Here’s How The Democrats Can Still Win The 2022 Midterms


I think this could be their best shot.

There were a few pivotal moments in the 2020 campaign that probably cost Trump the presidency. Going on national television and floating the idea of injecting disinfectant was one of those moments and solidified his image as a retard with college-educated suburban voters. Running for a second term on the Platinum Plan was another one of those moments with White Indies.

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  1. The GOP should be retired and a new movement should be formed that caters to White Americans. Every other race gets catered to, why can’t the White majority?

    • You mean Whites would get a seat at their own table? I’m afraid that’s never going to happen. It’s not possible to enter power-sharing arrangements with Jews. It’s all or nothing in this struggle.

      If some ostensibly pro-White party does emerge you can bet any amount of money it will be controlled opposition run by Jews and con men.

  2. Whatever Trump said about injecting bleach( and there is a lot of debate about what he actually said) I doubt any college educated people even remember. College educated people believe crazy things like their being 4 dozen genders. A man who is a billionaire doesn’t get there by being a retard. The guy has his problems. But he’s not a retard. We will get taken again if we underestimate Trump. The GOP has earned the moniker, “the stupid party” however quite honestly

    • I hate trump the zio-shill… but will lie about what he said to protect him.

      There’s literally no debate about his bleach statement. Watch the full press conference, it’s clear from the several couple of minutes prior to the statement it was not a joke. Trump is a flat-out retard.

      “A guy doesn’t become a billionaire by being a retarded…”

      Jesus fucking Christ dude you talk about liberals just accepting programing and then you repeat america’s a meritocracy??? Are Jews just really smart???

      Trump’s dad and grandfather ran brothels aka whorehouses… in New York City!

      Who do you think their customers were????

      Trump was extremely close with Roy Cohen who was the Epstein of his day. Why was trump so close to Roy Cohen and Jeffery Epstein??? Both pedophile black mailers.

      But trump is just REALLY smart….

  3. Republicans will just coast for the next few years off “lesser evil” votes. Since democrats have just been going off the deep end recently, the republicans don’t even feel like they need to try. Just keep repeating the same old standard conservative boilerplate of the last 40 years (but now with more gays and trannies), and they’ll still do better than democrats telling everyone they need to eat bugs and get used to skyrocketing gas prices.

  4. The GOP ONLY represents Jews. No votes for the Rainbow flag Patriot Act Surveillance State bootlickers of Jewry who hate the American people and seek to replace them.

  5. “Running for a second term on the Platinum Plan was another one of those moments with White Indies.”

    Did it really? I never heard of this “Platinum Plan” anywhere other than this website? Sure it was stupid and keeping Jared around was a huge blunder by Trump, but I don’t think this was as big a campaign focus as you make it out to be. Trump’s problem was he is a great rally holder but does not have any skills in exercising political power. I really hope he doesn’t run again in 2024 because it’s clear his style just turns off too many fence sitters and white women. I just hope there are enough GOP politicians out there who truly recognize we are on the verge of a communist revolution and it’s no longer business as usual as during the W. years when that idiot buried his head in the sand oblivious to the gathering storm of leftism, a hostile young generation of bastards, and endless foreigners entering the land with a grudge against gringos.

    • Trump is an old guy who got completely fixated on things. Remember Lowest Black Unemployment™? He always talked about it. He mentioned it everywhere he went. He talked about it during his shitty social media summit (which was itself just a chance for him to bitch about his follower count going down). It was a never-ending parade of whining and insulting but no action because he had no idea what he was doing.

      Also fuck the Mormons.

    • He increased his votes with White women, though. The group he lost was White men.

      And yeah, the platinum plan was a core message of Trump’s 2020 campaign, along with pardoning rappers, “socialism sucks,” and gay stuff like Ricky Rebel. His campaign crew mentioned these constantly.

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