Russell Moore Has Fallen

Editor’s Note: When I first read Russell Moore’s article yesterday morning about why he was leaving the Southern Baptist Convention due to the “psychological terror” and “trauma” he experienced, my instant reaction was to fire off a congratulatory tweet at my friend James Edwards. I will allow him to have the honor of responding to Russell Moore. The downfall of Russell Moore and David French illustrates the precarious hold of conservative elites over the people who they claim to represent.

Thank God for small mercies!

As a lifelong Southern Baptist, I have long used my voice in the media to speak out against anti-White heretics like Russell Moore, whose hatred of the South has been a major reason why the Southern Baptist Convention has been hemorrhaging members since the turn of the century.

For the past five years I have sparred with so-called “Christians” like Moore and Dwight McKissic, who have publicly called me everything but a child of God.

By dishonestly referring to me as a “pro-slavery, white supremacist radio host,” Moore got the party started in 2016:

Not to be outdone, McKissic, the chronic black malcontent who authored the SBC’s infamous anti-Confederate flag resolution (for which Moore obediently cucked) wrote in his typical mangled grammar that I was a “KKK leader” even after I had notably battled in court against just such libel:

Honoring thy father and thy mother and refraining from bearing false witness are clearly a couple of commandments that these supposed “Christians” never bother to keep.

The war of words waged for years but I was hardly the only one to point out the staggering racial hypocrisy emanating from the church.

The media picked up on the quarrel and the wayward church quickly learned that I give as good as I get. Amazing Disgrace was the title of an establishment news article that documented some of the rancor.

One couldn’t help but notice that the church and anti-Christ media were using the exact same slurs to define traditional Christians who aren’t ashamed of their ancestors.

It all culminated when the Southern Baptist Convention took the unprecedented step of violating its own rules and procedures by disfellowshipping the entire church to which I belong because my Pastor wouldn’t agree to expel me as a member.

But I have outlasted my detractors, as the Good Lord would have it. Russell Moore has now officially abandoned his life’s work to transform the Southern Baptist Convention into MSNBC-at-prayer.

While it is fairly obvious to whom he is referring but without mentioning me by name, Moore wrote about the “psychological terror” inflicted upon him by those of us who want the Christian faith to be more than watered down liberalism:

Moore remained a liar to the very end. There were, of course, never any “threats” made against him or his family by so-called “white nationalists and white supremacists,” which are simply shut-up words used to stifle any traditional White person these days. I wrote a book about this all the way back in 2010.

Nevertheless, his surrender was unconditional. Various media outlets have reported this week that Moore has parted from Southern Baptists “personally as well as professionally.” He no longer even attends a Southern Baptist congregation.

It just goes to show that you never know the positive impact you may be having or how long it will take for the fruit of your good work to manifest itself.

Our enemies aren’t always as entrenched and powerful as they seem.

Russell Moore has resigned from the SBC and is gone.We are still standing. And still fighting.

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James Edwards is the founding host of The Political Cesspool Radio Program. When not interviewing news makers he is is no stranger to making news himself, having appeared as a commentator numerous times on national television. Over the course of the past decade and a half, his groundbreaking work on the radio has also been the subject of articles in hundreds of newspaper and magazine publications around the world. In 2016, James was listed alongside Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter as one of the “Top 20 Right Wing media fixtures” responsible for Donald Trump. He was later specifically named by Hillary Clinton as one of the “extremists” who would shape our country.


  1. I cannot imagine anything more pleasant than realizing Dr. Moore has gotten the axe.

    No one more deserving than he.

    He does not belong down South, but, in in Massachussets, where he can spend his days burning momentos of Southern Culture while managing the nearly extinct Congregationalist Denomination (erstwhile Puritans)

    When I think of Modern Scalawags, the face of Dr. Moore is the one that usually pops up first, although, he has some stiff competition from Governors Cooper, Kemp, & Northam, and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, Senators Burr, Corker, Kaine, Graham, McCaskill, and Shelby.

    If there were a Southern Mad Magazine, these guys would be the guys who never went away, and Russell Moore would be our Alfred Neumann…

    • “He does not belong down South,”

      Well, he’s going to Nashville, the proximate southern equivalent of Detroit.

      • These people must have no need of a job. They can do whatever they want, or they live off other people’s money.

        • A big problem is that the mainstream Protestant clergy are lazy, and do not want to engage with White people who might offend their personal political sensibilities. I’ve mentioned this to James, because most younger people have never known any old school Protestant ministers, the kind who would engage with them, and talk real life, theology, and religion with them.

          Protestant clergy need to be reminded they are NOT Catholics, and they need to get away from the confines of the church property, and engage with all of the White people they have lost! Spread the Gospel to White people again.

      • @Arrian…

        Okay, the good doctor is going to Nashville, but, in a position of next to no influence.

        He’s going to be nearly invisible, which means that his influence will be out of The South, even if he is not!

  2. Russell Moore is the very essence of a ‘despicable smarmy creep’.

    He loses his comfy 500k job and his religous alliance vanishes, like a puff of smoke.

    I’m sure he will live very comfortably on his Soros payoff.

    (Damn, the SBC are a bunch of slow witted tards, It took them long enough to jettison that turd.)

    • What a lying, dissembling, hypocritical, self-hating SON OF A B*TCH!

      Russell Moore, ANATHEMA SIT. May God JUDGE YOU for the EVIL that you have wrought.
      Sic semper tyrannis.

  3. “Russell Moore has resigned from the SBC and is gone.We are still standing. And still fighting.”

    Yeh, but how many ppl were hurt in the interim ?

    • @Arrian…

      Millions of White Southerners were hurt by Moore, in a wide variety of ways.

      I’d go into detail, but, I am not in the mood.

      For now I am just pleased to see him on his way.

  4. Moore is your typical conservative coward. He and his ilk care more about virtual signaling to nonWhites than siding with his own people.

    • “He and his ilk care more about virtual signaling to nonWhites ?

      He’s getting incentives from a ((certain))) group.

      • Connect the dots. Christianity is an Abrahamic religion. Many of them literally worship the tribe. It’s a big thrill to mecca on over to the Holy Land to walk where Jesus walked and see the Sea of Galilee.

        Christianity has not united Whites. Many Whites hate their own kind, and do this self-flagellation by adopting nonwhites and giving money and going over to build homes in Africa. They’re undying loyalty to that certain group is the problem.

        • Pilot, you’re WAY off course.

          The only reason why ANY Evangelical can claim to be a Christian, is NOT because of their aberrant theology (which is all you wish to see, in your myopia- and blame them for that, thinking IT is ‘Xtianity’) but rather, they are Christians, because they are OF THE RACE OF ADAM. As such, they are covenantally OF THE RACE OF CHRIST, and are fellow-heirs.

          Their aberrant theology does not save them, their covenant does. Oh, yes, they DO obey the law of God (one would hope) but it is not the sect or cult they belong to, but WHO THEY ARE…

          “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.” [Gal.3:29]

          The fallacy of most Protestants is believing that the accusations St. Paul leveled against the Edomitic [sic] ‘Jews’ in the first century, were a blanket condemnation of those who sought to justify themselves via their race, ALONE (the only real ‘sola’ in the Bible!).

          There are only three possible ways of looking at this:
          1) Grace (alone) – anyone of any race can become an ‘Xtian’ – but the word ‘alone’ is NOT IN THE MSS. Luther added it, and thus brought down the curse for ‘adding to the word of God’ on himself.
          2) Race (alone) this is the position of Lindsedt, the Nazis, and the pagan IDIOTS. They think their blood will save them. Put-leez.
          Neither of these make sense. The second means ANYONE, even [hypotehtically] Cain, can claim ‘godlike status.’ The first means any ‘Tom, Dick, or Harry’ can SAY they are in God’s Family, and from that, you get the ‘N-word is my brother’ heresy.

          But, as Christians are wont to say, “What saith the Scripture?” It’s pretty clear.
          3) Graced Race – this is the only possible biblical position. God calls ONE FAMILY out of all the earth, out of all the ‘sons of men.’ And clearly, ADAM is the only REAL ‘MAN’ according to God’s definition. So, we get Adam’s seed and David’s line, culminating in the ‘fair, ruddy’ able to blush’ race of ADAM, in the Messiah, J.C. But, we know from Scriptures that both He (and God the Father) gives these [sic[] ‘Chosen People,’ the choice to ‘serve Him this day’ Josh. 24:15 – or not!
          And continues to give HIS PEOPLE [Matt. 1:21] this option.

          Same with the Church. In it are ‘wheat and tares,’ just as it always has been, and from WITHING THE CHURCH there is a ‘race of God’s People:’ and from them- and only them- does the Elect in the Church, come. Prior to the Reformation, that meant EUROPE. We all know this, for goodness’ sake! This is true, just as IT WAS in the O.T. – There were godly Hebrews, and UNGODLY Hebrews- AND THE FIRST CHOOSE LIFE, AND THE SECOND GROUP, CHOSE DEATH. Yet still, it was ONLY THE SONS OF EBER who were the ‘apple of God’s eye’! NO ‘GOYIM’ were ever considered as a ‘son of the covenant. IN THE SAME MANNER, the Jews (Khazars/Edomites/Pharisees) NEVER WERE PART OF THAT 12-TRIBED Family- witness the forced conversion in 150 B.C. under Hyrcanus. THIS non-biblical ATTEMPT TO CIRCUMVENT GOD’S ELECTION, led to the ‘bowl of wrath’ of the [sic] ‘Jews’ being filled enough, to cause Christ, the Son of God, to come to Earth, for crying out loud! THAT WAS WHY HE CAME TO EARTH- to render judgment on a mongrel race who claimed (and still does, to this very day) to be HIS PEOPLE!

          So, yes. The CZ heretics are angering God (and man) greatly. They SERVE THE DEVIL, and the SPERM OF SATAN- i.e., the ‘Jews,’ rather than God. [The word ‘seed’ in the LXX, and the Greek NT wherever you find it, is the word from which we get the English term, ‘sperm’- you can’t get more ‘incarnational’ than that!] But even so, they are still… WHITE.

          WHITES are God’s People. But each White Person has to ‘bend the knee’ to ‘make his calling and election, sure’ as St. Paul said. No non-white possesses the ‘pneuma’ of the Holy Spirit, but they may possess a ‘form of godliness.’ And we ALL need to REPENT of the first and second heresies I outlined, above. What the Whites who laud the Jews do, is TWICE DAMNING- in that they see in’ the seed of their father, the Devil’ [ John 8] what they think is Christ’s family. But all it is, is ANTICHRIST. And they, (as Christ’s brethren) treat lightly their own Elect status, which has been their’s, ‘since the foundation of the world.’ [ Eph. 1:4]

        • “. Many of them literally worship the tribe.”
          Absolutely ! Adam green does a lot of commentary on that.

          “Christianity has not united Whites. ”
          A thousand years of massacre and torture all across Europe,
          Over the most petty trivialities, what language to conduct mass .
          Hideous cruelties, as one group of pious tyrants jockies for power, over another.

          • @Fr. J+ & Arrian…

            ““Christianity has not united Whites. ”

            A thousand years of massacre and torture all across Europe,
            Over the most petty trivialities, what language to conduct mass .
            Hideous cruelties, as one group of pious tyrants jockies for power, over another.””

            Excellent dialogue.

            At any rate, if God had wisht us to be united as one people, down here, He long ago would have removed our psychological cravings for individual distinction, that the very basis for why people wish to remain as, and identified as, one group of distinct people – NOT one whole group of cookie-cutter humanity.

            If Mankind has persistently sent a message to God, (other than sinfulness) it would have to be : ‘WE DO NOT WISH TO BE ONE.’

    • @John…

      Moore was far far worse than a coward – he was a scalawag of the first rank and a first rate bully of his own kind.

      More decorum prohibits me from saying.

      • Ivan- Your comment about Christian nations fighting against each other…. have you never read the internecine wars of Judah and Israel? Have you not seen the palace intrigues and assassinations of the Byzantine court? Yes, because we are SINNERS.

        But we are STILL better… than the Jews.

        • @Fr. John+

          Yes, I know some of what you mention, though, a lot not.

          You have areas where your knowledge is vastly superior to me, Sir, and it does not disturb me a bit, for I am not threatened by your expertise, but, rather, appreciate your sharing it with me and not only elucidating me, but, strengthening me.

          Thank you.

  5. Very inspirational story.

    James Edwards has long been an icon and leader for us. A trillion-dollar propaganda machine can’t budge men who love their God and their blood and their soil…

    • How do these people keep their jobs, when they go public? That’s a big question with me. Because if they can’t answer how they support themselves (and/or a family), then I don’t trust them.

  6. Ah, Moore has been vanquished. At least from the real church. Go James! The good news comes trickling in. Slow, but constant these days.

    • The Real Church of Jesus Christ, is not some atomistic, creedless conglomeration of Fundie Southrons, who don’t even believe in the covenant of God enough, to baptize their children.

      Just sayin’

  7. I haven’t commented on this site in over a year, but I wanted to share this short story. I once went to the Cornerstone Baptist Church where McKissic spreads his malignant version of religion. There was supposed to be a discussion on race. Although, there were three microphones set up for attendees to address the panel, by the time the keynote speaker finished telling us about his life, his experiences, his beliefs, his dreams, and his fascinating, but exceedingly difficult, existence as a Black Man in America, there was only time left for a handful ( 5 ) questions from the audience. When the floor was opened, I looked around and nobody jumped up, so I boldly made the first comments. In a room filled with pathetic Cuckservatives and perpetually aggrieved Negroes, I and asked the pertinent questions: “How long will White People be required to apologize for slavery? Will our grandchildren’s grandchildren bear this burden? And, if so, what good will it do? We can’t speak our minds. We can’t travel safely through certain areas. We can’t even take measures to defend ourselves without fear of being incarcerated. I feel like I’m listening to Neville Chamberlain declaring peace in our time.”

    I was responded to by the ( White ) Chief of Police who proceeded to give me the tired “400 Years” routine without really answering my question about the guilt trip being placed on White Children for infinity.

    • You’re a d*rn good man, CR. Perhaps you’ll consider returning to this Forum on a regular basis?

      • I’ve backed away from the keyboard a little. However, I am very vocal in public and I wear My Colors faithfully. I tend to believe that the best defense is a good offense. I often place myself in precarious positions simply to say and do the things that other people claim no one has the courage to say or do. I don’t think it’s bravery, I am wary of the consequences… I once heard someone say that a Hero is often a person who is just too exhausted and disheartened to care anymore about what may result from their actions. Like the soldier that has been pinned down in a foxhole for an unbearable length of time and suddenly leaps from his marginal shelter and charges the enemy’s position. Occasionally, this person, insane and reduced to brutal savagery, attacks with such ferocity that a startled foe is dislodged or put to rout.

        If I can manage to elicit a collective gasp of shock from those around me, then I feel like I have made a slight dent in the armor of my adversaries. I don’t know what may eventually happen to me.
        I have convinced myself that I would rather bear the pain of persecution in this life, than to sacrifice my soul in the next.

        It’s great to hear from you, Spahn. Keep Up the Good Work!

    • @Cowtown – The stand you took required real courage, a very rare commodity in the current year, and struck an unassailable bullseye to the heart of the anti-White Narrative.

      • Thank You. I’m afraid you’re correct when assessing the lack of courage among our people. It is odd that men descended from the conquerors of earth, sea and air would cower before men whose ancestors couldn’t even cross their own Continent… men who never conceived of exploration or transportation, or innovations of any kind other than a spear and a loin cloth. African contributions to music? Bongo drums and a hollowed out gourd. Have you ever seen an African Banjo?

        And, today, in spite of every door being flung open to them, the only arenas they shine in are sports and pop music. If every White Man simply ceased to cater to them… quit watching them play with their balls… stopped listening to their screeching, caterwauling and Simpleton Simon rhyming… their entire existence would come to a virtual standstill. They would have no options other than to return to the only occupations that they are truly suited for… Janitorial Work and Garbage Collection / Waste Disposal.

        • @Cowtown…

          In your comment to Spahn about ‘our people lacking courage’, I have for many years observed and remarkt that my Fellow Southerners have what could turn out to be a terminally bad case of mislocated balls.

  8. Praise and give thanks to God…but…

    Proverbs 24:
    17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:
    18 Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.

    • “ Verily I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for that city. ” Matthew 10:15

      • Banned, Krafty- Get your theology straight. Moore was NOT a PERSONAL enemy, but the enemy of GOD.

        “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

        And, in the Vulgate (the RC translation) “…the passage telling us to love our enemies used the word “inimicus” in the Latin translation, which means personal enemy. This word was used as opposed to the word “hostis”, which mean the public, or political enemy. So obviously Christ did not teach us to love the people who want to kill us; we are simply to love our brethren and forgive their petty transgressions.”

        5 Do good to the humble, but don’t give to the ungodly. Hold back your bread, and don’t give it to them, since by it they might gain power over you. You will encounter twice as much evil for all the good things that you have done for them. 6 The Most High also hated sinners, and he will repay the ungodly with punishment. 7 Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners. – Sirach 12:5-7

        • Read both verses.

          Lest … and he [GOD] turn away his wrath from him.

          Please don’t turn away your wrath from him, Holy God.

          Proverbs 11:10 (KJV)
          When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked PERISH, there is shouting.

          Proverbs 11:10 (NKJV)
          When it goes well with the righteous, the city rejoices; And when the wicked PERISH, there is jubilation.

        • @Fr. John +

          “Banned, Krafty- Get your theology straight. Moore was NOT a PERSONAL enemy, but the enemy of GOD.”

          Very true, Sir, and, worse than what you say, Dr. Moore is an enemy of our White Southern Race, and you know what Saint Philaret of Moscow said about that.

  9. Trump Jr appearing on The Political Cesspool back in 2016 is significant. Why would one of the Zionist elite go on a show that hosts the likes of David Duke? Why is a beneficiary of Jewish power going on a show diametrically opposed to it? Just what was going on back then?

    Of course stupid leftists said it was because the Trumps are secret undercover White Nationalists, and even stupider White Nationalists believed them. The sad truth is the people who dedicated their lives to studying Jewish tricks got tricked by the Jews into support their boy Donald. White Nationalists voted for Zionists, the turkeys voted for Christmas. We should’ve known better. We will never live it down.

    • @Ricky…

      You are very thoughtful and even better informed, Dear Ricky, but, your statement about Nationalists being stupid to support Candidate Trump is wrong – all wrong.

      Even if I accept your premise that President Trump was a soulless con-man, only out for himself and a few Zionist backers, there simply is no basis to blame people for being suckered in.

      In the presidential election of 2016 there were tow commodities – one known to be evil and the other unknown.

      It is totally rational and logical and wise, in such a situation, to choose the one who is unknown, particularly when the one unknown is saying a wide range of things that not only needed to be said, they had not been said in a very very long time by a candidate of one of the two major parties.

      Though I was disappointed in President Trump’s performance, I definitely do not lament having voted for him in 2016.

      Trump, during the period of 2015-2020 irreversibly changed the Body Politick of this country.

      • “one known to be evil and the other unknown.”

        Except that is not true. Trump was well known to those who bothered to look. We saw him grovel before AIPAC and brag about having a Jewish daughter who was about to have a “beautiful Jewish baby”. We saw him wave the rainbow flag and tell homosexuals he would protect them better than Hillary. We saw him talk about a big beautiful wall that would have a “big beautiful door” in the middle of it to facilitate the legal browning of America. We saw the belligerent saber-rattling towards Iran which outed him as a neocon from very early on.

        We saw all that, and professional antisemites, who made it their life’s work to study Jewish tricks, told us to look the other way and vote for the pro-queer Zionist neocon. That is an absolute fucking disgrace and pretty much confirms the total corruption and/or uselessness of the pro-White movement in the post William Pierce era.

        There is no spectrum of good vs bad in American politics. You’re either a Zionist traitor or you’re not. If you support Zionists for any reason you’re part of the problem.

        • Dear Ricky,

          I dared to tell many of our brethren about President Trump’s background, in 2015, and that, to me, he lookt the most Jewified Gentile I had ever seen.

          I did that here and at other places.

          I was repeatedly shouted down and denouncet.

          That said, I did think he was a vastly better than Secretary Clinton and, yes, I respectfully submit to you that there is a spectrum of choices existing between what is very good and what is stark evil.

          At any rate, all the best to you, Sir!

  10. All Christians are racists. Christians, the good ones, the real ones hold Jewish blood responsible for the cold blooded murder of the innocent Christ.

    Racism against Jews is fully sanctioned and approved of by God almighty. And if the Jews do not like it they can take it up with God.

  11. Does anyone here know what’s happened to Cambria Will Not Yield? His site doesn’t work anymore.

    • What!? It’s true. How sad. One of the greatest chroniclers of the True Path to God, gone.
      This is a sorry day. He called out the Deicides one too many times. May they perish in ignominy.

  12. As one protestant denomination after another fell into Biblical heresy, the Southern Baptists were the firewall. I even made a point to specify SO. BAPTIST be imprinted on my dog tags. Now they have been breached and overrun.
    After a scary near death experience last year after an accident I arrived at the ER and a hospital chaplain visited me. She asked if I had a religious preference. I told her yes, Roman Catholic.

    • The Catholic church is just as bad on race as any Protestant church. Someone should write a book about the betrayal of urban Catholics by the church in the 1960’s. Catholics were the primary white victims of black rioting and urban crime in that era, and the Church took the blacks’ side and gave truly enormous amounts of money from white parishioners to blacks. Catholic schools in cities were flooded with black students after white flight. The blacks’ tuition, if they paid any, didn’t pay for the schools and whites who had been forced out of those cities by the very same blacks paid the costs to keep the schools open after they had literally 0% of Catholic students.

    • @Isa…

      Though the heirarchy of The Roman-Catholick Church was long ago breacht and overrun, many priests and neighbourhood churches are still in very good shape, so, your choice of Roman Catholick is a good one.

      Orthodox is, perhaps, even better, as they have been penetrated and breacht, but, to a much much less extent than any other church.

      That said, it is a hard church for many Westerners to penetrate.

      In any case, The Roman Catholick Church, no matter how perverted from the top, still remains one of two parts of the original church Chryst formed, and, as such, it has powers within it often unseen by those who look at it from without.

      As to the Southern Baptist Church : —– it, like every other denomination in this country has already done, will break apart, and, at that point, you can join the part you respect.

  13. I wonder if Jesus ever has any regrets about coming down to Earth in human form? Seems to have been a waste of time.

    • @Spahn…

      God manifesting as Chryst on this earth sure was not a ‘waste of time’ for me, my wife, our families, nor our community.

      Because you are not Christian, you cannot know what a comfort having The Holy Ghost is inside you.

      No drug or love affair quite like it, and untold billions of souls in human form have benefitted greatly from it, not to mention all the other aspects of Chryst’s influence on your life, once you invite Him in.

      Just the spiritual cleansing I underwent, when I accepted Him, defies anything logical or rational.

      It was quite supernatural, and, yet, there was no doubt it was going on inside me, for I felt it even in my physical body.

        • @Fr. John +

          Yes, Spahn lacks The Lord, Dear Father, but, I like him very much.

          Spahn is bright, honest, pithy, and often very witty.

          He is very civil, too.

  14. What is going on with the dispute over dispensationalism in the SBC? Most SB’s are still dispensationalists now, right?

    • I hope not. Dispensationalism is merely Christian Zionist heresy, masquerading as a form of biblical eschatology. May it perish off the face of the earth. Someone bomb DTS, please!

  15. SBC is filled with freemasons, always has been. My guess is, it will get worse there, as the Masons still run it.

  16. @ James 4:4 kjv, “Ye adulterer’s and adulteresses, know ye not that friendship of thee world is enmity with God, whosoever will be a friend of thee world is thee enemy of god… Thats for you mr.moore and also your replacement……

  17. I sure would like to be a fly on the wall in an “adult” Sunday school class or a deacons’ meeting over at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church in Raleighwood, Norf Carolina.

    • @Flaxen…

      Pullen Baptist Church is now a very very different assembly than it was when, as a child, I lived but a short walk from it.

      That said, it still is all White, as I observe from the pictures, though, if I dared to mention such a thing to the congregation, I am sure they would go into conniptions…

      • I don’t know when you were a child. My deceased batshit crazy aunt was a parishioner there until her death twenty years ago. The place suited her to a “T”.

        • @Flaxen…

          Thank you for your thoughts.

          Yes, it’s been a very long time since I was a child, and, at that time, things were remarkably different in Raleigh, compared to what they are today.

          I left many years ago because of all the changes, and because I knew that I was not compatible with them.

  18. I’m watching the Political Cesspool right now. Great job James Edwards and Brad Griffin! He is a true Christian and someone who want back down just like his heroes Robert E. Lee and Nathan Bedford Forrest! Deo Vindice!

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