Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris Is No Genius, Obviously

In this case, there has been an unambiguous difference between the Trump administration and Biden administration on immigration policy. Initially, the Trump administration struggled to get a handle on illegal immigration (the cause here wasn’t so much Trump as it was federal judges), but Stephen Miller had succeeded in creating enough bandaids through executive orders and diplomacy to bring the numbers way down before COVID hit and the border was temporarily shut down due to the pandemic.

Here is some background to Joe Biden’s immigration policies:

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  1. A Vice-President Harris is a tribute to the power of guile and cunning that President Obama possesses, for she was his preferred pick, for the second spot, right from the start.

  2. I love Tucker. He is the best we have in the mainstream. He is really the last (apparent) hope of white people deciding enough is enough and fighting back. Without information, people will never act in their own interests. At least he’s kindling the fire.

    But he has a serious flaw that I suppose can’t be helped at this point. Like all conservative outlets, he mocks Kamala and the rest of the work progressives like they are stupid, irrational creatures. He does stir up anger among some of us, but I’m afraid that he only accomplishes to stir up disgust and disappointment with the biggest slide of the conservative electorate. As long as people are led to believe the left is full of “misguided” people who should be replaced with “more rational” people, they will continue to sit on their hands. They need to be shown in the clearest of terms that the left is behaving TRIBALLY, and completely rationally. A conquest of North America by the central and southern 3rd world is PRECISELY what they want. Demographic displacement is PRECISELY what they want. They’re literally in the middle of a war that they’ve been slowly winning while the mainstream right clung to constitutional principles that were long abandoned in favor of “social justice”. The mainstream right has watched the invasion from the sidelines and encouraged a free market that gives the invaders cheap gas and food for the trip.

    I love Tucker, but at some point he’s going to have to frame it as a war with our own rationally acting leftist citizens rather than a blunder that can be rectified by voting harder and more heckling.

    • I think he knows that but can’t say it or will lose his platform. He hopes you will go out and figure this out on your own or someone else in your circle will explain this to you. I hope the public realizes it’s not a matter of winning an election and just having a different cabinet. We need a drastic, extraconstitutional purge of the media and school system of this cultural marxist indoctrination operatives, a purge of judges and bureaucrats, the business world, silicon valley. To the point where most of them get fired and the instigators are exiled to the Aleutian Islands forever. This is one of the most infamous programs of treason in the history of the world, that’s why the hated Trump so much, they knew they would lose their heads for what they have been doing in a normal country and were worried he would be a lot more competent and committed than he actually turned out to be and might have pulled a “General Suharto.” Both the transfer of our industrial base and middle class prosperity to China and the replacement of Americans with foreigners are worse treason than what the Rosenburgs did, by criticizing China policy and immigration they see it as opening the door to their potential losing power and facing charges for treason. Trump spooked them and they are doubling down on their efforts to kill us off for good.

    • If by “We” you mean magic-soil civnat cucks then yeah, he’s great for that. But not if you’re actually pro-White.

  3. Tucker is certainly correct but in the end she was only picked for vp due to her being half black and female.. Her other half- Indian- I believe, does not hurt either in the cult of multiculturalism.

    This is the same woman ripping Biden on racial bussing back in the day. Yeah, bussing really worked out great, huh? Lol. I remember many years back I knew these two White guys who were still in high school. They were in a school in the midst of big racial change. Both could not wait to graduate as they said blacks were causing big problems. They told me stories of the blacks being bussed in shouting racial slurs coming off the bus at the White students and bringing general misery to the school. Yup, the great unspoken; the great lie.

    The filthy American media of course either does not report such things or waits for the rare White perpetrator incident. We clearly see this with attacks on Asians mostly done by blacks. The most violent episodes certainly are. The American scum media covers it up or calls it random. Another example is the heavily ” blackwashed” incident caught on video the other day in New York where a fat black thug kept harassing a Chinese police officer calling him ” chink.” He also said he should not be in the country and to suck his %÷/. A total savage where back in the day he would have 10 batons over his head. This incident has barely been reported. I saw a mention of it on Fox News. In Jewish controlled everything else? Nada. Zippo. Nyet. Imagine a White guy caught on video saying it?

    The Republicans should be trashed for some of the nonsense they do. We also desperately need at least two more viable parties. But until then, the Republicans are virtually always a better choice than the clearly anti White Democrats. Trump was clearly a better choice than Biden. The Democrats are truly bordering on psychosis.

    Look at how upset Democrats are with Joe Manchin for not going along with the voter fraud bill. They are ripping him everywhere. I would not be that shocked if this causes Manchin to ” flip” and become a Republican. He would have nothing to lose politically on it. West Virginia is clearly a Republican state. Manchin is the anomaly now being a Democrat. Then again, this is what may be giving him power staying as a Democrat. He gets to play inside baseball in the Democratic Party while being a crypto Republican. Either way I am happy he is against the pro voter fraud bill useless Kamala favors as does useless Biden.

  4. Some commentator (I’ve forgotten who, maybe Richard Spencer) said back when Biden put Harris in charge of the border crisis that he was doing it as a way of hamstringing her. Turns out that is probably the case. Now Kamala will end up taking all of the heat when those Guatemalans show up. Even in his demented elderly state, Biden’s career politician instincts still lead him to set up his closest competitors to be left holding the bag.

    • “Kamala Harris is no genius, obviously.” No, but she is perched right beside the pinnacle power-seat of the once free world. As @randomcommenter points out very well above, these people are not wacky leftists. They are genocidal maniacs and they control all the levers of power.

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