Antifa Vandalize Rep. Nancy Mace’s Home In South Carolina

This wouldn’t be out of character for them.

Antifa are feeling emboldened by Joe Biden and Merrick Garland.

Consider the following: they have threatened to kill Mayor Ted Wheeler who coddled them in Portland, disrupted Donald Trump’s inauguration, stalked Sen. Josh Hawley outside of his house, vandalized Sen. Mitch McConnell’s house and disrupted Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. This is also only federal officials. They show up outside the homes of big city Democratic mayors all the time. They vandalized the home of the mayor of San Jose last summer.

New York Post:

“Rep. Nancy Mace said Tuesday that her South Carolina home was vandalized with “Antifa symbols and profanity” on Memorial Day, posting multiple photos of the damage while condemning the destruction in a posting to social media. 

The pictures show front steps, sidewalk and street in front of the South Carolina Republican’s house spray-painted with phrases including “Pass the PRO Act,” “No god, no masters,” “All politicians are bastards,” “F–k you Nancy,” and multiple circled “A’s.” The police are investigating the incident.  

Mace noted that she lives in her home with her two young children, asserting that regardless of political views, individuals should not be subjected to such harassment.

“Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, the criminal events at my home where I’m raising my two children are unacceptable no matter your politics. I sincerely appreciate law enforcement doing all they can to find the criminal trespassers who vandalized my home with Antifa symbols and profanity on Memorial Day,” she said in a statement. …”

Mayor Ted Wheeler in Portland and Mayor Lyda Krewsom in St. Louis were driven out their homes by Antifa. Mayor Lori Lightfoot in Chicago had to ban Antifa protests outside of her home.

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  1. And the lying sht, merrick garfinkle, says WHITE supremacists are the problem. What an evil lying tribesman.

    If the government can’t shut someone down, (( their)) street thugs will (with the government’s complicity).

    • Mace says the same thing as (((liberals))): we’ve got to think about our words; words have impact. Ergo, people should shut up. She doesn’t want to hear criticism of herself.

      “All politicians are bastards.” I’d be impressed if the anarchists painted this on the side of the Governor’s mansion or the White House, or Congress.

  2. Using strong words will not stop these people. The govt and media has been enabling and protecting them for almost a year. They can be stopped but it will take force to do it.

  3. “Mayor Lori Lightfoot in Chicago had to ban Antifa protests outside of her home.”

    Indeed, Lori has the White power and White privilege to ban protests near her house.

  4. Let me guess : Miss Nancy was in favour of keeping Double Bubble, Tootsie Roll, Mary Jane, and Now & Later wrappers the same as they were in the bad ole 1970s day of White Supremacy?

  5. Speaking of Merrick Garland, wasn’t he nominated at one point to be an “impartial juror” who would “faithfully uphold the constitution” with the “blindfold of justice”?

    Yeah, that’s about right

  6. She’s a divorced, modern Independent Wah-men who graduated from the Citadel 😉 so she should be able to handle this kind of stuff by herself.

    • Indeed: sort of like the slag who used to run the Citadel and slithered of to run Elon “University”.

  7. It’s hard for me to feel too sorry for GOPe cuckquean Nancy Mace. Her and her father are huge warts on the South Carolina body politic.

  8. Mace is a radical feminist daughter of a mentally disturbed retired Army officer who got her into the Citadel to make a statement as its first female grad (he’s a grad also). She’s a complete mediocrity: worse than Liz Cheney on most issues (although not as vicious), ignorant & rather stupid. Another example of how the best genes in South Carolina got killed off by the Civil War, although my hypothesis on that is contradicted by the existence of people like Sam Dickson, a native son.

  9. Mace was one of the GOPe shill candidates who ran against Lindsay Graham in a primary as part of a group to split the anti-Graham vote.

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