CNN: Meat Is Making The Planet Sick

Do you remember when the corporate media howled with outrage at the idea that progressive activists who are Joe Biden’s base have a problem with meat?

Washington Examiner:

“Environmental activists have some serious beef with beef.

Whether it’s claims that cow flatulence is rapidly accelerating global warming or dubious assertions that a pound of beef requires absurd amounts of water to produce, environmentalists paint a pretty bleak portrait of American cattle cultivation.

Their portrayal, thankfully, is a load of bull.

Talking heads within the world of liberal media like to echo the concerns brought forth by these activists, the most common being that cows emit far too much greenhouse gas to be a sustainable part of our diet. If we are to avoid the ever-looming climate crisis, they argue, we’re going to have to put down our hamburgers.

However, some scientists have provided contrary evidence.

One projection found if all Americans went vegan, greenhouse gas emissions would only decrease by 2.6% …”

No one should take what these people say about climate change at face value.

The belief that minorities are oppressed by systematic racism and white supremacy or that blacks are being slaughtered by police shootings isn’t based on any evidence. The same is true of the belief that “trans women” are women. The same is true of the people who go around wearing masks outside after they have been vaccinated. The same is true of people who want to replace “mothers” with “birthing persons” because “trans women” can give birth. The same is true of the people who believe that COVID couldn’t have escaped from a lab because Donald Trump called it the “China virus” and because the theory would encourage anti-Asian racism. These are the same people who have a problem with beef.

Note: Vox alone has published at least three articles about the issue since late April.

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  1. In an Aryan world, the use of fossil fuels would have been recognized decades ago as a boon, a win-win, in which the burning of hydrocarbons would not only power our machinery but liberate precious carbon, long trapped in the remains of ancient biomass. Solar collectors arrayed on the surface of the moon would be beaming microwave energy earthward, flooding our world with electricity, as our planet would be gliding through the photon sea that is our star system. Gasoline would be manufactured from carbon pulled right out of the atmosphere and then effortlessly restored to it by the cruising of automobiles—a perfect cycle of satisfaction. Limestone, too, superior to the natural kind, would be fabricated from atmospheric carbon, as would who-knows-what other wonders.

    As it is, we live in (((dumpworld))), where “school shooting” is an everyday term and where carbon—that unique element, the Lego piece of living systems—is spoken of as if it’s a poison. Every human action is regarded as a despoiling of (((Eden))).

    Going from memory on this one:

    “I wish that men would begin by respecting themselves. Everything else would follow from that.”—Nietzsche

    • The environmentalist wackos make me sick but those in responsible leadership who enable and codify their crank science make me sicker.

    • “Woke hominids are killing the planet! They must be removed! ”

      Play their gayme, right back at them.
      Let’s see who Heartland America is going to ‘remove’, first.
      I bet it’s not Prime Rib, BBQ, and full-fat ice cream.

      There are too many people losing weight on Keto and Primal, to ever give up their menus.

      “The best biblical evidence that Jesus ate meat is that He observed the annual Feast of Passover. The lamb sacrificed at Passover time was roasted and eaten as part of the requirements of the law (Exodus 12:8). Jesus took part in the feast every year as a child (Luke 2:41), and as an adult He continued the observance of the law. The Lord attended Passover in John 2:13, John 5:1, and Matthew 26:17–30. Jesus would have been in disobedience of the Law if He had not eaten the Passover meal—a meal that included meat.

      Mark tells us that Jesus declared all foods to be clean (Mark 7:19). The distinction between clean and unclean foods was among animals, not plants. Declaring all foods to be clean meant that more animals were being allowed…n the last couple of decades, some animal rights enthusiasts have claimed that Jesus was a vegetarian. Some groups have tried to apply Jesus’ teaching about kindness and compassion to animals. Some reason that modern methods of raising and slaughtering animals are inherently cruel, and, therefore, eating meat should be avoided. The humane treatment of animals, however, is a different issue. The answer to the question, “Did Jesus eat meat?” is a clear “yes.”

      Let the God-damned Jews remain damned, for their Bullsh*t attempts to make the [sic] ‘goyim’ eat bugs.

  2. Wake up, it has nothing to do with climate, they hate your guts and want to starve you to death. Climate is just the mask they wear.

  3. The kiked commies simply NEVER shut the fuck up: nothing, no concessions from the sane, will ever placate them; they will always have new outrageous demands. Like their jew mentors, they will always stick their noses into other peoples’ business until those noses and the heads they’re attached to are crushed.

    They’re so predictable that it should be obvious to all by now.

  4. Climate change hysteria is the perfect illustration of how little most humans have evolved in 10,000 years. The basic premise of these lunatics is, “Bad things are happening. We’ve angered our demon god. We have to sacrifice virgins/goats/innocents etc. to appease it.”

    Sad and scary really…

  5. Meanwhile, China is buying up American coal to burn in their new plants to power their growing beef industry.

  6. In general I actually support the Left’s environmental stuff. The lifestyle of many conservative whites in America is unnatural and fantastically wasteful – burning huge quantities of oil to trundle around in ludicrously oversized vehicles while stuffing their faces with sugar and ultra-processed crap. The people themselves are often obese and bloated in a way that only happens in America, and is legendary worldwide.

    My suggestion is to take a cue from northern Europe. They consume plenty of beef and beer but the people are much healthier, better-looking, produce less waste/pollution, and live in beautiful cities.

    • Those beautiful northern Euro cities won’t exist for much longer, as their populations become Africanized. The USA used to have beautiful cities, too. Has nothing at all to do with environment or wastefulness.

  7. Fareed is a street shitter from New Delhi, so of course he doesn’t eat meat. And the jewboy Ezra Klein? He’s obviously consuming way too much soy.

  8. “Climate Change” might be the official reason given for the push against meat, but I think there is an ulterior cultural motive. Red meat has always been seen as the most macho of all foods and is the centerpiece of American BBQ culture. I’d say this has nothing to do with the environment and is just another leftist assault on masculinity.

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