Washington Post: Anarchists and Increase In Violent Crime “Hijack” Portland’s Social Justice Movement

What would Plato or Aristotle say about this?

My guess is that their first question would be to ask how children are being educated in Portland. This is a simple case of cause (the indoctrination of suburban White children in critical race theory in Portland metro area public schools) and effect (the explosion in violent crime and domestic terrorism). They are getting exposed to this poison in K-12, not finding an antidote to it in “far right” corners of the internet. Many of our people have also been exposed to it, but rejected it in favor of traditional values.

Washington Post:

“PORTLAND, Ore. — The church, on the edge of this city, was built to hold thousands, and on this drizzly day the pews of Mannahouse were filled with hundreds of mourners, scattered throughout the broad, high-ceilinged chamber to comply with pandemic rules.

Nearly all of them were Black.

They had gathered to memorialize Jalon Yoakum, 33, whose body lay in a clear casket at the front of the stage. The wounds on his face had been brushed over; a blue suit and white open-collar shirt hid the rest of the scars from the daylight gunshots that killed him in a pizza restaurant parking lot this month. …

From the assessments of the White mayor, Ted Wheeler, and the Black police chief, Chuck Lovell, this smaller faction comprises mostly White, middle-class students and others, who have made places such as churches, public libraries, small Black-owned businesses and a Boys & Girls Club the confounding targets of their vandalism.

Last Tuesday, police declared a riot when one of two groups that had gathered to mark the anniversary of Floyd’s murder broke windows, set fires and threw objects at police. Five people were arrested; all were White. …

Portland’s once-vibrant downtown, the heart of a world-class food scene, is still marred by boarded-up windows and closed businesses, the aftermath of a year of pandemic and fear of random assault and vandalism often committed under the name of the police reform movement. …

A poll conducted by the Oregonian newspaper this month found that three-quarters of Portland-area residents did not want police officer levels to decline more than they have. Just more than half said they favored an increase in the number of officers. …

Wheeler, the mayor, said he believes that the city has begun to recover, at least from the demonstrations that have left downtown largely empty on most days. Over the past year, he said, the city has recorded an 85 percent decline in downtown foot traffic. The result has been economic despair and more crime. …”

This is not a perversion of the progressive understanding of “social justice.”

The actions of these young people only make sense in this framework. This is what happens when you teach young people to hate themselves, to hate their country and to hate their own illegitimate civilization. To my knowledge, it is not an experiment that has ever been tried anywhere else in the world. No other great power is stupid enough to teach its children doctrines which would foster social disintegration.

Note: I’m pleased that it has gotten so bad that the mainstream Right is finally talking about it. They have traditionally ignored it out of fear of being called “racist.”

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  1. If the statue had been a national hero of China in downtown Portland…it never would have been touched by the Antifa……If it had been a statue of Ghengis Khan…it would never have been touched by the Antifa….

    Larger point:The Democratic Party was massively empowered by the 1965 NonWhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT and post-1965 nonwhite Legal Immigrant increase Policy which has enabled the Democratic Party Nonwhite Voting Bloc to nullify the Native White Working Class Vote at election time…….there is a reason why they weren’t burning the pioneer statue in 1960…

  2. These are demonick children, and, as such, they will go on like this until someone forces them to grow up.

    I imagine Rural Oregonians will provide the lessons, if these devils do not keep their pyrotechnicks at home.

  3. At the behest of the ((enemies of all mankind)), as St Paul called them. I am firmly convinced that these people made a spiritual pact with Satan when they dared to utter the words: His blood be on us and on our children. It’s the only thing that explains their incomprehensible ability to control much of the world. God is giving them a long leash seemingly for now. Our abandonment of the true faith has brought this punishment on us.

    • @Sursumcorda – Your “God” is one capricious, bloodthirsty, sadistic and twisted deity.

  4. I can have no respect for a leader who claims White Supremacy terrorism is a greater threat than ISIS or al-Qaeda. I can have no respect for a government that arrests people for an unauthorized capital walk through and puts upwards of 440 people in prison but lets Antifa and BLM burn and loot whole neighborhoods.

    • “Puts upwards of 440 people in prison but lets Antifa and BLM burn and loot”

      Your introduction to kosher justice………” get use to it, goy”

  5. “. They are getting exposed to this poison in K-12”

    And have been, for over 50 years, in progressively more toxic doses.

    (Frankly, I wish the liberals of Portland would just turn to cannibalism, it would solve so many problems.)

  6. “White supremacy is the greatest threat to this nation.”

    Just amazing, that anyone can posit such an absurd idea.

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