Nigeria Bans Twitter In Response To Censorship

I missed out on everyone ridiculing Twitter this weekend.

Daily Mail:

Twitter declared access to its platform a ‘human right’ on Saturday, prompting conservatives to accuse the firm of hypocrisy after it banned former President Donald Trump and others for violating its terms of service.

The social media giant’s statement came as a response to Nigeria‘s decision to ban Twitter over the deletion of a tweet from Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari that was seen as threatening separatist movements.

‘We are deeply concerned by the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria. Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society,’ the company said in a statement. …”

Where do these people get off criticizing the president of Nigeria?

Liberals are people who believe in principles like free speech, skepticism, civil liberties and tolerance. These people have rejected those values in favor of wokeness, surveillance, technocracy and censorship. They believe in forcing their values on other people and silencing their political opposition.

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  1. “…Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society,’”

    You can’t make up this kind of tone-deafness. These people are stuck on full power ahead in 1st gear at 70mph, with the cliff in full view.

  2. Liberals only believe in the concept of free speech for themselves, but not their adversaries. Skepticism and silencing of anything not politically correct; equality that doesn’t exist anywhere in nature and tolerance for everything — mostly that which destroys civilized society. Liberals are mentally ill.

  3. I don’t usually give African nations credit too much but this is great. Unlike majority White, cucked to the core, nations, the middle aged pot head with the goofy beard and nose ring ( really, Jack?), who heads Twitter, has been shut up and shutdown in Nigeria.

    Compare this action to goofy Trump. Basically, Trump was breaking bread with his enemies who were nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing. He even complimented Zuck the crock who not only limited and then shut Trump down, he also was a huge backer of Democrats financially. Trump was blitzed by two nerds in Zuckerberg and Dorsey and pitifully never saw it coming.

    Sure Trump could not ban Twitter and Facebook but he could have made life far tougher for them and forced them to accept non leftist opinion on a much more equal footing. But just like with the wall he dragged on so slowly. He took 3 years to even start the wall and that was only due to the Supreme Court saving his butt allowing military money to be used for the wall.

    He did literally zero in forcing social media companies to allow Republican or populist thought. On top of it his weakness was punctuated by the social media companies restricting and then banning his comments. Basically they turned Trump into the kid in the front of the classroom wearing a dunce cap while facing the blackboard. Truly embarrassing.

    Nigeria had none of it banning Jack Dorsey and his chaos creation in Twitter. Ironically Nigerians have the highest rate percentage wise of those with a PhD in America. Sure, the numbers are not huge because compared to other groups they are low in number but I did find it interesting and far better than reading about another black group with high crime rates, welfare abuse, kids out of wedlock, etc.

    • @Jeff – And what exactly has Biden done to censure Twitter, et al ? Why the ongoing obsession with Trump in this comment section? It is my understanding that Joe Biden is your president now. Time to MOVE ON.

      • Old Enough to be Your Hilarious ( cough) name. If you read my posts I am extremely anti Biden. I constantly call him the most anti White president in American history.

        How can one totally move on from Trump in a political discussion when the guy only left months ago? Yes Biden is president and a total disaster. I never expected Biden or any Democrat to go after Twitter or Facebook because social media is an extension of the Democratic Party. It’s like expecting Democrats to crack down on immigration. Why would a White hating socialist party crack down on the invasion outside of literally their voters demanding it in large numbers?

        This is why I kept pushing for Trump’s reelection on this. He might be a bumbling, aging unfocused guy but he is clearly not anti American. He deserved reelection just on the basis he stopped the push for more section 8 housing in the suburbs. He at least got parts of the wall up while Biden stopped all construction. No shock. Nearly all Democrats are treasonous. Trump is also clearly the Republican frontrunner for 2024. And with Democrats trying to lock him up, it would not shock me that it pushes Trump to run even more. Happy upcoming Juneteenth old enough!!

        • Trump failed, and was a useful bogeyman for the Left while putting Whites on the Right to sleep. Plus he let idiots like Kushner and Ivanka into government. Now he’s out of office, everyone has to face up to the reality of the rigged system.

    • Blumph is a jooish stooge. Nothing more. He’s also White and has less leverage with world kikery than blax. Blax don’t usually get the stick from their jooish masters so they step out of line more often. Nigeria will cuck when the dirty joo cuts off aid through its western golems. Might take a minute though.

  4. Trump was never going to build a wall. Everything was talk, from the “Law and Order President” to “Unleashing the Kraken”. Just talking big. But a lot of people get off on this. They got off on him calling the Dems names, firing back verbally, etc. The MAGAs thought he was tough. Right.

    It’s like someone bragging about running in a race, but they haven’t started or won yet.

    The riots, the assaults, the businesses lost…and he cared about “black unemployment”, as if giving them jobs would stop the violence. There were also rumors he was going to give billions of dollars to blacks, probably “reparations”, while Whites clip coupons and drive decade-old cars.

    • @Pilot – Well luckily for you, Joe Biden will usher in reparations with no deception — won’t that be so much better? Meanwhile, he will make sure Whites are openly and legally treated as third-class citizens. Also, South Americans now have implicit and explicit approval to (continue to) flood our borders; whereas before there was at least the message that they were not entirely welcome to do so — which does have a huge influence on human trafficking.

      Isn’t it time for Donald Trump to move out of his rent-free apartment in your head??

      • Your “boomer” is showing…

        Obviously you ignore the fact that “immigration” increased under Trump. Remember all of those Hondurans? They got in.

        “Human trafficking” is a joke. You think they are trafficking thousands, even millions of them? To where? They are being housed in Tucson in camps, and we are paying for it. The “human trafficking” thing is another distraction. Trump not only didn’t do a thing about it all, he increased it.

        As far as “reparations” go…Trump was talking about giving BILLIONS to blacks. On top of all of the money they already get.
        Maybe you will wake up someday, and notice the connections. Stop watching TV. Stop supporting the 2 parties. Neither one of them represents Whites.

    • I wonder if they will ever figure out that giving stuff to blacks doesn’t help them. It just makes them want more and more, because they are largely a race of children.

      • With a name like that, I thought would understand. They don’t give things to blacks to improve blacks, they give blacks YOUR stuff to take YOUR stuff away, for the sake of taking it from you. They throw your property at any and all minority groups.

  5. Lets all applaud Twitter for openly admitting that access to the free and open internet (all platforms) is a basic human right, even if it was by accident and the speds still don’t quite know what they said with that tweet.

    I look forward to my reparations for your crimes against humanity, Twitter.

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