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  1. If he means dark jew spirits, he’s right. The Republicans have been compromised for a long time but it not the dark spirits he’s talking about.

  2. Biden has moved away from the white domestic terrorist stuff, I was expecting a false flag terrorist attack to be blamed on whites followed by gun control legislation. It did not happen.

    • Lol i think the Democrats have stocks in gun companies and all this “gun control” is theater first of all gun control is extremely un popular

      • He really hasn’t tho the stupid bumbling bitch Biden can’t go one day without blaming white supremacy on something. Hes reading the TelePrompter while joggers continuously do near fatal knockouts on elderly Asians/Whites every single day

  3. They certainly sound like white supremacists when Israel is in conflict with Hezbollah and Hamas.

  4. Barack Obama…..JFK’s gift to Native Born White America….


    Barack Obama sr.

    POTUS Barack Obama

  5. I don’t know would be more nauseating– listening to this smooth talking bullshit artist or watching him and Cooper hit the crack pipe and suck each other off.

  6. ““Dark Spirits” Have Taken Over Republican Party”

    President Obama would surely know, for, of all prominent Americans in the opening decades of the 21st century, I would rate him at the top of the elite group for both ‘dark’ & ‘sinister’ – right up there with …

    Harvey Weinstein
    Jack Dorsey
    Hillary Clinton
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Nicole Wallace
    Bill Gates
    Bishop Theodore McCarrick
    Michael Bloomberg
    Gretchen Whitmer
    James Comey
    Rachel Maddow

    Brad Raffensberger
    Mitch McConnell
    George Soros
    Reverend James Martin
    John McCain
    Alan Greenspan
    George Bush Jr.
    Susan Rice
    John Brennan
    Peter Strzok
    Les Freres Cuomo
    Rob Reiner
    Richard Burr
    Charles Schumer

    Lawrence O’Donnell
    Jeff Zucker
    Bill DeBlasio
    Joe Biden
    John Bolton
    Russell Moore
    Paul Singer
    Bill Cosby
    Roger Goodell
    Dick Cheney
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz
    Robert DeNiro
    Lindsay Graham
    Patrice Cullors

  7. I usually think conservatives oversell/overplay the insufferable liberal archetype. But Obama always fit it to a T. Everything he says sounds so trite and hollow.

  8. Dark” spirits? Isn’t that kind of, well, racist?

    You know how them grey people trying to trick us with they slickery?
    Slick us with they trickery?
    Peep the connotations of that, nah-meen?

    It’s like black … angry … dark …
    Sullen … depressed … wicked …
    off, blacklisted, black cat is bad luck,
    bad guys where black …
    Must have been a white guy who started all that!

  9. Watch it with the anti-semitic ad hominem attacks, Obama.

    “Dark spirit” is new euphemism for jews.

    One can hope that Josh Hawley and Ron DeSantis call out the 44th POTUS for his hateful dig whistle.

  10. I guess he’s got his voodoo dolls out and is planning some sort of sacrifice to keep the Republican party kneeling down to blacks.

  11. I think if I was that high yellow prick, I don’t believe I would use the word ‘dark’.

  12. When did Barack become a voodoo practitioner? Barack new ambition is apparently to become the poc Democrat party’s voodoo chief. When is Barack going to hold animal sacrifices to vanquish “dark spirits.”

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