The Atlantic: ‘Nobody Wants White Kids to Feel Bad About Their Race’

If you are a White parent, do you think your child should be indoctrinated in racial guilt from the earliest possible age in the public education system over things which happened hundreds of years ago and issues which have long since been resolved? This is what some progressive activists believe. As a result, this is being taught around the country in some school districts to White kids as early as kindergarten.

The Atlantic:

“Anastasia Higginbotham is the author of Ordinary Terrible Things, a widely praised children’s-book series that aims to address difficult subjects head on. In a recent article, I questioned whether her book Not My Idea—which is now being used in public-school curricula for young children—was appropriate for kindergartners. (Readers curious about the book’s content can consult the actor John Jimerson’s reading on YouTube.)

Not My Idea begins with a white child seeing footage of a police officer murdering a Black man on television and the child’s mother trying to shield her from the images. At times, I thought that it crossed the line from education into indoctrination. Higginbotham, to put it mildly, disagreed with my criticism. “I am not saying this is indicative of your character or beliefs in any way—you clearly believe and affirm that Black lives matter,” she declared to me in an email. “I am asserting that indoctrination into whiteness and anti-Blackness is evident in your framing.”

She argues that, at the earliest possible age, white kids should be taught to identify whiteness as the root of racial injustice so that they can reject the pervasive racism that they would otherwise embody. …”

As we move further and further away in time from slavery and Jim Crow in the 21st century, woke progressives believe that it is more urgent than ever to dwell on this things. White Millennials and their children (my son was born in 2014) who never owned slaves, who never lived under Jim Crow, who never lynched anyone and who have never known anything but our present anti-White racial caste system which has been constructed since the 1960s are complicit and responsible. We are still oppressing blacks through our systematic racism. Every institution in American society practices “white supremacy.”

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    • (((Higginbotham))) that’s an Anglo name but she’s got a touch of the semite in her face. Something ain’t right. Jewdar is pinging. White people can’t keep up that level of hostility so consistently like Anastasia does. If she is an Anglo we have reach AWFL as crazy nigger LARP levels that should not be possible.

  1. Why is it that us whites cannot be collectively praised for all the contributions our race has made to the world, yet we can be collectively vilified for some supposedly bad things some of our ancestors did hundreds of years ago???

    • “Why is it that us whites cannot be collectively praised ”

      Don’t you know what a jewish deal is ?

      It’s always a swindle.

    • The other races/groups are jealous of us. No one else has discovered or invented what we have. No other race has the diversity we have, with skin, hair, and eye colors.
      The other races have no James Clerk Maxwell, Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Stephen Hawking, Edwin Hubble, Copernicus, Pasteur, Faraday, daVinci, Watson, Crick, Euler, Dirac, Plank, Decartes, Rutherford, Roentgen, Mendel, Kepler, Bell, Huygens, Watt, and countless others.

  2. We are going to need someone as ruthless as Reinhard Heydrich or Dr. Hans Kammler to get society back under control. AND THAT’S FINE WITH ME.

  3. The pandemic is a perfect time for families – and communities – to retool.

    There is zero reason why a child under the age of ten needs to attend an industrial era factory school. The closure of the schools, and the “Zoom classes” have showed a lot of people how worthless the average public school teacher is and how little actual education is being delivered.

    100 years ago, books were expensive, film even more so. That is no longer the case. All educational materials are free.

    So moms teaching their own children, and other children in their family and their communities, is easier than ever.

    They should not reopen the public schools. They should simply retire the teachers and maybe turn the buildings into mental hospitals for all the unfortunate mentally ill homeless people.

    • BH, You are “my brother from another mother.”

      There is one, most efficient way to quickly end CRT ASAP and that is for every White parent to simply withdraw their children from the public school system.

      Aside from Ye Olde Leftist Belief that Little Black Boys can’t learn unless they are sitting next to Little White Girls, these school systems get their money by the number of students who attend their systems. That’s why we have truancy officers and parents whose children’s attendance lags at the school districts they are registered in are hauled into court.

      Your child’s school loses money for ever day s/he does not attend.

      So what would happen if all White parents and those Non-White parents object to CRT simply withdraw their kids from the public school system? Schools are closed and teachers and principles and administrators lose their jobs.

      The only way to end this nonsense it to make salutatory examples of any schools who are caught teaching this.

      Home schooling is a lot like home cooking. YOU decide what ingredients and the quality of ingredients go into the meal. Like restaurants who have to cut corners for profit, schools tend to be more careless about what they teach your children even in the most conservative of school district, especially if they are trying to satisfy FEDGOV funding diktats about “inclusion” to the point where AP and STEM classes are obliterated because … MUH DIEVERSITY.

      In fact, by homeschooling your children with materials that you closely supervise, you could give your children the gift of being The Sighted in the Land of the Blind, because we are clearly on a high velocity destination for being a darker, more dystopian version of that satirical movie, Idiocracy.

      The fish rots from the head down. For decades now, our so-called elites have proven that they have shit for brains proving the fish analogy. The best thing that red-pilled Whites can do is train the children they have to become the new leaders so we can build something better and more enduring after the wheels fall off this clunker.

    • “They should simply retire the teachers and maybe turn the buildings into mental hospitals for all the unfortunate mentally ill homeless people.”

      Included among those homeless in-patients would be more than a few former public school teachers and administrators, no?

  4. Anti-white progressives are an unusal sort of animal in that they don’t reproduce using sexual means. Instead they imposing their ideology on other people’s children.

    • Amen. She has the look of something far more trouble to get into bed than it could ever be worth.

      • I had speculated that she was Jewish. Appears to have grown up going to mass. Her brother Abraham is listed in the Jewish yearbook though writing for Modern Family and a writing credit for Will & Grace on the Gay Penguin Jewish Funeral and the Gay Wedding Episode. something’s not quite right here methinks. The father divorced the mum who appears to be a biographical mystery.

  5. Nothing the system hates more than “Whiteness.” To them Whiteness is the source of all evil. To us Whiteness is the overt manifestation of racial preservation and sovereignty and is thus life affirming. Nancy Pelosi said the capital “insurrectionists” chose their Whiteness over Democracy. If I have to chose between Whiteness or American style democracy Whiteness wins hands down because your so called Liberal Democracy is neither truly liberal or truly democratic. Instead it is merely the facade behind which a hostile moneyed elite rules for the good of Globalism. American democracy is like a reverse Oz where the wizard mouths all kind of platitudes but pull the curtain back and you see a malevolent hostile elite Hell bent on your destruction as a people! The fact of the matte is White middle and working class people-especially in red state America-are not in charge of jack sh*t in this country! Our jobs is to shut the F up, pay the taxes, and send our sons, and now our daughters, to fight and die in one of their winless wars in order to make the world safe for Globalism and the New World Order.

    • Hatred of whiteness is born of the envy that the ugly, the diseased, the undisciplined, the unaccomplished and the inferior has for the strong, the healthy, the talented, the intelligent, the disciplined and the accomplished.

      I never gave much thought toward being white until recently, when just being white has come under attack. EVERY other race lives in our shadow. We created the modern world, and to live in contemporary society is to live with our material, intellectual and cultural creations on the stage we created and in the play we wrote.

  6. The blacks hate Whitey because they are envious of our contributions to society, our inventions, our medical advances and overall our intelligence. They are jealous of our diverse looks and self hating Whites hate themselves because of years of being told we are evil and oppressors of nonWhites.

    • How did she come by the name Higginbotham? Is she a Huwhite or a white?

  7. I just loath these smarty pants progs who sit in their 20 foot ceiling converted historical mill loft apartments (with no Section 8 niggers for miles) and make their “art” and condescendingly tell others how we should live and raise our children.

    • Well said. The insufferable, holier-than-White-trash-thou scum deserve annihilation for their effrontery.

    • I’ll take the mill loft with high ceilings and keep the niggers at a distance too. So should you. You just don’t like the hypocrisy part that’s all.

  8. “‘Nobody Wants White Kids to Feel Bad About Their Race’”

    If that ain’t the most ridiculous double-talk I’ve ever heard, I dang sure don’t know what is…

    • Alright already– Give it a rest, enough of that feigned and condescending Ellie May Clampett talk.

  9. What would Higgenbotham’s reaction be if anyone had the temerity to suggest that Marxism, which led to history’s greatest genocides was rooted in Judaism, with its belief in divinely appointed racial superiority, and in order to prevent further evils to springing forth from Judaism it was necessary to teach Jews to reject their Jewishness?

  10. One great argument I found works well on liberals is ask them what they think the point of constantly bringing up white people’s worse crimes against humanity is? What benefit does constantly throwing dead bodies in front of children’s face’s achieve? And why are their they so committed to shoving images of dead bodies in front of children’s faces?

  11. Higginbotham what kind of ethnicity is she?! I’m too tired to Wikipedia her early life section
    Sounds anglo Saxon but she doesn’t look Anglo so I’m guessing a heeb mixture probably isn’t even her real last name Is that a Che Guevara poster behind her? wouldn’t surprise me a favorite hero of democratic socialists.

    A childless crazy cat lady with grey hair who lives no where near feral violent blacks tells young white kids they should feel guilty about themselves because of the neo liberal establishment zog police officers who use Israeli style methods on blacks This is just insane don’t send your kids to school its too pozzed homeschool and make them learn a trade instead

  12. Martin Luther had this figured out 500 years ago. I would really like to know exactly how Jews managed to subvert all factions of Protestantism because that was a major accomplishment towards our genocide.

    • @KT-88…

      “I would really like to know exactly how Jews managed to subvert all factions of Protestantism?”

      Constant pressure from many different angles, with near total control of the narrative for a century.

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