Nathan Bedford Forrest Is Being Evacuated From Memphrica

We can’t stay away from deeply divisive culture war issues. We’re the ones who are obsessed with issues like digging Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife up from their graves in Memphis.

Washington Post:

“The remains of early Ku Klux Klan leader and Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest were finally being exhumed from a Memphis park, and the Black woman who led a long battle for the change was there to mark the moment.

But as activist-turned-elected-official Tami Sawyer prepared to address reporters, a man waved a Confederate flag behind her. Pacing back and forth, he called the Memphis city counselor a “communist.” Then he started singing “Dixie,” the anthem of the Old South.

“This hatred and this racism is large and loud,” Sawyer said as he sang. She added, “I’m not going to let him win.” …”

Atlanta Journal Constitution:

“The park where Forrest was buried has been the site of protests associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Activists have long called for the removal of both the statue and the remains. The words “Black Lives Matter” have been painted in yellow by activists on a walkway surrounding the tomb. …”

I’m actually glad this is happening.

Memphrica has gone to hell and progressive activists and anarchists can’t stop disturbing the dead. They recently caused $200,000 worth of damage in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

Note: Shortly after I passed through there in April, a massive crack was discovered in the Hernando de Soto Bridge. Memphis set a record for homicides last year and is on course to do so again this year. The definition of “progress” to these people is racial, cultural and economic decline.

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  1. They dug up Franco recently also. The tribe really gets off on desecrating dead bodies. Probably did some perverse rituals in the process.

      • One of these days, when the Jews and Neo-Yankees are through using them as political weapons and tools of conquest, the Niggers are gonna be left alone, without any support, among a bunch of Crackers with long memories and slow burning fuses.

        • @James Owen…

          That’s very true and very obviously so, Sir, something which shows you just how concerned Jews and New Englanders really are for future of The Negro, because, long after The Jew England Yankee United States Government no longer exists in The South, we will…

  2. This is a complete disgrace. They won’t let the man and his wife rest in peace. If anyone should be exhumed and moved , it should be Lincoln and MLK. One was a tyrant and the other was a commie, plagiarist, women beating criminal.

    • When are they going to exhume Grant, Byrd, Truman and and even Lincoln who married into a family of slave owners. What about the jews and blacks that owned slaves?

    • You touch the extravagant grave of Al Jolson and federal marshals will be knocking the hell out of you. You’ll be prosecuted under every statute in federal code.

      “Goy, it’s one rule for us, another for you, suck it up.”

  3. According to the local paper, Savannah politicians are looking to remove Confederate monuments, also. I guess crime, lousy schools, and major social dysfunction will vanish if they just tear down some statues and rename some streets.

  4. Whatever happened to the Sons Of the South and those kinds of groups that used to show up to protest this erasure of Dixie history, HW – too busy Twittering and shitposting?

      • Hell “lack of support”,
        when vicious thugs will attack you, while law enforcement gives aid to thugs.

        It’s more like, prudent discretion.

      • Southern Whites are just as demoralized and filled with self hatred as Northern Whites. White Genocide doesn’t stop at the Mason Dixon line.

      • Most Southerners toeing the progressive line and don’t care about their illustrious forbears?

        Sounds a lot like the West in general.

    • “Whatever happened to the Sons Of the South and those kinds of groups that used to show up”

      That’s the greater thrust of Charlottesville,
      to create a climate of fear.

    • After a year of overwhelming evidence that progressive DAs will endorse the beating and even killing of their political opponents and the perpetrators will go unpunished you would have to be the biggest retard on the planet to march in one of those urban shitholes.

    • Part of it is fatigue. We have fought countless battles for our flags, monunents, street names, etc. over the past few decades. Often we had majority support on our side. But it it didn’t matter. We were still portrayed as villians in the media while the other side was portrayed as righteous victims, despite their institutional and corporate support. We have fought and lost so many of these battles. People are tired of it. And they don’t believe that victory is possible in the USA today. This culture is a sewer. This country is an abomination.

  5. They can’t stand the fact that negros weren’t and aren’t equals even to Asian civilization.

  6. A morbidly-obese nigger cunt whining about “hatred” all the while boasting that she & other fat nigger cunts killed Dixie & are desecrating the graves of its heroic White defenders.

    Only the promotion & protection of the god damned kikes & their fed race traitor turds like that beady-eyed son of a bog-trotter whore Biden make the likes that insufferable sow possible.

    Still, it’s all to the good at this moment in time. Let them redouble the now-constant attacks; let them build the White rage until it can no longer be contained. Let’s see them go after the remains of Lee & his family in Lexington – better still, those of Washington, Jefferson & Andrew Jackson.

  7. The Yankee papers were not very kind to Forrest and the Yankees believed their fake news.

    One morning, according to a story apparently handed down through the Forrest family, he was in his hotel room still in his nightshirt when a knock came at the door. He told Willie to answer it, and the opened door revealed an austerely dressed woman carrying a Bible and an umbrella. She moved past Willie into the room where the just-rising Forrest, hair still sleep-disheveled, was seated on his bed. “Are you the Rebel General Forrest?” she is reported to have abruptly inquired. “And is it true you murdered those dear colored people at Fort Pillow? Tell me, sir; I want no evasive answer.” The answer she reportedly received was so direct that it was remembered to have sent her screaming down the hallway into the street. Rising from his bed to his full six feet one and a half, the Butcher replied: “Yes, madam. I killed the men and women for my soldiers’ dinner and ate the babies myself for breakfast.”
    –Hurst, Jack. “Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography”

    • A woman carrying the Bible and an umbrella walked into the hotel room of a strange man in his nightclothes and confronted him? What a load of bunk! Many of these silly anecdotes about the Civil War generals are from dubious sources and seem to have been invented long after the they were dead.

      • Did the lady drop her umbrella while she ran to the streets screaming? ?

        I agree, the story is BS.

    • Only a pair of anti-South anti-White homosexual trolls from the ADL and SPLC would curse a “story apparently handed down through the Forrest family”.

      • A story apparently handed down through the family. Only a low-IQ moron would treat that as some sort of gospel story. And only a homosexual Jew would call would randomly call others Jews or homosexuals.

  8. [Jefferson] Davis sat by his bedside the day before he died, then served as a pallbearer at his funeral on the last day of October. In the carriage, en route to Elmwood Cemetery, a companion remarked on Forrest’s greatness as a soldier. “I agree with you,” the former President said. “The trouble was that the generals commanding in the Southwest never appreciated him until it was too late. Their judgment was that he was a bold and enterprising raider and rider. I was misled by them, and never knew how to measure him until I read the reports of his campaign across the Tennessee River in 1864. This induced a study of his earlier reports, and after that I was prepared to adopt what you are pleased to name as the judgment of history.” Someone mentioned Brice’s Crossroads, and Davis replied as before: “That campaign was not understood in Richmond. The impression made upon those in authority was that Forrest had made another successful raid…. I saw it all after it was too late.”
    –The Civil War by Shelby Foote

    • @ banned

      Great information.
      Our schools should be teaching this, real analytical history, not MLK, holohoax, faux equality.

        • “Something is going to break soon.”

          …..ppl have been thinking that, for over 50 years. Don Black, among the many.

          • Too many whites are stupid. I just recently had a boomer white male tell me how the Republicans are going to fix things. “They’re gonna weed out the RINOs.” He thinks it’s all the Democrats.


            I guess a lot of these people didn’t pay attention. They think it was just “that election” and everything will be alright now, especially when Trump runs again. OMG

    • @ banned for life, have you ever considered what it would have been like, if marse robert, would have had n.b. forest under his command, could you imagine n.b. forest’s calvary in thomas jacksons corp.or officers like gen.p.cleburn or a shelby in thee army of northern virginia,

      • Good thoughts. I wish that Lee and his army had escaped out of Virginia and linked up with the men in the South/Southwest and then Forrest had a chance to whip Sheridan. That would have been a good fight.

        • If Forrest couldn’t whip an inexperienced officer like James H. Wilson, how was he going to whip Phil Sheridan? Besides, Forrest had nothing to fight Sheridan with, after getting his cavalry destroyed at Selma.

          • @ mgr, it was a possible scenario, if n.b. forest had been under marse roberts command, instead of being in thee western theatre of thee war, just an interesting “what if”, thats all.

          • @ mgr, sir wilson had 10.000 troopers armed with spencer carbines, n.b.forest had half that number, forest couldnt stop gen.wilson, so he withdrew, not allowing his forces to be, slaughtered or captured, this was in thee waning days of thee war, under thee circumstances n.b. forest as usual, mafe the right move.

          • With the much longer Union supply lines required to fight the massing Southern armies Forrest and others would have been able to raid and plunder supplies and horses from the Union army and resupply, Yankee.

            In December 1862 Forrest destroyed Grant’s supply line in Tennessee forcing Grant to call off his Vicksburg Campaign…

            The success of the three Confederate raids in December 1862 was striking. General Ulysses Grant had to retreat from Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee, giving up his first attempt to capture Vicksburg. Forrest had so thoroughly destroyed Grant’s supply line that the Union forces would make no move for the next six months
            — Essential Civil War Curriculum: Nathan Bedford Forrest

            During the war he [General Robert E. Lee] was ever conscious of the inequality of the means at his control; but it was never his to complain or to utter a doubt – It was always his to do. When in the last campaign he was beleaguered at Petersburg, and painfully aware of the straights to which we were reduced, he said: “With my army in the mountains of Virginia I could carry on this war for twenty years longer.”
            — Jefferson Davis, From a speech given by President Jefferson Davis at the formation of the Lee Monument Association in Richmond, following the death of General Robert E. Lee, From The Papers of Jefferson Davis, Volume 12, pp 502-506. Transcribed from the Richmond Dispatch, November 4, 1870.

        • @ banned for life, i can think of no one more deserving of thee wrath of n.b. forest, what he did in thee shenandoah, though not on thee scale of shermans depradations, it was just as bad, if not worst, i would have liked too have been riding with n.b. forest , when he dished it out generously to mr.sheridan.

          • And I also wish Sherman and his degenerate cowardly band of girly men could have had to face real men in this Southern massed army under Lee’s command. Especially the men, the husbands, of the wives back in Georgia whom Sherman terrorized and made homeless, burning down their plantations and sometimes murdering their black servants who would not reveal where the valuables were hidden so they could loot for profit to themselves. Sherman would have had another mental breakdown again if had to fight the Southern army that had been resupplied and well equipped to fight.

  9. This was posted on my birthday. Fitting story because at least I know the world’s greatest general can rest in peace.

  10. In many ways we are like people in the former Soviet Union whereby we have to mouth support for Marxism while having to suppress a vitriolic hared for the dominant narrative and the powers that be because we do not want to have our career destroyed or end up in prison. Or have Mao’s thugs camp out in our yard and threaten our family. But sooner or later it cannot be constrained. It would be better for the system to have it manifest in leally protected constitutional ways so it can be monitored. Instead the system represses constantly which inevitably makes it break out in violent and unfocused projections time and time again. And so reaction follows action and they impose more restrictions on us until it becomes a case of revolution or extinction.

    • @Pilot…

      “Too many whites are stupid. I just recently had a boomer white male tell me how the Republicans are going to fix things. “They’re gonna weed out the RINOs.” He thinks it’s all the Democrats.


      I guess a lot of these people didn’t pay attention. They think it was just “that election” and everything will be alright now, especially when Trump runs again. OMG”

      Sadly, your comment is dead on for too many Whites to count.

      Yes, a disaster is on it’s way – this when Trump runs in 2024, wins, and then, speaking for my kind – White Southerners – they think the nation saved, breath a sigh of relief, and then go right back to sleep for another 4 years.

      As if I were the world’s greatest soothsayer, I can see this all in front of me.

      It’s coming down the pike.

      The truth is that far too many of us do not have the heart to do anything but gripe and vote.

      On the other hand, if Trump runs, and they try to cheat him again, watch out – for Southerners are out of patience on that score.

      Also, there is another saving scenario – Trump wins in 2024, The South goes back to sleep, but, the Far Northwest Urban centres revolt and secede.

      Ironick, but, we, Southerners, could actually be saved from our own inertia by those who would happily line us all up and put a bullet in our brains…

  11. Southerners were ‘the first victims’ of American imperialism and have been ‘slandered,’ claim the Sons of Confederate Veterans

    The Sons of Confederate Veterans rose to prominence after the BLM movement swept the US, seeking to change perceptions of the South and explain why they proudly fly the Confederate flag, even if some think it’s a toxic symbol.
    The snap impression of the Sons of Confederate Veterans isn’t a good one. A rudimentary glance at their mainstream media portrayal is far from flattering and their badge proudly features the controversial Confederate flag. Terms that spring to mind are: racist, exclusionary and backward.

    So, it was with some surprise when the organization’s Chief of Heritage Operations, Walter D. Kennedy presented what he says are a rather different set of values. He, like all members of the SCV, has a direct lineage to a soldier or member of the political establishment of the confederate states. They claim to have African American, Native American, Hispanic America and Polynesian American members. Kennedy’s great-grandfather fought in the War for Southern Independence, which is what the SVC call the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865.

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