Donald Trump Speaks At North Carolina Republican Party State Convention

Miss me yet?

In some ways, Trump’s legacy looks better in retrospect. Trump was certainly better than Joe Biden on gas prices, inflation and immigration. He also didn’t push systematic racism and “equity.”

I’ve never seen hotel prices so high in the Florida Panhandle. The price of a gallon of gas is also $2.80 on the Alabama line and $3.20 a gallon at the beach. This is undoubtedly due in part to the crush of people who are trying to get to Florida because the pandemic is considered over there. It is also true though that gas prices and prices in general have gone up here at home since the beginning of the year.

It is true that violent crime has gone up. It is also true that this is happening mainly in Democratic-controlled big cities and that it is due to their War on the Police. It is true that Donald Trump rhetorically always supported the police, however, his major contribution in this area was working with the Democrats to pass criminal justice reform. He didn’t put a stop to the lawlessness when he had the chance to do so as part of his misbegotten strategy to win the black vote which included the Platinum Plan.

The biggest change of all though to Trump’s legacy is his handling of the pandemic. It was the Trump administration which led the effort to create the vaccine which was ready to go when Joe Biden was sworn into office. Trump was right to be deeply skeptical of Anthony Fauci and the wisdom and efficacy of the lockdowns. We never had a draconian lockdown in Alabama. If it turns to be true that Trump was right about the “China virus” and the public health establishment and the corporate media colluded to mislead the public about one of the most devastating events in American history (the final death toll might rival the Spanish Flu and the Civil War), he might even walk back into the White House in 2024.

There are plenty of things which I don’t miss about the Trump years – the Trump tax cuts, the push for Ryancare, MIGA, doing nothing about censorship, the Trump DOJ throughout his entire presidency, endorsements which made no sense, and so on – but Joe Biden has still been worse. Biden could have gone back to the relative stability of Obama’s first term when the big issue was health care. Instead, he has allowed progressive activists to set the agenda, which has accelerated the worst trends of Obama’s second term on race relations, immigration, cultural degeneration, censorship and climate change.

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  1. Things seem better under Biden. The riots have subsided. Trump flew the fag flag at embassies around the world, Biden has prohibited the fag flag at military bases.

    Trump’s two big agendas were MIGA, and turning America into Sodom and Gomorrah.

    I enjoyed Joe bitching about all the inter-racial ads on tv. No one denies he used to call niggers niggers. That was a long time ago.

    Joe sent me $1400 last week.

    Trump is a psychopath. Never again.

    • I agree with Thim. Trump gave the rhetoric that the media could call him a white supremacist and the MAGAs thought he was doing a great job. We have seen the same shit in reality but Joe is pushing the anti white garbage which fires normies up. His presidency has been great so far better than I could have expected. He has done a few things which are good and on the flip side he is doing Trumps toothless speech but like Trump doing nothing about it. Inviting George Floyds family to the White House. Calling out a phantom “white supremacy” threat. Oklahoma.

      This is fantastic. Keep going Joe. Winning. Real winning

    • @Thim…

      “Things seem better under Biden. The riots have subsided. ”

      Fair enough, Sir, but, be that as it may be, one of the reason why they orchestrated the riots last year was to train you to have exactly the impression you are having, so that you associate Trump with negative things, Democrats with good.

      • Hollywood had to be in on it, they had a movie glorifying the ’68 political riots staring Borat as Abbie Hoffman filmed in late 2019 all ready to go in 2020. They tried to start the riots a month early with the construction site thief they flat out lied and claimed was merely “out for a jog” but it wasn’t until the bum Floyd ODs while resisting arrest that all the neer’do-wells’ were agitated to the point to do the media’s work.

    • It’s almost shocking to read any comments on a relatively pro White site saying Biden is doing a good job. I mean is this a gag line, a joke? He is horrendous and 1000% the most anti White president ever. For that alone he should be trashed on a site like this by all.

      First, the guy is basically hidden. They know he is ill equipped to be president. He clearly has some sort of mild dementia and a limp. I can imagine what his Oval Office meetings are like surrounded by Blm and Antifa supporters.

      Gas prices have risen a lot compared to Trump. Crime is spiking thanks to Democrats like himself trashing police all the time…and White people. He constantly stokes racism with his anti White speeches, his butt kissing blacks on voting, now the Tulsa speeches from 100 years ago while saying zero of black crime in this era.

      He literally promoted the invasion South of the border and refuses to finish or even improve the border fence because 90% of his party literally wants White people replaced. The monster goes along with it because he is enjoying his temporary power trip

      Inflation is now an issue. He clearly wants to kiss the butt of China. We all know the virus came from the lab.

      He is a pitifully useless president. If he keeps up this amateur act as president I expect him to be a 1 termer. Republicans are clearly going to take the House back in next year’s election. Old Joe is terrified of all these voter integrity bills and laws since he is probably an illegitimate president.

      An anti White president with early dementia who promotes an invasion South of the border and throws police under the bus whenever he can? Get this clown out of office as soon as possible! When will all White people learn there are no good Democrats in this era? If getting 1400 bucks is worth it to have your nation tuned into Guatemala North, please get serious help!

      • He might not even last one term. His glaring health issues will make re-election an impossibility. He’s going to do as much damage as possible before he goes down, though.

    • @Thim – Oh yes, indeed; it is sooo much better having BLM flags flying at U.S. Embassies and “critical race theory” being mandated as official U.S. Govt. policy. Also, the rising gas and food prices and bug–burgers for all as a Green New Deal is ushered in…. Really?? Sorry Daddy Donald let you little boys down so badly.

      If you like Joe Biden’s America so much, you’re going to LOVE The Great Reset.

      • Yes I know several people who got it, and I also got it and got over it very quickly. It was no more than a cold. To refer to a bad cold as a “pandemic” is the height of cynicism. Do you trust the death numbers they put out?

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I had an uncle and aunt with the coronavirus. They were quite sick for several weeks. They were healthy. I had a relative in Texas who was strong and he died of the virus earlier this year. He worked for the District Attorney’s office after being a policeman. His name was Ricardo Sepolio.

        So yes people are being hurt and dying because of this virus.

        • Me too.

          My sister-in-law and brother-in-law had the virus. They both got sick. They both got over it. I have multiple friends who have had COVID. Most people know someone who has had the virus.

          • I have an aunt who got the shots, then had a stroke a few days later. Does that prove it was caused by the shots? No, and I guess nothing can. But it is suspicious, since the Salk researchers have shown that the spoke proteins in the vaxxes cause vascular disease.

      • Where’s your immunity then? If you got the vaccine, you’d be immune, and catching the virus does the same thing.

        • Dear Pilot – as you probably know, we’ll never have the vaccine because we understand how bad the science of it is.

          As to getting the virus twice, I am sure you know that the reason why they have never found a vaccine for the common cold is because it makes variations too frequently to catch up with.

          So, in my case, I got one version of The China Pox in February of 2020 and then another variant in November of that year.

          • I agree about the vaccine. People talk about how you can still get Covid, after getting it, then they go and get it.
            Let’s wait to see how people fare after getting it.
            I know several people who got the vaccine, and came down with heart problems, pneumonia, and other acute issues.

          • @Pilot…

            Thank you for your thoughtful words.

            In theory I am okay with vaccines, because they are founded on proven logick.

            That said, I have not taken them for many years because they use Mercury as a stabilizing preservative which wreaks havock with my immune system, and others, as well.

            As to this vaccine, it is a revolutionary technology, and, you would think, that they would be extra laborious about their trials with it before taking it to the publick, but, no, they were not.

            That’s on President Trump, because he, wishing to avert the damage the bio-weapon was doing to his reelection chances, waived the normal 10 year requirement for field studies.

            Many people have suffered and died for that, and many more will, but, in fairness, President Trump did not release this on the publick – others did, and those others do not care if a hundred million die, or a billion live in agony, so long as they think it will afford them the chance to make this world even more what they would like.

            More I would say, particularly about them, though, decorum prohibits doing so.

            The last thing I will say is my shock that still, after so much abuse from The United states’ government, and the Globalist/Corporate Complex it champions above all, that so many people still trust them enough to stick something of their in ther bodies.

            I am particularly shockt about Rural Southern Blacks, they who trust the government not one bit, yet, in this case, they have been completely gullible and dupet.

            All the best!

  2. The way President Biden is governing, along with the general flow of Blue State governors and municipalities, augers that only another extremely well-honed vote cheating conspiracy, on a state by swing state and city by city level, will keep President Trump from waltzing back into The Oval Office.

      • Don’t want DeSantis either. But it doesn’t matter, because voting doesn’t matter anymore.

        • @Pilot …

          I agree with you that voting has a diminsht role from what, ideally, it ought have.

          That said, voting does have an effect, for the time of Trump was a pivotal time in this country, and, yes, though he was a disappointment, The Body Politick will never return to The La-La Land it occupied before him.

          From protecting and expanding gun rights, to strengthening policing and protecting policemen, to securing Florida State elections, to reversing the stupidly lax environmental laws that led to the red algae crisis on Florida’s coastline, or prohibiting Critical Race Theory, Governor DeSantis has made a large difference in Florida, and he can do it for the country.

      • @James…

        I like DeSantis very much, though, I have a sneaking suspicion that President Trump is going to be the Republican candidate in 2024 and the president, again, in 2025.

        • If he runs again, it would be a joke if he started promising a wall again. Especially since “immigration” increased under his presidency.

  3. You were one of the only people on the dissident right who saw through that scam that was Zion Don and the Jewish MAGA movement. Don’t go soft on this bloviating Zionist turd now!

    • We’re not rehabilitating Trump.

      We’re judging Joe Biden in comparison to Trump’s record. Biden is objectively worse in a lot of ways. We spent four years pointing out everything that Trump was doing wrong. He isn’t the president anymore. We’re doing the same now with Joe Biden.

      • One important difference. Joe Biden doesn’t pretend to be on our side and is honest about what he stands for.

        Trump is still lurking in the background pretending to be implicitly pro-white and against cultural Marxism. As long as the Republican party keeps pretending to be against the anti-White progressive agenda we should criticize them first and foremost in my opinion. We need to reach a point where the majority of Whites understand the two parties are essentially identical.

        • I disagree.

          Trump isn’t the president anymore. Joe Biden is the president now. The Democrats are also in power now in Washington. Thus, it makes no sense to continue to focus on criticizing Trump and the Republicans to the same degree that we have in the past. We shouldn’t make the mistake of defending Joe Biden and the Democrats because Trump and the Republicans are terrible.

          Sure, there is plenty to work with there due to their lack of a positive agenda and we mined that rich vein for four years and continue to do so whenever the opportunity arises. The fact is, the Republicans do have some redeeming value. By simply breathing oxygen and occupying Senate seats, they are blocking Joe Biden’s agenda on amnesty and other vital issues, which isn’t nothing.

          Instead of taking sides, we should be criticizing both sides, especially the Democrats who are currently in power. We should also be articulating our agenda and our interests. We can do that without telling people that they need to go out and vote. Leave that up to them. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to defend Joe Biden and the Democrats who have stated that their position is that we need a new domestic terrorism law to arrest and gulag all the white supremacists.

          • “Trump isn’t the president anymore. Joe Biden is the president now. The Democrats are also in power now in Washington. Thus, it makes no sense to continue to focus on criticizing Trump and the Republicans to the same degree that we have in the past.”

            That doesn’t follow logically. Trump is the main obstacle to having a larger, more influential pro-white movement. We should being doing more to take that boomer fraud down now, not less.

          • Trump is gone.

            He just took down his blog which no one reads. The news that he made last night was that Lara Trump isn’t running for Senate in North Carolina. Public interest in Trump is also declining. We have already taken him down in the 2020 election. It is time to move on.

        • Republicans don’t even go that far. They are against “critical race theory” now, not because it’s anti-White, but because they believe the racial division it causes interferes with integration and miscegenation (and because Jews sometimes get caught up in the cross-fire, so they claim it’s anti-Semitic). They openly state that they oppose CRT because they believe it’s not as efficient at destroying the White race as the old MLK religion was (and they’re right).

        • Individualistic, materialistic Whites won’t understand it until they are living in South Africa style conditions.

          • @Mr. Griffin…

            “Public interest in Trump is also declining.”

            Sir, if that is so in Alabama, I’ll take your word for it.

            In North Carolina it is far from the case, almost all Republicans thinking that the only way the nation can be ‘saved’ is to get Trump back in The White House.

          • @Diversity is Genocide Agree. Too many Whites have enough money and think everything is just fine. Golf, beer, vacations, and gambling.

            Almost all families have one in the woodpile now. Some nonwhite or mixed relative in the family. They aren’t stoic enough to stand up to it, and they just go and embrace their new “grandchild”.

            Until one of the basic needs is challenged, they won’t care. Water, food, shelter, safety. Then it will be too late.

      • Trump was objectively worse because of the effect he had on Whites. Everyone knows that the Biden admin is anti-White, so it creates a siege mentality. That’s the desirable state that we want Whites to be in. Whites need to understand that this is not our country, and that we live under enemy occupation. With Trump, we still lived under enemy occupation, but most Whites became blind to it because they believed Trump was “winning.”

        The government policies will be garbage and anti-White regardless until something major happens that deals a significant blow to the American empire (e.g. the USD losing reserve currency status or Europe pivoting to the East). The most important thing in the meantime is the consciousness of the White population, whether they are acquiescent or not. We want White Americans to become like Serbs living under Ottoman rule, or Poles in the USSR. The last thing we should want is Whites to have a sense of patriotism towards the Washington regime or the mistaken belief that this is still a White country and that we are “winning.” That’s all that Trump provided, a soothing opiate to numb the pain while Whites had their throats slit.

        • You get it. The biggest gain in support for white nationalism ever happened under Obama. Under Trump, our movement stagnated.

          • Agree with both of you.

            The whole MAGA mentality is happy with Trump calling Democrats names or “getting them” verbally. They think that’s being tough.

            They don’t care if a wall is built, or riots are stopped, as long as Trump talked tough.

            They just ignore all of his focus toward blacks, and how he ignored whites once he got in order. He not only “betrayed his voter base”, he ignored them.

            When Charlottesville happened, he wouldn’t take a stand. Same with the DC rally. He just let those people get arrested.

  4. When all is said and done Trump is just another “conservative” grifter. He will never advocate for Whites as Whites. Apparently his most enthusiastic fans don’t care, even after he left the Jan 6 “insurrectionists” out to dry.

    • Have a look at Trump’s website, it’s one big donation collecting operation. The man with the golden toilet desperately needs your $25 to ‘save’ America!

      • He took his blog down. It was so pathetic after all the bluster about building a “free speech platform” then not even allowing comments. Like everything else he has no follow through just all talk. I cant believe there are still people i know giving this piece of useless trash monthly donations. They will never learn

    • @More…

      “Trump is just another “conservative” grifter … Apparently his most enthusiastic fans don’t care.”

      No, Sir, it’s just that they measure differently than you.

      You measure from an ideal position in your head about what sort of president Trump ought to have been, whilst they measure him against his opponent, and, as well, recent presidents, AND, if you do that, you, and our Dear Ricky, will feel more favourably about him.

      • As long as everyone keeps measuring Anti-White A against Anti-White B and deciding which of the two is the “better” we’ll never get out of this rut and we’ll keep sinking in deeper. Whites need to understand this. Both parties are Anti-White. If our race doesn’t survive none of the other issues will matter,

        • @More…

          I totally agree- both parties are anti-White.

          The rub is that, in order to think such a thing, you first have to remember that you are White, and, still, for many people, that time has not yet come – not quite.

          But, you can feel it in the offing.

  5. When Trump ran in 2016, he looked like a tough guy, then he transformed into Blumpf. As for Biden, I don’t believe he is running anything at all. He is the corpse character from Weekend at Bernies.

    • I agree. The borders are open. Right now, they have camps and facilities for thousands of “children” at the border.
      For some reason, it’s OUR problem, not Mexico’s. Oh yes, if they are here, they can send for their family and extended families, to come here. They can all live happily ever after on our welfare system.

      Trump not only didn’t do anything about “immigration”, he increased it. The statistics prove it.

      He had a chance to close the door and deport them. But no…they never think “immigration” is a problem.

  6. Low energy speech by a compromised conman. He also went on about he is responsible for the poison shots your family is taking. Instead of distancing himself from the covid hoax, he is taking credit for it. Trump keeps stabbing his base in the back and his base keeps supporting him.

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