Jimmy Dore: Joe Biden Keeping Trump’s Tax Cuts For The Wealthy

The Biden administration is playing out pretty much as we expected. Granted, it has been worse than expected, but in the way we predicted.

From the beginning in January, we have stressed that the Democratic base or DLWC voters voted for social democracy on the basis of material self interest. In contrast, the Democratic establishment or DILE voters voted for deeply polarizing self actualization and esteem culture war issues. In the internal tug of war within the Democratic Party, we predicted that the divisive and unpopular culture war issues would win out while the more popular economic pledges would mysteriously be trimmed.

The fact that the Biden administration is giving up on raising the corporate tax rate while including gender neutral language about “birthing persons” in its budget illustrates this dynamic. See also how Joe Biden retreated from even forgiving a mere $10,000 of student loan debt.

The left populists like Secular Talk are striking out because Joe Biden and the Democrats aren’t getting anything done that really matters to them. The Democratic Party doesn’t really believe in social democracy. At the same time, the right populists are reacting to the explosion of illegal immigration and violent crime and wokeness in the form of systematic racism and equity language. This is why the Biden administration can look radical to one group and a dismal failure to another group.

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  1. Dem/rep are the same, especially when it when it comes to taking care of their rich jew friends.

  2. Meanwhile in Peru, a bellwether election. The people are struggling against Neoliberalism, trying to elect socialists and populists like Pedro Castillo:

    • Pedro Castillo’s “Free Peru Party” is anti-American and Marxist: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/peru-may-choose-the-marxist/ar-BB1g38Mh American voters never have the opportunity to elect socialist candidates. Like Bolivia’s Evo Morales, Pedro is pure indigenous, working class with no elite connections.

      The Peruvian stock market nosedives in fear and capital flight has been occurring, but it I think the socialist will lose by a hair and the extreme right-wing daugher of the brutal ormer extreme right-wing dictator will be declared the winner, and nothing will change.

      When Evo Morales did win in neighboring Bolivia, a CIA coup was carried out and a right-wing dictatoress installed.

  3. Corporations paying a flat 15% with no deductions or loopholes is a huge tax increase from zero.

    At 32% or 28% or 50% or 70%, loopholes and deducting martini lunches means they pay 0 like most corporations and Trump, who paid $750 in 2017.

    He bragged about how smart he was to take advantage of the all of the loopholes, none of which are available to to us.

    This is why republicans will not accept this 15% proposal, their swamp donors will never agree to pay federal taxes. Taxes are meant for the working class – it gives us something to complain about along with “critical race theory”. A distraction.

  4. Surprise, Surprise!!

    There’s plenty to condemn Dems on but them raising taxes ain’t one of them.

    *State level is different

    **Sometimes Dems raise taxes on the middle class and other times republicans have raised taxes on the middle class. People making 25-60k a year pay the most in taxes in relation to their income…. and neither party have made it a priority to change that.

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