Axios: 2022’s War Over Racism

I’m not a Republican.

I’ve always been a White Independent swing voter.


“With or without Donald J. Trump atop the party, the Republican strategy for the 2022 elections and beyond virtually assures race — and racism — will be central to political debate for years to come.  …

There’s a massive gulf between how Republicans and Democrats view race — a 66-point gap on whether the U.S. must continue making changes to give Black Americans equal rights to white Americans. 

There’s a 48-point gap on whether the events of the past year led to a realization there’s still a lot of racism in the U.S. — and a 49-point gap on whether the protests were good for society. …

Here’s where the GOP sees an opening: In our poll, just one in five white independents supports the “defund the police” movement.

Half of white independents say the media exaggerates stories of police brutality and racism.

Two in five white independents say social policies, including affirmative action, discriminate unfairly against white people.

Those issues prime this slice of the electorate for messaging that paints Democrats as extreme on issues around race.”

If I was a Republican strategist, I wouldn’t be wasting my time appealing to core Democratic voters like racially aggrieved blacks and anti-White liberals who are the supporters of the systematic racism conspiracy theory. Unlike Jared Kushner, I would try to appeal to all the groups who are alienated by Joe Biden’s open racial favoritism toward blacks and who are persuadable.

Note: In retrospect, Ron Unz was right about focusing on the toxic relationship between deranged White liberals and blacks and making that the issue.

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  1. The GOP will never learn unless it’s the hard way. Whites need to stop voting for them for obvious reasons.

    • @John…

      The GOP is the party of New England, and, as such, has been the very party of ‘Liberalism’ since it’s inception a century and a half ago.

      The whole situation, however, has grown intolerably complex, because with the erstwhile Conservative party, The Democrats, having been usurpt by the mass influx of Northeastern Liberals, more Liberal than The Republicans, and the resultant fleeing of the majority of ‘Conservative Democrats’ into The Grand Ole Party, now there is the expectation that The Republican Party will be the guarantor and preserver of the Conservative view of this country, which it in no way can.

      The reality of this country is that, as Ralph Nader carefully described it – is that we have a two-headed uniparty – and that party is Corporate/Globalist in economicks, whilst being generally Liberal in most other spheres.

      Thus, is is unrealistick for any of us to expect the Republicans to conserve anything, or, at least, longterm.

      We do not have a ‘Conservative Party’.

  2. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act

    The Nullification of the Native White Working Class Vote by the highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc on Nov 3 2020….Nov 3 2023…

    The scale of the highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc=nonwhite LEGAL immigrants+US born nonwhite children of nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS..

  3. “whether the U.S. must continue making changes to give Black Americans equal rights to white Americans. ”

    WTF ???
    They already have ‘right’s exceeding ours. In special setasides, affirmative action, DOJ protection, getting to vote multiple times per person etc.

    (((Who)) writes this drivel ?

  4. Democrats are the party of sexual freaks, white self-haters, and non-whites. Republicans are the party of Israel loving douchebags. We have no representation.

  5. Apparently Trump has been telling people he’ll be back as President in August of this year. Trust the plan.

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