New York Times: The Boys in Their Summer Dresses

The same people who tell you that “science” has shown that race doesn’t exist, who insist on wearing masks outside in summer weather after being vaccinated, who say that eating meat is cruel and destroying the planet also insist that you can rotate through 20,000 recently discovered gender identities which are entirely real in your mind as the mood strikes.

New York Times:

“It seems fairly unlikely that when Irwin Shaw wrote “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses,” his classic paean to “a million wonderful women, all over the city,” drifting along the pavement as warm breezes tugged at their hems, he could have envisioned a day when those “girls” would as likely be men. Sexist and dated as Shaw’s much anthologized 1939 story may be, it did lay out truths about urban existence and the unalloyed joy of looking.

Those pleasures, largely withheld over the last 16 months, have returned as we venture forth from our caves. To the delighted surprise of at least one observer, a considerable number of us apparently used the time in confinement to rethink some shibboleths about who gets to wear what.

Khoa Sinclair, for instance, treated lockdown as a time of experimentation, a chance to push a style already liberated from rigid binary conventions into the realm of “next-level femininity.”

So there was Mx. Sinclair, 26, on a recent warm afternoon sauntering through Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, slick forelock curled in an anime flip, inked arms emerging from the sleeves of a sinuous Issey Miyake pleated dress …”

In the video below, he keeps using the term “body privilege.” I had never heard that one before. Apparently, it means being tall, thin and beautiful. These concepts like systematic racism are constantly being conjured into existence in obscure corners of academia and new -isms and -phobias are being created which make you a terrible person for not believing in them.

Note: BTW, none of this is censored on YouTube.

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  1. You are not a real nutjob until you cut it off. That is when things get real. Cutting it off is what separates the men from the eunuchs.

  2. The New York Times is barely profitable, so they like trolling people. This is trolling.

    In NYC they call summer “boobie season” because all the women wear outfits that show off their boobs and the men are appreciative. It’s a long-standing trope.

    So the NYT does crap like this to troll people, hoping for clicks.

  3. The now defunct NY Times is so far to the left that it has become a parody of itself. They must giggle like little girls when they publish crazy articles like this! I imagine their number of subscribers must be miniscule.

  4. Some rich Jew or Bezos-type asshole will buy them out when they go bankrupt. So the NYT will basically continue forever.

  5. Mentally disturded freaks. A decent society (which this most definitely is not) would not permit this – much less encourage it.

      • It’s things like this, as well as the endless social revolutions and authoritarian collectivism, that I associate with the North, and with the Pacific Rim.

        If you think about it, New York and the land of a million looney liberals are as weird as Mexifornia and Portlandia-Seattle. The only difference between any of them is the darker and more totalitarian/revolutionary energy that New York gives off.

        I wonder what the Puritans would think, if they could see what they have wrought across the Northern tier of the formerly United States.

  6. Why are there so many more trans on the east coast and the south???

    Anglos take another L

    California is the only west coast city that even cracks the top 5 gayest states (Texas is gayer/has more trans than California these days). And no Midwest states, German belt stays winning.

    Anglos were never materialists and have always used moral arguments in politics. So it’s no surprise that when the morality changes to homo’s the anglo states are the biggest adopters/pushers of the LGBT agenda.

  7. I’m torn on this stuff. On the one hand it’s freakish and twisted; on the other hand, society is encouraging the mentally ill, those with a high mutational load, etc. to self-identify and auto-sterilize.

    In the long run, it should improve things.

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