ABC News: California Task Force Launches Study of Slave Reparations

There you go again.

You are stirring up another deeply divisive culture war issue which is a political albatross for Democrats. In this case, you made Joe Biden travel to Tulsa and raise expectations that the federal government would start paying people for being black because of systematic racism and “equity.”

ABC News:

“SAN FRANCISCO — A first-in-the-nation task force in California to study and recommend reparations for African Americans held its inaugural meeting Tuesday, launching a two-year process to address the harms of slavery and systemic racism despite the federal government’s inaction.

The nine members of the task force, appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders, include the descendants of slaves who are now prominent lawyers, academics and politicians. The group’s newly elected chair is a young lawyer who specializes in intellectual property, and their vice-chair is a longtime civil rights activist arrested with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at a lunch counter sit-in in 1961. …”

Are progressive activists biting off more than they can chew?

Most White people still haven’t wrapped their minds around the idea that they are COMPLICIT in the death of George Floyd who was murdered by systematic racism. Now we are already being asked to ponder the idea of giving up meat eating to save the planet and paying people for being black. It is only June and progressives might come up with some more good ideas before the end of the summer.

The Hill:

“California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Tuesday said his state is moving forward with efforts to create “a more equitable and inclusive future for all” at the first meeting of the state’s task force to study proposals for reparations for African Americans.

Newsom last year signed a bill approving the task force that will consider paying reparations for slavery. The statute requires a task force to make recommendations for lawmakers to address the findings by July 2023.

The recommendations are slated to include details on what form of compensation lawmakers should authorize, as well as who should receive those funds.

“With this bill, we’re bringing together some of the best, the brightest minds to chart a path forward, to move to a more equal California,” Newsom, who is facing a recall election later this year, said Tuesday. …”

Evanston, Illinois is cutting checks to blacks. It is able to do this because it has a progressive, well-educated electorate. No one there seems to be aware that Illinois was never a slave state.


“EVANSTON, Ill. — This suburban town just north of Chicago will soon start cutting checks to Black people to make amends for Jim Crow era wrongs. The test will be whether anyone follows its lead.

The cash is the latest step in Evanston’s plan to dole out $10 million — in $25,000 chunks — to those who suffered the local sting of housing discrimination, and Robin Rue Simmons’ phone has been ringing ever since the City Council greenlit the money in March. …

It takes a progressive, well-educated electorate. So yeah, places similar to Evanston will have more success,” said Alvin Tillery, Jr., director of the Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy at Northwestern University, comparing it to conservative enclaves least likely to take reparations seriously. “Asheville and Burlington are more similar to Evanston than Cherokee County, Georgia, or where [Texas Rep.] Louie Gohmert serves.”

The Tulsa Race Massacre narrative is being pushed to justify reparations.


“As a candidate, Biden said he supported a commission on reparations. But the administration has yet to endorse the actual bill. After his speech Tuesday, the president met with the members of the Congressional Black Caucus, who brought up the need for H.R. 40, which is named after the “40 acres and a mule” promise that now symbolizes the lack of support formerly enslaved people received from the federal government. According to those involved in the conversations, Biden let them down gently.

“He didn’t disagree with what we’re doing,” said Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Mich.), the 2nd vice chair of the CBC. “He did talk about his plate [being] full with trying to get the infrastructure bill passed and that he really wanted to make sure that he could get that through before he took on anything else.” …”

In the year 2021, the Congressional Black Caucus is deeply frustrated that black people still haven’t gone 40 acres and a mule. As everyone who lives in Alabama Black Belt knows, black people aspire to live out in country out in the middle of nowhere and go into farming.

The Washington Post is disappointed that we aren’t cultivating a German level of White guilt and Holocaust propaganda

The Washington Post:

“There is a simple reason: The United States does not yet have the stomach to look over its shoulder and stare directly at the evil on which this great country stands. That is why slavery is not well taught in our schools. That is why the battle flag of the army that tried to divide and conquer our country is still manufactured, sold and displayed with defiant pride. That is why any mention of slavery is rendered as the shameful act of a smattering of Southern plantation owners and not a sprawling economic and social framework with tentacles that stamped almost every aspect of American life. …

“Our inability to face this history is a stick in the wheel of forward progress, a malignancy that feeds the returning ghost of white supremacy, a deficit that paves the way for bias to return. We find ourselves pulled backward in time, reliving some of the same challenges that inspired the civil rights movement 60 years ago — restrictions on voting rights, police assaults on Black bodies, racial disparities in almost everything pandemic-related, from deaths and infection rates to access to vaccines. …

There is no equivalent concept for Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung in our culture. It doesn’t even translate well into English. One might be tempted to think of it as working to shed the past — as in dropping pounds or paying a debt. But it really means something more prospective, like trying to build an ever bigger, ever more complicated structure off a foundation with serious cracks. Those flaws must be addressed, assessed, fixed and made sturdy before the foundation can take more weight.To address something this monumental we often look to our biggest institutions to lead the way. But if we are to actually learn from the Germans, we have to widen our aperture. …

What is the word for Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung in English?We must find it.”

You are evil.

Your ancestors were awful people.

You should be deeply, deeply ashamed. You should also pay up.

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  1. Blacks are great farmers, engineers and rocket scientists. Everyone knows that, look at Zimbabwe after the Whites left.

  2. After 8 years of the anti-white racist bigot Kenyan POTUS ..the Native Born White American Working Class requires reparations from blacks,,,

  3. Cali is only 5% blakkk and was never a slave state. So I’m guessing this “task force” is just for show.

    • Why doesn’t Alaska have a reparations ceremony for Matthew Henson’s descendants in Point Barrow, Alaska? Or the US could bring them in a nuclear submarine named Sally Hemings to the North Pole, surface through the ice, and have a reparations ceremony there, followed by a hunt of nearby polar bears.

  4. The governor here in California is up for recall and he sets up a reparations task force, either complete stupidity or he doesn’t care. He’s most likely going to get recalled so this is probably just giving the middle finger to the so-called “republican conspiracy” that met a 2 million signature requirement to put him up for recall. The last governor was recalled for far, far less, just rolling blackouts. Newsom has a trifecta of blackouts, high crime, rioting, releasing prisoners en masse, and dining with his fellow stuffed shirts at the French Laundry bucking his own bullshit corona law. Can’t fix anything here in CA even though the Democrats dominate the government, so yeah reparations is being explored for some reason. Democrats are corrupt trash.

    • @Daniel…

      “The governor here in California is up for recall and he sets up a reparations task force, either complete stupidity or he doesn’t care.”

      It’s neither of those, Dear Daniel.

      No, Sir, your governor has simply been in conference with his campaign advisors, and they have shown him that, if he can shore up his support amongst Negroes, he’ll remain in office.

      • Dream on. This is a national thing. They aren’t done wrecking Texas yet, either.
        It’s all about moving money to the nonwhites. It is in every single state right now.

        • Happily I will ‘dream on’, Dear Pilot, for, while there certainly are those in every state who would wish something like Reparations, ’tis no more than a minority, and not growing, in Red States.

  5. Of course, I think it ridiculous to compensate the heirs of someone who was already compensated in the first place.

    That said, as a Confederate who believes in States’ Rights, and a Southerner who is concerned for The South, I feel it is not my business to cast judgement on California for pursuing this direction.

    It’s their business, not mine.

    • The leftists who I never voted for and ****ed up my great state are the biggest hypocrites and they flee like parasites to greener (cheaper) pastures, even the south. They’ll be your business soon enough.

      • A study of DIY moving truck one-way rentals already indicate that the present tense is more appropriate.

        • @Daniel and Flaxen…

          We, in North Carolina, have been flooded with Leftist aliens for decades.

          That’s the bad news.

          However, the goods news is that the vast majority of those fleeing places like California are not only NOT Left, they are the antithesis!

          This mass migration is strengthening The South, not weakening it.

  6. The U.S. government launched an illegal, immoral, and unprovoked war of aggression against Southerners. For decades thereafter the U.S. kept us in economic subjugation and poverty. Most of us didn’t own slaves. Maybe we should apply for reparations.

    • @Roland…

      Good points.

      As a son of many Confederate veterans, from North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia, I’ve yet to find a one who owned anybody.

      In fact, all of them were dirt poor subsistence farmers who never askt for a dime or any help tending to their lives.

  7. California was only a state for 10 years during slavery. Given the slow pace of communications and transport, not to mention the Union blockade, how could the have profited from slavery? If there was any flow of wealth, it was gold being sent back east. California boasts about it’s large immigrant population. How are these immigrants going to feel about handing their money over to negroes?

    • Newsome is playing with fire, the Mexicans and Chinese are not going to like forking over their money to blacks for no other reason than they are black. I know a Korean who told me about how “all these blacks are going around in California beating up Chinese and Korean people because of coronavirus” so it appears that the liberal campaign to portray the perps as “Trump supporters” isn’t working. They just voted down preferences for blacks in college, I don’t think the prospect of a free Dodge Charger in every ‘hood rat’s driveway is going to go down much better.

  8. To get a (very) “little” balance and counter Ol’ Joe’s Kill Whitey (especially the ones who aren’t Yankees) Campaign…

    Why not focus on those good ol’ Northern/Yankee race riots of yesteryear? History is a many-edged sword…

    Obama’s Chicago…

    The Chicago race riot of 1919 was a major racial conflict of violence committed by ethnic white Americans against black Americans that began in Chicago, Illinois, on July 27, 1919, and ended on August 3. During the riot, thirty-eight people died (23 black and 15 white) and over five hundred were injured. It is considered the worst of the approximately 25 riots during the Red Summer, so named because of the violence and fatalities across the nation. The combination of prolonged arson, looting, and murder made it the worst race riot in the history of Illinois.
    — Wikipedia: “Chicago race riot of 1919”


    In Chicago, the Irish dominated social and athletic clubs that were closely tied to the political structure of the city. Some had acted as enforcers for politicians. As the first major group of 19th-century European immigrants to settle in the city, the Irish had established formal and informal political strength. In Chicago, ethnic white gangs had been attacking people in African-American neighborhoods, and the police, overwhelmingly white and increasingly Irish-American, seemed little inclined to try to stop them. Meanwhile, newspapers carried sensational accounts of any African American allegedly involved in crime.

    An example of territory was the Bridgeport community area, an ethnic Irish neighborhood just west of the Black Belt. The Irish had long patrolled their neighborhood boundaries against all other ethnic groups, especially African Americans. One group known as the Hamburg Athletic Club, whose members included a 17-year-old Richard J. Daley, future mayor of Chicago, contributed to gang violence in the area.
    — Wikipedia: “Chicago race riot of 1919”


    Longstanding racial tensions between whites and blacks exploded in five days of violence that started on July 27, 1919. On that hot summer day, on a segregated Chicago beach, a white man was throwing rocks at black swimmers in the water at a beach on the South Side which resulted in Eugene Williams’ death. Tensions escalated when a white police officer not only failed to arrest the white man responsible for Williams’ death, but arrested a black man instead. Objections by black observers were met with violence by whites. Attacks between white and black mobs erupted swiftly. At one point, a white mob threatened Provident Hospital, many of whose patients were African American. The police successfully held them off.

    There was also attempts by the ethnic Irish gangs to incite Southern and Eastern European immigrant communities to commit acts of violence against blacks, as they had no history of hostility towards them. In one instance, members of the Ragen’s Colts donned in blackface and set fire to Lithuanian and Polish homes in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in a deliberate attempt to incite the immigrant community to join them in committing acts against African Americans.
    — Wikipedia: “Chicago race riot of 1919”

    “…members of the Ragen’s Colts donned in blackface and set fire to Lithuanian and Polish homes in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in a deliberate attempt to incite the immigrant community to join them…”

    That could make for a very funny scene in a movie…and maybe not…


    The Chicago riot lasted almost a week, ending only after the State of Illinois deployed nearly 6,000 Illinois Army National Guard troops. The troops were stationed around the Black Belt to prevent any further white attacks. By the evening of July 30, most violence had ended. The majority of the rioting, murder, and arson was the result of white ethnic groups attacking the African American population in the city’s Black Belt on the South Side. Most of the casualties and property damage were suffered by black Chicagoans. Newspaper accounts noted numerous attempts at arson; for instance, on July 31, more than 30 fires were started in the Black Belt before noon and all were believed to be arson. Rioters stretched cables across the streets to prevent fire trucks from entering the areas. The mayor’s office was informed of a plan to burn down the black area of Chicago and run its residents out of town. There were also sporadic violent attacks in other parts of the city, including the Chicago Loop. Because of the rioting, 38 people died (23 African American and 15 white), and another 537 were injured, two-thirds of them African American. Patrolman John W. Simpson was the only policeman killed in the riot. Approximately 1,000 residents, mostly African Americans, were left homeless because of the fires. Many African American families had left by train before the rioting ended, returning to their families in the South.
    — Wikipedia: “Chicago race riot of 1919”


    The Chief of Police, John J. Garrity, closed “all places where men congregate for other than religious purposes” to help restore order. Illinois Governor Frank Lowden authorized the deployment of the 11th Illinois Infantry Regiment and its machine gun company, as well as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reserve militia. These four units totaled 3,500 men. The Cook County Sheriff deputized between 1000 and 2000 ex-soldiers to help keep the peace. With the reserves and militia guarding the Black Belt, the city arranged for emergency provisions to provide its residents with fresh food. White groups delivered food and supplies to the line established by the military; the deliveries were then distributed within the Black Belt by African Americans. While industry was closed, the packing plants arranged to deliver pay to certain places in the city so that African-American men could pick up their wages.

    Once order was restored, Lowden was urged to create a state committee to study the cause of the riots. He proposed forming a committee to write a racial code of ethics and to draw up racial boundaries for activities within the city.
    — Wikipedia: “Chicago race riot of 1919”


    The Cook County Coroner’s Office took 70 day sessions, 20 night sessions and 450 witnesses examinations to collect evidence about the riots. Its report stated that on July 27, 1919, Eugene Williams, an African American youth, drifted towards an informally segregated beach on the South Side while holding onto a railroad tie. He was subsequently hit by a stone as a white man threw rocks at him and other African Americans to drive them away from their part of the 29th Street beach in the city’s Douglas community on the South Side. A witness recalled seeing a single white male standing on a breakwater 75 feet (22.9 m) from the raft of the African Americans and throwing rocks at them. Williams was struck in the forehead. He then panicked, lost his grip on the railroad tie, and drowned. The assailant ran toward 29th Street, where a different fight had already started when African Americans tried to use a section of the beach there, in defiance of its tacit segregation.

    The rioting escalated when a white police officer refused to arrest the man who threw the stone at Williams. He instead arrested an African American on a white man’s complaint of some minor offense. Anger over the arrest, coupled with Williams’ death and rumors among both communities, escalated into five days of rioting. Most casualties were African American and most of the property damage was inflicted in African American neighborhoods. Having learned from the recent East St. Louis Riot, Chicago quickly stopped the street cars to try to contain the violence. Inflammatory newspaper coverage had the opposite effect. Historians noted, “South Side youth gangs, including the Hamburg Athletic Club, were later found to have been among the primary instigators of the racial violence. For weeks, in the spring and summer of 1919, they had been anticipating, even eagerly awaiting, a race riot” and, “On several occasions, they themselves had endeavored to precipitate one, and now that racial violence threatened to become generalized and unrestrained throughout Chicago, they were set to exploit the chaos.”

    Early reports detailed injuries to Chicago police officers and a Chicago fireman. One African-American policeman was killed during the riot. The conduct of the white police force was criticized during and after the riots. State’s Attorney Maclay Hoyne accused the police of arresting African-American rioters, while refusing to arrest white rioters. Roaming gangs of Bridgeport whites, who were mostly ethnic Irish, perpetrated much of the violence. Although the local newspapers carried accounts of African Americans setting fires, “later the office of State Fire Marshal Gamber proved conclusively that the fires were not caused by blacks, but by whites.” The New York Times coverage during the riot, however, clearly conveyed that whites were responsible for planned large-scale arson against black areas and for numerous mob attacks. Because of early police failures to arrest whites, no white Chicagoans were convicted of any of the murders, and most of the deaths were not even prosecuted. One man was prosecuted for Williams’ death, but he was acquitted.
    — Wikipedia: “Chicago race riot of 1919”

    (These were taken from Wikipedia a while back so the “editors” may have “cleaned” this up some.)

    • “A witness recalled seeing a single white male standing on a breakwater 75 feet (22.9 m) from the raft of the African Americans and throwing rocks at them. Williams was struck in the forehead. He then panicked, lost his grip on the railroad tie, and drowned.”

      I’m calling total bullshit on that one. I have spent quite some time on Chicago beaches and I have yet to see a Nog in the water. Pretty sure treated railroad ties don’t float too. Everything is a lie.

    • @Banned For Life

      Why not focus on those good ol’ Northern/Yankee race riots of yesteryear?

      Because the self proclaimed rulers of America can never be shown in a bad light. Or shown to be weak, or plagued with serious problems. Else their subordinate subjects in the South, and in the Interior West, might get ideas about taking their country back and restoring the Constitution and a republican form of government.

      Things which stand in the way of progress, and are Southern skulduggery, anyway. And which most Yankees are ill at ease with, or misunderstand, at best. Or outright despise, at worst.

      • Well said. Only Yankees, scalawags and non-whites can be the heroes in THIS Empire. In their eyes we are just despised subjects in the conquered territories whose history and heritage needs to be destroyed and condemned forever and our mouths need to be shut and forced to submit to their evil narratives.

        May God Save the South!

  9. lol California has one of the smallest black populations (5.8%) California also has one of the largest black upper middle class/rich populations(although with California cost of living bottom of the black population suffers extreme poverty). So of that 5.8% maybe 3% are in poverty.
    While reparations would go to all black people. The majority of it would be “focused” on the poor.

    By *focused they mean running the money trough a bunch of consultants and/or NGO’s before providing services. But the majority of reparations wouldn’t be in form of direct cash payments (much to the chagrin of many blacks, but NGO’s and government/bank connected non-profits are going to help lend their expertise to make sure black americans are being helped the most)

    You solved your states poverty/racism by only having to give a lil bit to 6% of your state and a lil more to half of that 6%.

    *In middle america states it could easily bankrupt some states but in California it’s nothing. And they can then use that as a weapon to pressure middle american states who are much poorer by sheer GDP and have much higher black populations.

    Diabolical smart from the systems perspective. Most people outside of California are unaware most blacks were priced/driven out (by Latinos) and while California is EXTREMELY diverse there’s far less black people than you’d think.

    For context all of the black neighborhoods the early gangster rappers rapped about south central LA, Compton, watts, long beach, Oakland etc were all either majority black or blacks were the largest minority in the city. Now all of those cities are either super majority Latino or Latinos are the largest ethnic group of the city and blacks are either non-existent or very small minorities*

    *Oakland still has around 15-20%(they’re counting some none american blacks I’m not counting) black population and that’s considered a “black city” by California standards. When historical Oakland was always around 30-50% black

    California displaced/replaced basically all of their black and white working-lower middle class.

  10. When are reparations going to be talked about on the Jew side of the ledger? The Jews have never even apologized for the cold blooded murder of the innocent son of God. When are we going to have this discussion? When?

  11. I say let the niggaz have two or three truckloads of weed and crack and let them organize a two week long “Blackstock” Rap Festival in Malibu Beach. Also, force Malibu’s current residents to remain in Malibu for the duration.

  12. “Asheville and Burlington are more similar to Evanston

    Yeah. They’re all full of Yankees.

  13. We’ve been paying out trillions for decades to support, house, feed, and give them everything they want. Most Americans’ ancestors came over here after the 1800s.
    So this is just more “anti-whiteness”, punishing us for being white, when none of us have owned slaves or had anything to do with it.

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