Secular Talk Spills The Beans On Rising Drama

I never bought the idea that Krystal and Saagar built up a platform with 1.2 million subscribers which was on the corporate algorithm and wasn’t throttled like all the other channels … and just up and walked away from it. I’m sure that had nothing to do with their wonderful boss Jerry Finkelstein.

Note: I know most people on this website couldn’t care less about this drama. I have developed an interest in keeping tabs on the left populists and social democrats though.

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  1. “I know most people on this website couldn’t care less about this drama. I have developed an interest in keeping tabs on the left populists and social democrats though.”

    No, like you, Mr. Griffin, I have a keen interest in it, for a variety of reasons, first among which Left Populists have the same enemies we do…

  2. The jews used to do this with popular TV series back in the day. For the first couple of seasons, they’d make what the people wanted to see, to build up their audience numbers. Then when they reached a critical mass of viewers, they’d ram wokeness down their throats until the series died. Then they’d fire all the goy actors, hire new ones, and start a brand new show. They don’t seem to worry about long term profitability, they only care about getting into a position so they can push their propaganda.

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 1979-1980, is a classic example of this bait and switcheroo. Season 1 was what normal Americans wanted to see. It went out of its way to make them feel good about themselves. Then on the first episode of season 2, they went full woke, anti-white. It was cringeworthy.

    • I remember very little of the Buck Rodger’s TV series as they didn’t run it much on UHF channels after the mid 80s but I saw an episode recently on some free rerun broadcast channel multiplex in which it was obvious the character was supposed to be an analog for an Indian oppressed by Americans. I remember my sister doing some college class video project in the 90s narrating on about “these peaceful people at harmony with nature.” Total “noble savage” idiocracy not understanding the brutal violence these people waged against each other. Unlike Anglo culture, crime committed when drunk, including murder were excused in Native American culture. I very much doubt these white college girls would really enjoy living as in Indian back in the day. Starvation, disease, violence and if you made it to your 50s or 60s imagine living in a cold wigwam in the upper midwest winter, one respiratory disease breathing that cold air without a modern furnace would quickly turn to deadly pneumonia. To these types of silly young white girls blabbering on about the wonders of foreign cultures it is all about spicy curry and peking duck. What they don’t get is the reality of foreign culture is your expected to give your lazy brother in law a free ride through life, and reach into your wallet every morning to hand him some money to spend the day at the casino. Lazy in-laws sucking up all your assets…that’s “foreign culture.”

  3. I have watcht Mr. Kulinski’s show on and off for quite a few years.

    He’s very bright, well-informed, and principled.

    He also is a Yankee brat who thinks he not only knows what right for everyone else in the world is, he is extremely dismissive of any view not his own.

    His anti-Southern sentiments are so pronouncet and vitriolick that I simply would not have watcht him, unless you brought this video up to me.

    I did watch it, and, yes, it is rife with Mr. Kulinski’s instructions to everybody on what the right behavior would have been.

    One day I have to wonder if he will ever tire of himself or his own extremely inflated view of said person?

    • Certain Kyle secular talk segments I’m not even going to watch. You can generally tell from the titles. Kyle is a lot more interesting than others on the left and sometimes says some based shit but he can only deviate so much. And I’d like to think some of his clips are made just to show he’s still on the team.

      And the other way is true too, you can generally tell a decent segment from the title, but even in some where’s make a good point he’ll throw in some NPC left-liberal shit.

      Other leftists have made Kyle more based by attacking him so much. He probably would’ve just looked the other way about a lot of woke-shit but because other leftists kept freaking out about kyles super mild push back he then would make a whole video doubling down/defending a throw away line that he was being dragged for. Also through the process of being attacked so much by other leftists he could see their bullshit and believed less and less of the extreme cultural left

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