Secular Talk: Joe Biden Abandons Public Option, Media Lies For Him

Don’t take my word for it.

I will just let Secular Talk explain why folks like him have repeatedly gotten shafted by Joe Biden on economics and health care. It is more persuasive when it comes from the horse’s mouth.

NBC Narratives:

Note: I supported Democrats taking control of the Senate because I assumed it would end this way. It is a good thing that they have been given the chance to prove to their own voters that they are lying about caring about their priorities. If the Republicans had retained control of the Senate, the Democrats would have been able to blame their failure to deliver on Mitch McConnell.

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  1. The media lies for him the same way they lied for Obama. The jew media always lies even when the truth is evident.

    • @John

      I worked for a company where the big Bosses in the front office were like that. They’d reflexively lie so much, that they even lied when it was completely unnecessary. Or when simply keeping their mouths shut would have been more credible, and would have served their purposes better. Even so, we knew that they were lying all of the time, about everything.

  2. “It is a good thing that they have been given the chance to prove to their own voters that they are lying about caring about their priorities.”

    The states that went to war against Dixie in 1861 are gonna keep voting the way they do, no matter what. They still control the federal government through a supermajority of electoral votes. However, they’re now dependent on their political alliance with California and her fiftyfive votes, to maintain this bare supremacy.
    Which is why the Northern political class will oppose California Secession, with all of their political might and main.

    The people in the so-called “Midwest,” or Rust/Corn Belt are gonna keep voting to protect extinct union steel mill and factory jobs, that ain’t coming back. And for corn and soybean subsidies for farmers that would go out of business, but for the artificial market for corn syrup, ethanol, and soybeans. And because they have a vague, barely perceptible, dislike/anxiety for/about, Southrons and Westerners, left over from the war(1856-65). And because they’ve been inculcated with an adversarial attitude towards the rest of America, especially concerning economic interests, by local/state politicians and union bosses, and by Democratic pandering at the national level.

    The people in the Northeast are voting for a combination of protecting union factory jobs, which are going extinct, or have already gone extinct, and for the interests of the managerial and professional political classes. The later of which are openly hostile to the South, and to the Interior West. While the former hold the similarly vague unease with, and dislike for, the rest of America, that their fellow Northern working class Whites in the “Midwest,” do.

    In short, they’re like the old Dixiecrats in the 70’s and 80’s, voting for a party that no longer exists, if they’re working class, or for what the party has now become, if they’re of the managerial/professional political class.

    They’re not going to vote like Southerners and Westerners. Ever. They can’t, for reasons that are as much cultural and historical, as political. They don’t think like us, because they don’t have the same life experiences that we do. Or the same climate and geography. Culture forms the politics and the political will.

    This is why the idea of forming and alliance with the “Midwest” is both nonsense and a recipe for political defeat. Southern Nationalists haf to form alliances with the states to the west of Missouri, and to the north and west of Texas and Oklahoma. We haf to look out for Dixie. The North vs South dichotomy still exists, it’s still the main factor in American politics. But post 1865, it includes a North vs West element. ‘Flyover Country.” We haf to také advantage of the natural affinities between the South and the West. We haf to recognise that the political parties do not represent or support the interests of the Southern People. If they ever did.

  3. Not only does the fake “left” tacitly support full, for-profit privatization of the last remains of public health in the US, but the fake “left” also supports the US’s hybrid War to destroy the last remains of Chinese ethnonational socialism and enslave the Chinese people under full, laissez faire neoliberal capitalism. Excellent article on the subject here:

    Excerpt: “This week’s escalation is taking place against the backdrop of mounting anti-China slanders by the New York Times, the Washington Post and all the US broadcast networks, as well as President Biden, who has ordered an investigation by the intelligence agencies into the fabricated ‘Wuhan lab’ allegations (…) By assigning this task to the CIA and its related agencies, it is clear that the Biden administration expects the intelligence outfits to poison public opinion against China and produce a propaganda case for punitive sanctions and military intervention against Beijing. This week’s most prominent front is Biden’s maiden trip abroad as president. He is travelling to Europe for G7, NATO and US-EU summits, the central focus of which is to attempt to strong-arm the European capitalist powers into fully aligning behind Washington’s increasingly aggressive sanctions and other economic measures against China. The Financial Times yesterday noted that Biden spelt out this demand in February when he told the Munich Security Conference that the US, Europe and Asia had to ‘push back against the Chinese government’s economic abuses and coercion.’ These are code words for systematically blocking rising Chinese capitalism, by every means, including economic sanctions and military action, from ever challenging the global supremacy secured by the US ruling class through victory in World War II. According to the Financial Times, Biden had already lined up the governments of Japan, South Korea and Australia, but now faced his “most delicate task yet—trying to coax a wary Europe to work more closely with Washington on China. Already, the White House has prevailed upon the European powers to halt ratification by the European parliament of the EU’s investment treaty with Beijing, which was signed just before Biden took office, and to impose punitive measures on China, supposedly over the treatment of Uyghurs in China’s north-western Xinjiang province. Biden wants the European summits to go further, including by intervening to overturn or counteract China’s Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure projects across Eurasia, blocking Chinese technology companies and joining the US confrontation with China in the South China Sea, where the UK, France and Germany are already sending warships for military exercises.This week’s second front is in the US Senate, where a massive anti-China bill is about to pass. The 1,445-page United States Innovation and Competition bill, co-written by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Senator Todd Young, provides more than $200 billion to fund economic warfare directed primarily against China, but also against other US rivals in Japan and Western Europe. Among other things, the bill opposes international bank loans to China for Belt and Road projects, withholds grant money to US colleges and universities that partner with Chinese government-funded “Confucius Institutes” to teach Chinese language and culture, allocates $600 million to ramp up the US military presence in the South China Sea, and prioritise the defence of Taiwan. Taiwan is the third front. On Sunday morning, a bipartisan contingent of three US senators traveled there (…) The trip was not a humanitarian mission. The three senators initially travelled to South Korea for meetings on Friday and Saturday with foreign ministry and defence officials to discuss the US-South Korean military alliance. The stop in Taiwan was a carefully orchestrated part of this same trip, designed to deepen Washington’s military cooperation with allies in the region, which include plans to station US missiles within striking distance of major Chinese cities….”

  4. “I supported Democrats taking control of the Senate because I assumed it would end this way. ”

    A sorry system, when it’s best attribute is self-defeating division.

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