Vladimir Putin Will Press Joe Biden On Human Rights Of Capitol Stormers

Donald Trump hung these people out to dry.

The Biden administration has arrested nearly 500 people over the Capitol Siege. The GOP has done nothing to defend their own voters. Who is willing to stand up for them?

New York Post:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is prepared to press President Biden on the “human rights” of Capitol rioters when they meet this month in Switzerland, the country’s top diplomat says.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said alleged rioters are being “persecuted” and that Putin will turn the tables on Biden over US support for Russian dissidents, such as jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who last year survived poisoning attempts.

“We are ready to talk, we have no taboo topics. We will discuss whatever we think is necessary. We will be ready to answer the questions that the American side will raise. This also applies to human rights,” Lavrov reportedly said at a press conference Monday in Moscow.

“For example, we are following with interest the persecution of those persons who are accused of the riots on January 6 this year,” Lavrov said.

He said that in the US, “a lot of really interesting things are happening from the point of view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights.” …”

Maybe labeling a quarter to a third of the population “domestic extremists” isn’t the best move?

This isn’t the first time that I have wondered what these people are thinking. Russia also slammed “anti-White aggression” back in April. They know where to drive the wedge.

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  1. It will be fun to watch the rest of the world, start treating us the way we have arrogantly treated everyone else. American self righteous doesn’t impress other countries like it used too.

  2. First let me start off by saying:Fuck off Richard Spencer


    God Bless Vladimir Putin!!!

    God Bless Christian Russia!!!

  3. Offended I admire and respect the kind of leadership Vladimir Putin brings to both Russia and the world, on numerous occasions I have been askt : ‘Don’t you realize, Dear Ivan, that if Vladimir Putin were the president of this land, you would be imprisoned and or killed for being a secessionist?”

    My answer?

    ‘Why, don’t you know that if Vladimir Putin were the president of this land, I would not have to be a secessionist, because I would know that someone who cared for this land and it’s people was in charge.’

    Their counter-response?

    The sound of cows grazing in the far rural field with a mouth full of cud…

      • Thank you so very much, Dear Cristina!

        It was very considerate of you to send me this very fine performance of The Russian National Anthem.

  4. It’s pretty sad when a foreign govt comes to the defense of Whites being persecuted by its own govt.

    • @John…

      If you are with us, Southern Confederates, Dear John, it’s just par for course.

      Buck up, Friend, for we’ll get them, in the end!

      • @Ivan,

        I hope you’re right. I want to be around to see the pendulum swing back to the Whites who ancestors settled this land and made it civil and tame.

        • @John…

          You, I, and a number of others too large to count, will see this country through to a new-olde age, so that we can go to our graves confident we did our duty for our children and grandchildren.

          Count on it.

  5. “Putin will turn the tables on Biden over US support for Russian dissidents, such as jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who last year survived poisoning attempts.”

    What a load of crap. Just as likely got blood poisoning from having gay prostitutes ram dildos up his ass.

    • @KT-88…

      Yep, given that so much of the Navalny Narrative is spin, it’s just best to discount it all.

  6. I’m surprised it took Russia this long to poke at this obvious fracture point. If I were in charge of Russian propaganda, I would be constantly hammering away trying to undermine confidence in the anti-White establishment among White Americans. It makes no sense for foreign countries not to exploit it.

    A really funny move for foreign countries would be announcing they will take White American refugees seeking to escape the oppressive anti-White Washington regime.

    • Russians don’t perceive “whiteness” the way you do… they think they are “anti-White” for having fought and defeated the NSDAP Reich in the “Great Patriotic War”.

      They do understand the difference between normal, healthy, heterosexual relations between a man and woman, husband and wife, versus the associated and sundry degradations of the LGBTQPBN+ perversions of the GloboHomoSchlomo West.

      Foreign countries don’t need to announce that they will take “White American refugees seeking to escape the oppressive anti-White Washington regime”, all they need to announce is that they will welcome normal, healthy families fleeing the sexual degenerate dystopia that is (((The West))).

      After that, God willing, Jew$A will receive its just reward, and then some.

      • What were the Russians to do? Hitler wanted to steal Russian Living and Breeding Space with extreme force and violence. Hitler was a retard. All the Nazis had to do was wait a few years and colonize America demographically through immigration. The Nazis were upset that so many Germans migrated to America already. America would have provided lots of Living and Breeding Space for the Germans. Because of WW2 we ended up with mass African immigration to America.

  7. Sure the Russian regime uses the treatment of the incarceration MAGApedes as political capital in their dealings with ZOG-USA. Putin and his advisers lose no sleep because AmNat political prisoners are being treated worse than Jonathan Pollard or Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg. For their purposes, it doesn’t matter, as they are just convenient pawns to move on the chessboard out of faux concern for human rights violations by the Biden administration.

    For whatever the Russians can bring to light of the plight of the Capital building protester’s plight on a global stage is a gorillion fold more than anyone in the Trump/Kushner administration has done on their behalf. Throw in the added bonus of putting ZOG-USA’s hypocrisy on the issue of human rights from Gaza to Riyade to US Federal prisons on full display is too good a hand not to play.

  8. It’s an obvious chink in the armor of the Shlomo’s loudmouthed, hypocritical golem. Ram the blade in & TWIST, Putin.

  9. Sad that its come down to this but orange sellout retard Blumpf didn’t just throw these poor people his own supporters under the bus he ran them over put it in reverse and did it 100 more times. He should never win a re-election for this traitorous act alone and giving a medal to the officer who shot ashley babbit absolutely despicable

    Its sad these people listened to the shameless grifters to stop the steal against better logic and reason

    If Putin does this my opinion of him will go up. I’m not a fan of his ghey ops in crimea and unfortunate bloody war with Ukraine. I understand 25% of Crimea has strong Russian ties to its culture but the rest of Crimea is historically Ukrainian territory this is just bullying. Also the backroom dealing with Israel and Turkey I’m not a big fan of

  10. This is Putin’s payback for the never ending anti Putin propaganda coning out of DC, nothing more.

    • @More…

      Yes, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

      Long overdue that some other government lecture the government that goes around lecturing everyone else about morality.

  11. Biden is a monster. I don’t ” trust” Putin but I hope he makes Biden look like the pathetic sell out pig that he is. Never trust anyone pushing 80 and gets the endorsement of a baby killing organization in Planned Parenthood. The Catholic Church should be punting Biden, Piglosi and virtually every Democrat ?-lick out of the church. They don’t have the stones to do it in this era, of course. We only get some renegade truth telling priests or a few higher ups telling it like it is from time to time.

    Look at Senator Kaine, another comical Democrat ?- lick pretending he is still catholic while pushing for abortion and using some twisted logic to defend it. Meanwhile JESUS said ” Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say?” Kaine put out an article recently concerned over talk of denying( cough) basically Democratic Catholic politicians who are pro homosexual, pro abortion among other things, the right to receive communion. Whatever happened to, “Don’t throw pearls to swine?”

    I never thought I would be cheering for a Russian politician with a shady record to destroy an American politician with a shady record. But here we are. Cheers to Putin embarrassing the crap out of Biden and exposing him for the vile fraud he is.

    • @Jeff…

      Many good points, Sir. Thank you for that.

      That said, I will say this to you : in the 1990s Russia was an incessantly pillaged colony of The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government, so broken, in fact, that it’s basick services did not exist and it’s grandmothers commonly loitered on the street selling drugs, just to buy a bowl of Borsht.

      Moreover Russia back then was a land of Godless heathens with hardly a redeeming quality, as opposed to today, where the godlessness still there is counterbalancet by a resurgent Russian Orthodox Church.

      One man, and one man only, has stood between what now is in Russia, and the horrors of what had been be perpetuated into infinity, and his name is Vladimir Putin.

      Say what you what you will, he stood up for his kind and fought the good fight.

      Wish we had someone like him here.

      • Ivan, you are always courteous on this for sure. Kudos. I understand where you are coming from. As stated, I want Putin to wipe the floor with traitor Joe. Years ago I would never be pulling for a foreign national leader to defeat the American. But now too often the American is American in name only.

        The thing about Putin is his critics have a tendency to get locked up or poisoned. Not a good thing. American Democrats are nearly there too as they push Whites to be punished more, lie about black crime and generally are looking for America to be a third world dump. It’s why I keep calling Traitor Joe the most anti White president in American history. He clearly is.

        Quite frankly I love when Putin trashes America. We have a totally censored American press so they will never discuss in detail the truths Putin lays out about America.

        To see American embassies flying gay flags all over the place is nauseating. To see domestic terrorist group, Blm, get treated as some normal human rights organization is treasonous.

        I was laughing seeing on Tv some White Boston Celtics fan throw a water bottle at the opposing team- the Nets I believe. The dope was arrested and I guess won’t be allowed to go to basketball games anymore. This has become the latest black call for ” muh racism.” It’s so ironic because the black players are complaining about the White fans who make these ball bouncers multi millionaires. Are blacks too broke or cheap to go to the games to support their ” bruduhhhs”?

        A basketball game could be played for free in my garage by pros and I would leave to watch grass grow. I am at least encouraged by the massive drop in people watching the Nba. The ratings crash has been huge. I still have not come back to any sport since the Blm slobbering by all sports. Now if I want to see a baseball game or football game I go to my local park and watch 14 to 17 year olds play. It’s a blast. The way it should be.

        Increasingly I am more interested in what foreign nations are doing instead of my own. America is the proverbial washed up fighter not realizing he is about to lose his title. Places like Russia and China would like nothing more than to win that title. Both are places with heavily homogeneous populations. Some diversity but nothing like the shitshow that is wrecking America from within. America has become an example of what not to allow your country to become.

        • Dear Jeff,

          Thank you so very much for your kind words!

          Sorry, but, I am just getting to this now, this because, instead of receiving notifications, I just meander back over these articles from time to time.

          You say you understand where I am coming, from, well, right back at you, Friend, for practically everything you mention is a residence somewhere in my mind.

          As to America : like you, and most here, I was raised an American Patriot, but, what with all things having gone so long as they have, I threw a painful funeral for her some years back and began to await the day when a new Southern Confederacy would arrive.

          At first that waiting was impatient, angry, and frustrated, but, over time, with the help of Th Holy Ghost, I understand that things like this can move slowly and I have to focus on smaller things, like our garden or how to make life better for some folks in my little town.

          As to foreign nation, yes, I, too, always pay attention to what is going on abroad, particularly in The West.

          I am very encouraged to see Switzerland tell the EU this week that they are no longer interested in that project, this after Brexit, as France teeters on the revolutionary brink, and other countries, such as Italy, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary, bide their time until they can bolt, without inflicting too much damage on themselves.

          As to you comment on basketball – yes, like you have been forcet to give up all professional and college sports,, and, as well, don’t attend movie theatres, all this what, over the last 20 years has made my life something along the lines YouTube blog commenter, Doug Tennapel, says is ‘living in exile in your own country.

          So, yes, we do practically everything locally, spend our money locally, and when we are forcet to buy on the internet, are careful to buy only from those companies that do not fund those making wars against us.

          As to Putin, yes he does tell the truth, and, as you say about me, he is incredibly polite, if, albeit, he is very biting.

          Of course, the government that calls itself our own sets him up with such easy alley-oops, how could he not take them?

          Alright, well, enough for now.

          Be well, My Friend!

  12. Go Putin Go! How is it I can identify more with Putin that Joe Biden? Biden wanted to take Trump behind the gym and whip his a*s. Perhaps Putin can do the same to Biden. Putin subsidizes Russian birthrates. Biden’s policies replace Whites with non-whites! God Bless Russia!

    • @Heartland…

      “How is it I can identify more with Putin that Joe Biden?”

      The reasons are too long and numerous to list here…

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