-sponsored green cards has doubled. The backlog for citizenship applications is up 80 percent since 2014, to more than 900,000 cases. Approval for the U-visa program, which grants legal status for immigrants willing to help the police, has gone from five months to roughly five years.In almost every case over the last four years, immigrating to the United States has become harder, more expensive and takes longer. …”

If this were really so popular, why have we heard so little about it?

Why aren’t Democrats engaged in a big public battle with Republicans to pass comprehensive immigration reform like in previous years? Why did Joe Biden fumble on the refugee resettlement issue?

My guess is that it is because Republicans are fired up about immigration like never before, Independents are swinging hard in a restrictionist direction and Democrats are divided over the issue. It is because it is a low priority with voters that is popular with progressive activists, but which disproportionately extracts a heavy political price because of how Indies vote, right?

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  1. GOP loves “Diversity” as long as its done “legally”.

    This is why the GOP will never be Pro-White. Populist Pro Whites mustn’t be deceived again.

  2. At this point immigration will just facilitate the collapse. The irony is there will be zero support services left for Israeli refugees when that anal pimple of a country finally collapses.

  3. “i want them to come here in the largest numbers ever, but its got to be LEGAL” the last guy

    this is a 1 party system. voters and pundits are retarded

  4. It’s Trump’s immigration Policy…massively increase Chinese and Hindu Legal Immigration…and the Magatards still worship Trump….Import the nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…nullify the Native White Vote Nov 3 2023….This is the whole point of Biden’s and Trump’s and Infowars LEGAL Immigrant Policy…


  5. ” irony is there will be zero support services left for Israeli refugees when that anal pimple”

    WRONG !

    They know to amass wealth and assets.
    When the rest of the world is a bankrupt firesale, they’ll be buying. They’ll be able to get cheap mercemaries to do their fighting. They’ll be able to buy leaders and politicians, cheaply.

    They aren’t gentiles, they know to look ahead and plan.

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