New Rising: Why The Left Loves The Culture War

Obviously, I’m a lot closer to Emily Jashinsky on this issue than Krystal Ball or Saagar Enjeti or Secular Talk. She is right that progressives are far more animated by polarizing culture war issues than economics – witness the discovery of systematic racism, political correctness or wokeness, branding their opposition “domestic extremism,” “trans,” censorship, reparations, open borders, “reimagining policing,” toppling monuments and now vegan totalitarianism. Who made that their political agenda?

The definition of “rightwing domestic extremism” is continuing to stubbornly believe in things which everyone believed in until yesterday. It is being old fashioned. If you believe in free speech or the right to bear arms or states’ rights or the biblical concept of two genders or race realism or base your sense of identity on religious faith or kinship instead of a modernist aesthetic, you are an “extremist.” There is a smart set of people who determine what “extremism” means and new -isms and -phobias that make you a terrible person are being created in obscure corners of academia as fast as brand new genders.

Portland celebrated Juneteenth last year by lynching and desecrating a statue of George Washington. There were so many cancellations going on at this time a year ago that it was dizzying to watch. There really are people out there who are on the “Left” who have a problem with Aunt Jemima or Mr. Potato Head’s genitals or who spiral into a rage at the sight of inanimate statues.

Note: There are a lot of people who identify as “Left” who do not share this particular vision and brand of cultural extremism, but who would prefer to focus on economic issues. Those people are being overshadowed by the Sadie Farrells of the world who lead the news cycle.

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  1. Why is it we never hear about left wing extremism? It is more radical and violent than so called right wing extremism, i.e, blm and antifa, etc.

    • The fact you didn’t mention James Hodgkinson the Bernie supporter who shot up the GOP congressional baseball game shows how good they are at memory holing it.


      They probably covered it the day it happened but barely any follow up.

      The ONLY time a fox news host will bring it up is if their being pressed by one of their token democrats and they defensively deflect with mentioning it.

      NO Tucker Carlson segments, no presidential speech from Trump. No organized effort calling this an attack on democracy.

      Fox/GOP could’ve milked it even for viewers/donations/votes. but the played their role.

      When that happened and trump didn’t capitalize on it I was already off the trump train from his cabinet picks but that was major confirmation he was all talk, no action.

  2. Civil rights was always an underhanded and devious way of attacking the white middle classes, who came out of world war 2 with more money and political power than they had ever had in the history of the country. They were the ones who lost their property values in integration, not the wealthy upper classes, they were the ones that got to send their kids to school with the black under class, not the Harvard Yard crowd. They were the ones hurt by affirmative action, not John Kerry or Bush the Lesser. This was done by the donor class on purpose. And it fits their mindset, the usual pompous hypocracy. .

  3. These people are high on their own self-righteousness.

    It’s actually quite convenient for the powerful, as the leftists do not confront the powerful, they instead attack the weak. That is why their movement is subsidized by the largest corporations.

  4. Note that she agreed with that suited turd that, hey – SOME of the radical changes rammed down the throats of the majority by the jews & their commie race traitors were hunky-dory: snivel rites, bitch lib, etc.

    Give it 10 years: her type will be lauding the “moral vision” & “courageous stand” of the today’s advocates of child genital mutilation.

  5. Hunter Wallace, it’s not if you believe in things until yesterday or base an identity on religion (or tribe) it’s if you’re WHITE.

    If you’re White you’re a domestic terrorist, and if not you can do no wrong (might get bombed).

    If you’re a white liberal, we’ll think about it after you get due process.

    America is a feudal clerical aristocracy??


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