Vox: Where’s The Impossible Burger of Cheese?

It is the year 2030.

After President Kamala Harris’s ATF knocks down your door and confiscates your illegal ground beef, steaks, bacon and sausage, they have returned to your house. They have forgotten something. They might have missed a gallon of milk and a lowly slice or two of American cheese.


“These shifts from traditional to plant-based dairy are important in the fight against climate change, as traditional dairy is an especially resource-intensive sector. According to a 2018 University of Oxford study, any way you slice it, cow’s milk uses much more land and water and emits far more greenhouse gases than any plant-based milk. For example, almond milk gets a bad rap for being water-intensive, but cow’s milk requires about 70 percent more water to produce, emits more than twice as much Co2, and requires more than 15 times as much land. Compared to almond milk, oat milk uses much less water but a little more land.

On top of the environmental impact of traditional dairy, most dairy cows, at least in the US, are raised in factory farms.

Yet despite the popularity of plant-based milks, they haven’t quite made a dent in taking the cow out of dairy, their raison d’être. …”

Your guns have been taken away.

Your gas guzzling truck has already been taken away.

Your house has been condemned for being energy inefficient and you will have to move out soon.

Your access to social media has already long been taken away on the grounds of spreading “hate speech,” “conspiracy theories” and “misinformation.”

Your children have been taken away and put on hormones to change their gender.

You are now being taxed to death for being White on the grounds of systematic racism and “white supremacy” in order to achieve “equity” by paying reparations to blacks.

I’m just spit balling what these people are capable of and where they would take the country in the event that they had the power to achieve their goals. It is important to imagine things which sound ludicrous today coming true because previous generations could have never imagined “trans.”

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  1. Even most vegetarians in the past only avoided meat, but consumed milk, eggs and fish. These “Climatarians” want to cancel food altogether, and want us to live on bugs and grass.

  2. All the crazy shit the Far Left wants to implement would require the full cooperation of the public, which as bad as things are probably won’t ever happen.

  3. They want to protect the earth but they hate God, whom is the one who created the earth. Makes sense?

  4. Soyakaas had a really good soy cheese but I haven’t seen it in ages. Eating something that came out of cow tits is kinda gross. That said current fake meat is pretty harsh from all the processing. You are probably better off with real meat.

  5. They will never be able to ban meat but they will make it very expensive to buy that many won’t be able to afford it.

  6. What’s next to be carted off to the altar/guillotine, under the guise of a total Western Civilization Betterment Review : cotton undies?

  7. I hear Jew burgers are tasty, if full of schmaltz (fat). They want to avoid ‘climate change’? Then let’s start becoming cannibals, and ‘decrease the surplus population’ that way- Hey. Jews already have a blood libel going for them, because of the killing of Christian children, over the centuries. Gives new meaning to the expression, ‘A thigh for a thigh’- don’t it? [Tongue firmly in cheek]

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