Secular Talk: Poll: Shocking Views On Israel/ Palestine


Talk about a white pill.

Those of us who suspected that was the crashing sound of a political earthquake going on that was a political disaster for Bibi Netanyahu and Israel were right.

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  1. Would be useful to see if that cross tabs with race though. Very interesting that this could be a correlation with diversity in the generations.

    • Very good point. I don’t think people realize the sheer amount of ‘browning’ that has happened over the last 30 years.
      The younger generations are VERY ‘diverse’. The politicians have completely given this country away.

  2. Just notice the age distribution.

    The people who grew up watching TV have been indoctrinated to worship Jews. The people who grew up on the Internet, thus have exposure to something other than Jewish TV propaganda, are far less likely to worship Jews and Israel.

    I think the peak was the 1970’s, as there was a huge propaganda campaign after Israel’s losses in the ’73 war. They hired a Jew, Frances Cohen, to dress up like a “Nazi” and a Jewish lawyer took the case to the Supreme Court. The purpose of this was to introduce the Holocaust Narrative to the public, as a bunch of Jewish people showed up to “counter-protest” the fake Nazi and held up signs listing the names of Nazi concentration camps they had supposedly been interned in.

    This was timed to coincide with a TV movie called “The Holocaust” with Barbra Streisand.

    Apparently, they also used this case to overturn some old anti-Communist laws that had been passed in the 50’s.

    In any case, most Americans just bought all of this stuff hook like and sinker and the TV made it “uncool” to have the wrong opinions about Jews.

    Hollywood, as an institution, is dying, nearly already dead. Harvey Weinstein was able to be taken down for his many crimes, including collaboration with Mossad to intimidate witnesses, police, and judges, because Hollywood isn’t making the money the used to.

    So that era has passed. Jews cannot control the narrative any longer which is why you see the hysterical censorship campaigns on various Internet platforms and social media. The “White Right” was literally winning the argument online which is why they absolutely needed to Shut It Down.

  3. I actually remember the first wave of Holocaustianity hitting my little town in the Deep South in the Seventies. Anne Frank in 8th grade (we mainly laughed at the parts she talked about her period) the Holocaust miniseries (no Streisand, but it did include Tovah Feldshuh who I thought was hot); in college, some Jewish guy in cowboy boots came and showed this gore porn movie about the alleged event; I learned later and by accident that a lot of the footage was staged by the Soviets. It was certainly intense programming. I read Solzhenitsyn when I was 17; all the Jews in the secret police and Gulag creation made me realize there was a bit more to the story than Jewish innocence and vicious Germans. Also, Jews have played a not insignificant role in the destruction of Confederate monuments. I was fortunate to become conscious of “more to the picture” at an early age, but “conservative” (they are not) boomers are hopeless.

  4. @Bannedslhipster – I was exposed to that very documentary during my formative years. The power of that particular piece of propaganda simply cannot be over-estimated. It was quite unique for its time, captured a nationwide audience, and we had no alternative countervailing narrative available.

    • I was very young at the time but I still remember it. Fortunately the programming had no permanent influence on me. At least not the way they intended.

    • It was 6th grade when I was made to watch it.

      I recall being irritated that I didn’t have a choice about being exposed to images that were intended to upset me intentionally in an hours long marathon with no breaks, context or anything.

      I think kids need to be inured to violence, especially righteous violence. For that, context is needed so they learn there’s a time and place for brutality, in defense of blood and soil.

      This holocaust thing though, is done to intentionally traumatize kids into a reflexive compassion for Jews.

      Even if the holocaust actually happened, what kind of people would do that to kids out of pure self service?

    • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother

      Those propaganda campaigns in the 1970’s were nothing but child abuse. It is a literal crime what they did to children back in those days. I truly hope they are all arrested and sent to prison for what they did.

  5. Clarification – I used “documentary” about the holocaust TV series because it was presented uncritically as a dramatization of real-life events. Most were simply too unsophisticated to see through it. Again, the brainwashing power of such a presentation at that time cannot be overestimated.

    Also, I have found that those whose parents/grandparents were directly impacted by WW2 simply refuse to accept any dissenting evidence.

    • My dad was in the war – medic in the European theater, saw action up the Italian peninsula. He came out of the experience utterly hating the Army and the government and rolled his eyes at all the Greatest Generation stuff. Told me that it was a “stoic duty” and the boys just wanted to get it the fuck over. Similar perspectives from the other WW2 veterans I knew — these were Southern farm boys who served in combat units. Stared at me with pity when I brought up the “save the world from evil Germans” stuff. Another of those things that made me think.

  6. @Banned…

    “The “White Right” was literally winning the argument online which is why they absolutely needed to Shut It Down.”

    They tried to shut it down, Sir, but, did not succeed, for it just moved onto other platforms where arguments to defend European Culture and Lands, wherever they may be, continue to flourish.

  7. I too remember the impact of that Hollowco$t jewshit they began ramming down White throats as a kid in the ’70s. My reaction was the same as it was when I watched Roots along with the other scores of millions of naive, historically-ignorant Whites: “How could they DO that to those poor, innocent people just because of their religion & the color of their skin?!”

    Then along came the internet. The smarter, more curious Whites, who vaguely & uneasily sensed that something was off about the (((Official Narrative))), used it uncover the truth. Then – in a righteous rage at having been lied to all our lives – we began spreading that truth to others in the comment sections of online jewspapers, etc., using facts & logic to kick the living shit out of the kikes & commies. Which is why the panicking kikes are now doing everything in their power to deny Whites that ability.

    Too late, you dick-nosed scum. We’ve torn away your masks; the younger generation – the only one that really matters when it comes to the political future – sees you for what you really are, and they’re responding accordingly.

  8. It strikes me that there are two main reasons for this phenomenon. 1: The memory of WWII and the *fairy tale* of the SIX MILLION is fading away with those under 50, who are generally not into history. 2: As America secularizes, evangelical churches with their wacky Dispensational teachings influence less of the youth. Raised evangelical, with many relatives still in it, I see the superstitious power that Jews and Israel hold over their minds.
    As a follow up, from my Reformed/Calvinist perspective, I ask myself if we are better off if the youth are non-religious or into Pentecostalism. Is agnosticism or Judeophilia more damaging to our people? Is Pentecostalism a stepping stone to Biblically orthodox Christianity, of a hindrance to it? Interesting questions to ponder.

    • Joe, Pentecostalism is heavily into dispensationalism, like most evangelicals. So, no it’s not a stepping stone to historical Christianity.

    • From my own family I can tell you that Pentecostalism is zionist and anti-white. White Republican Pentecostals are some of the biggest lovers of blacks and third world immigrants, who they want to convert. They are very hostile to any talk of white identity, which they see as “pagan” and “not Biblical.” They tend to dislike traditional European culture of all kinds for being “not Biblical.” Read about the origin of the Pentecostal movement. It’s bad. It was multiracial and even feminist from the beginning.

      • You are generally correct ATBOTL. I am a Kinist type Calvinist, and I understand Pentecostalism’s anti-White wordlview and Zio obsession. My Mom has a Pentecostal 1st cousin who has visited Israel twice. Bizarre. In my original comment, I was just musing if a false understanding of God (aka Pentecostalism) could be a stepping stone to conversion to a Biblically orthodox Christianity, or a lifetime hindrance to it. It would seem to be the latter.

  9. The cut off is based on older people who get their news from Fox and CNN and those who get it from the internet. This is why the Jews are so desperate to censor the internet.

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