Breaking Points: Why Krystal and Saagar Left The Hill

I completely understand the sentiment.

Who wants to be “le corporate shill” under a pushy Jewish boss? When you don’t control your own platform, you can’t be completely honest with your audience. You can’t explore the topics that you want to explore. You have to always be looking over your shoulder and temper your takes.

You still have to do this on YouTube and Substack due to the threat of ADL censorship which is why I am not on there. The only people who are left on YouTube are Tim Pool and the Pop Left and even they are being throttled. Jonathan Greenblatt has wiped out every single Populist Right channel that was even remotely interesting to the point of deplatforming Stefan Molyneux for being a “gateway” to “domestic far right extremism.” They still can’t get people to watch Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter.

We’re in for a long slog in pushing back against censorship and dying corporate media gatekeepers who are losing their grip on being able to control the narrative which they enjoyed in the late 20th century. The political establishment can’t allow a real free market to exist on social media platforms like YouTube because the people who they put on television like Nicolle Wallace would lose too badly.

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  1. Stefan Molyneux was banned for asking the question, “did Jeffrey Epstein traffic a single Jewish girl?”

    He pointed out the fact that Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Alan Dershowitz, and the rest of the Mossad ring were trafficking underage girls who were not Jewish.

    Ann Coulter pointed out that the Florida prosecutor, Barry Krischer, was actively working to help Epstein and Dershowitz cover up their sex trafficking and was given a “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the ADL for doing so.

    My old blogs were banned for the same reason, and naming the names of the Washington Post journalists that were assisting the cover-up.

    • We on the alt-right have not done enough on the Epstein scandal. Like so many other issues, it was mishandled by our de facto leaders. We should have focused on the fact that the Israeli government was systematically raping white Christian, American children. That’s an emotional gut punch that will turn white conservatives against Jews, Israel and zionism. Instead, leaders chose to focus on the corrupt politicians angle which does a lot less of us. Pro-white advocates are not going to make major progress again until we have a new generation of leaders who are more emotionally intelligent and can reach a broader audience outside of the nerdy, extremely logical young male. Bad, non-professional organization and low emotional intelligence leaders and messaging are the biggest problems in the movement now.

  2. Greenblatt is running around stomping molehills. It’s a fight he can’t win. The moles keep coming up, and are harder to kill. Plus there are more yards around for the moles.

  3. I never expected them to really cover the biggest third rails (calling out anti-whiteness, criticism of Jewish power and affirmative pro-white messaging)

    What rising does very well is covering/centering the best aspects of what’s considered mainstream fringe/populist. And that’s very good.

    Because it’s not that the phonies of the mainstream fringe like Jordan Peterson or Bernie Sanders *never* said anything good, they do. It’s just wrapped up in a whole lot of extra partisan bullshit from both sides.

    You want to protect your culture well then you better support selling it on the free market to highest bidder? Oh you want to protect your job? Well you’re going to have accept cultural chaos/humiliation

    I would agree that even the best mainstream of fringe/radicals isn’t enough I always welcome things moving in a better direction than worse.

    And they definitely have had a positive impact on mainstream discourse.

    One of the biggest reasons I thought they should stay on the hill is that it made it harder for other mainstream news outlets to just ignore a story.

    I’ll be interested to see how much influence they can have driving news outlet to respond to their coverage

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