Bye, Bye, Bibi

I don’t know what to think of this new government.

I doubt it could be worse than a decade of Bibi Netanyahu though.


“JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opponents on Wednesday announced they have reached a deal to form a new governing coalition, paving the way for the ouster of the longtime Israeli leader.

The dramatic announcement by opposition leader Yair Lapid and his main coalition partner, Naftali Bennett, came shortly before a midnight deadline and prevented the country from plunging into what would have been its fifth consecutive election in just over two years.

“This government will work for all the citizens of Israel, those that voted for it and those that didn’t. It will do everything to unite Israeli society,” Lapid said.

Under the agreement, Lapid and Bennett will split the job of prime minister in a rotation. Bennett will serve the first two years, while Lapid is to serve the final two years. The historic deal also includes a small Islamist party, the United Arab List, which would make it the first Arab party ever to be part of a governing coalition. …”

What do you think?

Will Bibi rise from the political grave again?

Have we passed Peak Zionism in both the United States and Israel?

With Bibi losing power, Sheldon Adelson being dead and buried in Jerusalem, young evangelicals turning against OUR GREATEST ALLY and Israel’s public image collapsing in the United States and Abraham Foxman rage quitting the New York Times, this year has been full of pleasant surprises.

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  1. Meet the new Israeli boss, same as the old Israeli boss. Keep sending those billions you suckers in the US.

  2. Meet the new Shlomo, same as the old Shlomo. I was really hoping Bibi would attack Iran again but that’s probably on hold for six months or so now.

  3. This could mean someone even more aggressive in power, but without bitch boy Trump in office it wont be so easy for them.

    • The real Israel fetishists and Zio cockroaches wanted Bibi to stay so in that sense it’s good he’s gone. But, somebody needs to turn mighty Zion into a parking lot before they blow up the world.

  4. It’s stupid to over state the importance in the shift in public opinion on Israel but it’s dumb to ignore it as well.

    I definitely think we’ve seen peak Zionism but I’m also not sure if it matters.

    Israel might of figured they’ve gained so much land with kushner giving the west bank to Israel that even if the compromised/gave some land back it’d be like giving someone 10 dollars back on a 100 dollars they stole from you.

    None of that means Jews will cease to be powerful but I do think they’re facing some real narrative problems.

    One big reason under privilege theory why you could be anti-Semitic but not anti-white is because while Jews are economically privileged they’re numerically such a minority they have no electoral/cultural power BUT they say whites are both economically and demographically hegemonic….

    However for the past 10 plus years they’ve been teaching kids in colleges that it doesn’t matter if whites become a minority because they’ll still be economically privileged…

    So they’ve completely undercut the rationale for why “anti-Semitism” is still bad black & brown people to engage with.

    By removing the demographic aspect of white privilege there’s no good reason why black & brown kids wouldn’t feel entitled to question Jewish privilege

    *Jews will plan on distracting black & brown people with carrots & sticks, and it’ll work on most but it’ll be interesting to see how many black & brown people will perdue that logic. Some already have.

    **Violent acts of bigotry I’ll always condemn but black “anti-semitism” is a black celebrity casual saying there’s a lot of Jews in Hollywood etc and black academics applying the full weight of white privilege theory against white jews and christians… At this point White Christians have been so beaten up I wonder if it’s even worth trying to stop the wokes at this point. There’s a lot of damage that could still be inflicted upon poor whites and there’s no guarantee the wokes will proceed with and/or win in treating Jews as whites.

    If that was a guarantee, then I’d say it’d be smarter to accept more woke abuse as the give Jews the cis-white-male treatment… However there’s many ways for Jews to reinsert themselves and regain narrative control.

    However it is a possibility. Especially in the minds of black & brown dem voters, and the greater the rift better the politicians and the people the more visible Jewish power is.

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