Breaking Points: Virginia Governor Race Shows How Suburban Liberals Destroyed the Democratic Party

Great monologue.

Back in 2017, I went to Charlottesville for the Unite the Right rally. Terry McAuliffe was the governor at the time. He later wrote a sanctimonious book about it that whitewashed his actions called Beyond Charlottesville: Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism.

It will suffice to say that my politics have continued to evolve over the past four years. I still write about the issues which brought us to Charlottesville in the first place which was always Southern heritage and civil liberties. The experience of showing up for that rally and watching the police deliberately stand down while we were attacked by Black Lives Matter and Antifa and getting sued over it and watching “journalists” lying about what happened was stimulating and got me thinking about what we were doing.

It is true that we were being replaced in Virginia. The people who are replacing us, however, are mostly carpetbaggers like Terry McAullife who are concentrated in NOVA. It is true that Third World immigrants are being flooded into Virginia to further change the demographics of the state, but those people are like The Help for the class of people who now rule the state. Loudoun County, VA is the richest county in America and it is currently ground zero for the backlash against critical race theory.

In Virginia, the new Democratic coalition has won and has triumphed at every level of government. It is a coalition based on the Democrat Independent Liberal Elite (DILE) voter. Those people are Terry McAullife’s base. The affluent, college-educated White professional who has gone woke and has cosmopolitan and modernist values and who lives in a wealthy suburb and works in DC has reached its apogee there. Those are the kind of people who live in Charlottesville and who have elected Nikuyah Walker as their mayor. The result has been a politics that is centered on an aggressive form of social liberalism on race, culture and gender issues – things like CRT, removing Confederate monuments or restricting gun rights – which simultaneously can do nothing about Virginia’s right-to-work law. Those people do not support the redistribution of wealth.

Isn’t Virginia a great example of the national Democratic Party writ large? It runs on social democracy and spins fairy tales about how Joe Biden is the second coming of FDR. It governs on deeply divisive, unpopular culture war issues because the woke professional class rules the party.

Note: White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were both focused on racial solidarity and downplayed other meaningful divisions like class and culture as sources of identity. Muh White brother Terry McAuliffe and people like him don’t believe in racial solidarity. Quite the opposite.

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  1. For the life of me, I cannot see what credentials that Mr. McCauliffe had to ever be the governor of our most important Southern State- much less once again, unless, of course, one sees him as an appointed governor of one of our lands to endlessly be ‘reconstructed’.

    That said, his likely Republican opponent, a cuckt globalist ‘conservative’ Southern Scalawag is no improvement on him, which, once again, is how they do it – two bad choices for a vote that, basically, are the same.

  2. Ball is right that McAuliffe & the other moneyed shitlib Come-Heres that now rule Va. have smirkily dispossessed those in the western part of the state: totally & contemptuously ignored now.

    It is infuriating beyond measure that these god damned (((Cultural Marxist))) SCUM now call all the shots in the land of Washington, Jefferson, Madison & Lee…

  3. Like it or not, It’s still North vs South (and West.)
    We just can’t escape the simple fact that the country founded by the Puritans, and the country founded by the Cavaliers, are two different nations.

    • @James…

      Yes, I totally agree that no one will ever be able to escape the fact that he countries The Cavaliers and Puritans set up will never be one, and, thus, must be truly apart.

      And, yes, it will be The Northeast, not every Northeasterner, which, as per usual, will be trying to bully most everyone else to stay under their wing.

      Won’t work, however, as they not only no longer have the financial power, manufacturing, or media monopoly, they are outnumbered and outgunned on a massive scale that even a bevy of EU, UN, and CIA mercenaries will not be able to offset.

      That said, my prayers are for a peaceful split, as killing each other will not change the fact that we are headed for a split.

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