Emmanuel Macron Gets Slapped In The Face By Yellow Vest Protester

Good morning.

New York Magazine:

“It’s a nation well known for living out its politics on the street, and French media have reported that the two men who were arrested were associated with the populist yellow-vest movement. Though the protests that began late in 2018 involved dissatisfied people from across the political spectrum, the man who slapped Macron yelled, “Saint-Denis, à bas la Macronie!” As NPR notes: “Part of the phrase is a 12th century royalist slogan that today has become a rallying cry of the far right. The other part means ‘down with Macronism.’ …”

We’re waking up to a glimpse of our own future.

Climate change hysteria is much more advanced in Europe. In France, immigration is a big populist issue, but the effect of carbon taxes on the French equivalent of the Heartland working class sparked the Yellow Vest movement in 2018. In the United States, we had Trump as president for four years and gas prices went down due to his policies, but progressive activists would like to change that. They are eager to raise the price of everything from meat to used vehicles to coerce the public.

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  1. First the slap, then (if the crooks don’t learn), the gib***.

    “An eye for an eye.” The only way this will stop, is to remove the major players. We all know this.
    And it is merely fear that is keeping the vast majority from acting out exactly the same thing.
    Gates once was hit with a pie in the face. Why is it, only Antifa and Excremental Lives (don’t) Matter, are immune for having molotov cocktails, guns, bricks, bats, etc.?????

    Because they are owned and OPERATED by the J-Left.

    As St. Ambrose wrote, “The wicked man is a punishment to himself, but the upright man is a grace to himself—and to either, whether good or bad, the reward of his deeds is paid in his own person.” Or, as C.S. Lewis put it in The Great Divorce, “[A]t the end of all things … the Blessed will say, ‘We have never lived anywhere except in Heaven,’ and the Lost, ‘We were always in Hell.’ And both will speak truly.”

    The Saxon is awakening. May God defend the Right.

  2. Just gets used as another excuse to not go out in public. I’m not sure a duly elected head of state ought to be assaulted.

  3. Houellebecq has always something interesting to say:

    The United States of America seems, on the other hand, to have erected optimism into a principle of existence. One can doubt the soundness of this attitude. When Joe Biden claims that “America is once again ready to lead the world” (here again, I am too lazy to find the exact quotation; Biden is even more tedious than Voltaire), I immediately interpret this as:

    America will not be long in embarking on a new war;
    As always, she will wind up conducting herself like a piece of shit;
    She will waste a lot of money, while reinforcing up the near-universal loathing of which she is the target; this will allow China to strengthen its position.


  4. Within a number of months, probably less than 100, the economy of China will overtake that of the US. Dominic Raab of the UK spoke about this trend recently: The value of the Western economies will be less than that of the totalitarian economies of the world. The economic and financial center of the world hasn’t been outside of The West in over 1500 years. What does this mean generally?

    Consider the US “victory” in WWII. The German soldiers had higher kill ratios than the American soldiers. The US ultimately “won” because the US out-produced The Axis. Steel, aluminum, rations, tanks, battleships, guns, bullets, mines, etc. The US outlasted The Axis and essentially won a war of attrition. When our grandparents were young, FedGub used to run short newsreels before the big movies of the day that boasted about the superior production capabilities of the US, and how it would lead to WWII victory.

    From a Western perspective, given the upward growth trend for China, “global warming” is basically a device of Western statecraft to help stunt the rapid rise taking place in The East. By agreeing to terms that limit hydrocarbon production and use, The West is “throttling” China since they are growing faster than The West. It buys the minds of The West some time to develop “new” plans to counter China, and reduces the “gap” The West would need to close to at least achieve economic parity with China once again.

    When “global warming” is discussed, I don’t believe many on our side – “The DR” – see past what seems like the curtailing of freedoms and the imposition of arbitrary taxes. There are different perspectives that should be considered.

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