National Interest: The Danger of Attempting to Harness Trumpism Without Trump

David Dorn died on this day a year ago.

In case anyone has forgotten how much of a disappointment Donald Trump was as president (rest assured, no one on this website has forgotten), Pedro Gonzalez would like to refresh your memory before we succumb to another round of backlash politics and go down that road again.

National Interest:

“David Dorn lay dying in a pool of his own blood outside of a pawn shop in St. Louis while a bystander streamed his final breaths on Facebook Live. The retired police captain had been shot by looters while protecting his friend’s business amid the riots sparked by the death of George Floyd.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson noted hours before the fatal shooting that then-President Donald Trump had refused greater use of force against riots on the advice of staffers who told him that cracking down on them would appear racist. That October, Trump unveiled the Platinum Plan. It promised criminal justice reform and $500 billion in “capital” for black communities, conceived at the behest of “Fuck tha Police” rapper Ice Cube, whose input Trump solicited for what was essentially a massive reparations program.

Much of this seems forgotten now; Dorn’s death on June 2 has been largely forgotten. Still, the details of his murder are worth recalling as speculation mounts over whether Trump could once more win the White House. A better question is whether he should run at all.

The disconnect between the idea of Trump as a strong, capable leader and reality covers more than the sidewalk on which Dorn died. 

Trump’s crusade as an outsider against decrepit GOP orthodoxy was critical to his success in 2016, seemingly disrupting its trajectory. As a populist, he challenged the pieties and pseudo-principles of the establishment, violating taboos on trade, crime, immigration, and more. In 2015, political scientist Lee Drutman calculated that “populists”—defined as those who favored maintaining or increasing Social Security spending, while maintaining or decreasing immigration—made up 40.3 percent of the American electorate. On the other hand, Drutman found that the groups that wanted to cut Social Security and increase immigration, “‘business conservatives’ (3.8 percent), who are better described as ‘neoliberals,’ and ‘political conservatives’ (2.4 percent), who might also be described as ‘libertarians,’ made up only 6.2 percent of voters.” Even if unwittingly, Trump tapped into the former, which was a much larger constituency that blurred the lines of conservative and liberal.

Trump won, in other words, because he was supposed to change the Republican Party—but the party changed him. …

Trump’s endorsements further illustrate the point of non-learning.

Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kansas), endorsed by Trump, was instrumental in creating a weaponized hate crime bill introduced by Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii. Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), also endorsed by Trump, and now apparently the party’s figurehead, speaks of America’s past as “original sin” and has embraced the Democratic Party’s call for more criminal justice reform from across the aisle. Most recently, Trump endorsed Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) to replace Sen. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) amid his feud with Paul Ryan. Stefanik is Ryan’s protégé, whose views on immigration are closer to Ryan’s than Trump’s in 2016. …”

These are all familiar arguments on this website.

Virtually no one else is saying this though. There is a heavy price to be paid on the Right for being too honest and candid about the Trump administration. The ultimate shit move was “Stop the Steal” when Trump milked hundreds of millions of dollars out of his most gullible supporters, persuaded them to come to DC and hung them out to dry after the Capitol Siege only to pardon a bunch of black rappers. The QAnon Shaman is now saying that he was brainwashed by an online cult.

BTW, Trump has recently started texting me again:

It is not too early to start talking about 2024.

Joe Biden has been worse than expected and Donald Trump can’t get the job done.

My position is that I am not voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden in 2024. I haven’t changed my mind on that since the 2020 election. We need someone younger, smarter and more competent. We need someone who can take what Trump started and push it in a far more populist direction on both culture and economics and shake up the stale policy agenda. We will see what happens. In the meantime, it is much easier to oppose Joe Biden without that black cloud constantly weighing us down.

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      • I’m done with Trump too. Unlike you, I believe he had the election stolen from him but I’m glad to have him gone as a distraction.

        • You don’t even know how the election was stolen from Trump..

          But..I’ll give you two hints:


          2)Why was the election so close?

  1. Unfortunately it can not be repeated enough.

    Shitlibs are so contemptible I get how people want to back slide into defending Trump.

    Hell if I’m around an annoying shitlib I’ll find myself kinda sorta defending trump because the things they’re saying are so untrue eg russiagate, Trump’s a fascist blah blah

    The best thing we can do is be as honest as we can. We gain nothing from being partisan cheerleaders.

    Instead of giving a defense of trump or placate shitlibs delusions I’d just say Trump’s just a vulgar standard republican. Bush wasn’t a dictator, just a dumb greedy shithead.

    Same with trump.

  2. I think what happened is that in 2016 Trump won, and I think he was actually totally suprised that he won. Over the next four years he began to think of presidential politics like the old tv shows he was involved in. He began to smoke his own supply, got high on rallies, and began to forgot what he was elected to do. Made terrible hiring decisions, he liked tweeting, not doing the dirty work you have to do to do politics well, listened to people like Kutchner FAR to much,. He was that cool break dancer at the dance hall that had a small tight loyal following, mistakeing his local celebrity for the big time. In other words, Trump got too big an idea of his place in the scheme of things. I liked something’s about him, but not many others. I’m ready for someone else to step in. I never payed any attention to Q or any other “Plan”. Thought it all was silly.

    • In hindsight, I’d say Trump’s presidency not amounting to much at all was mainly Kushner’s fault. But then, Trump listened to that saboteur so it was ultimately Trump himself, I guess.

      • The only reason Trump was elected was to do what Bibi’s factions of kikes wanted him to do. Never would have happened otherwise. Trump was there to serve the kikes, not for any other reason.

  3. “Trumpism was one thing in 2016 and another by 2020”

    Candidate Trump was not much President Trump, except in tone or smaller symbolic issues.

    There were some exceptions to this, such as trade and judicial appointments.

    As to voting for President Trump, again in 2024, I’ll consider it, because if secession has not started by then, it may simply be too uncomfortable to go through another 4 years of Biden/Harris.

    I recall the late Carter years and this current presidency holds out every prospect to be much worse, because, like his predecessors, President Biden, is not attending to any of the major elements which brought us here.

    • In 1980 US Census the population was estimated 79.72% White (180,602,838 Non-Hispanic Whites out of 226,545,805 total US pop.)
      In US Census latest estimate 2019 American Community Survey the population was estimated 59.95% White (196,789,401 Non-Hispanic Whites out of 328,239,523 total US pop.) That was two years ago, and just 120 days of José Biden’s open border has already more than made up for all of 2020; nonwhites are undoubtedly more than 40% now.
      The country just bouncing back like it did against Carter–for Mr. “Open the Borders Both Ways” Ronald ‘Amnesty’ Reagan–is not going to happen.
      But do ‘accelerationists’ have a good plan for when Whites fall below 50% way ahead of schedule after 8 years of Joe Biden and/or Kamala Harris (plus whoever is really running their regime)…?

      • @Jacobite…

        “The country just bouncing back like it did against Carter–for Mr. “Open the Borders Both Ways” Ronald ‘Amnesty’ Reagan–is not going to happen.”

        I do expect this country to bounce back, though, not in it’s current form, but as at least two, if not several countries.

        Once there is a separation, and people can live in the communities that best suit their ideals, the basick American ingenuity and determination to succeed will not be sublimated to all the culture and empire wars, and that will bring success.

        Of course, the booms of the late Victorian Era will probably never again appear.

        Never forget, however, that it was not just the demographicks of the 1980s that keyed a bounce back, but, the ongoing rackets we had in place, throughout the world, such as The Petro-Dollar Scam.

  4. No Republican leader has the courage to commemorate the death of David Dorn. Dorn represents the silent majority of Americans who want to go about their lives with the assurance that their lives and property are safe,

  5. Trump did an excellent interview with Sean Hannity but I am not voting for him in 2024. Doing so would merely convince white people there is a way out of this system via voting. The United States is terminal. It cannot be reformed from within. Donald Trump ought to be living proof of that!

  6. Trump could have won, not that anything would have changed but he choose to pander to minorities over his base.

  7. Dump is either a deliberate traitor, or just a contemptible weakling & fool without convictions who meekly allowed his slimy kike-in-law to lead him around by the nose. Either way, he’s shit, and the main obstruction to doing what needs to be done to save White Americans. Too many of those dumbass bovines actually think he was a great leader, and yearn to have him back in the White House just so they can “own the libs”, then go back to comfy sleep for another 4 years.

    His loss to commie scum Biden has been a great boon for infuriating & awakening Whites, but now, someone serious needs to come to the fore to make them forget about Orange Jesus.

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