James Lindsay Sounds The Alarm About White Genocide

It appears that three things have happened here:

  • James Lindsay has been spending more time in the reactionary or anti-woke sphere since he published Cynical Theories
  • The George Floyd riots happened which have hardened White racial attitudes in general while the Left has gone full woke
  • James Lindsay has been pushed further Right which is a trend which we have noticed among libs in general who are critical of wokeness

If you believe that the spread of dehumanizing language is a precursor to genocide, it is getting harder to ignore just how far we have travelled over the last five years. White children are being taught in public schools that their existence is the “root cause” of racial injustice.

National Review:

“Today’s edition of the Washington Post comes with the comforting news that the psychiatrist who told an audience at Yale’s medical school that “she fantasized about killing White people” was, in fact, simply expressing to the world how deeply she cares. In an April 6 lecture, prosaically titled “Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind,” Aruna Khilanani explained that she dreamed of “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a fu**ing favor.” Perhaps because they lacked the tools to interrogate and educate themselves, some observers responded rather negatively to these ideas. But, as Khilanani clarifies today, they have got her completely wrong: What she said was not the product of a demented, bigoted, Charles Manson–esque mind, but of a legitimate “frustration about minority mental health,” a desire to “have more serious conversations about race,” and, ultimately, love. Khilanani does what she does, she told the Post, “because I care.”

Well, that’s a relief. …”

The anti-White drumbeat coming from the Left is so loud now in the Biden era that is being discussed across the Right and Center. We were sounding the alarm about these issues 10 to 20 years ago and now that we have been completely vindicated that this country was sliding toward an anti-White dystopia more people have joined the discussion from their “mainstream” perches.

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  1. “Such comments are extreme, reckless, & irresponsible. They should be denounced.”

    The immigration policies since 1964 are extreme, irresponsible, and reckless, and the people who promote or ignore what is going on should be denounced.

  2. What did these sports think was going to start happening when anti white ideology became the official ideology of the ruling class? Mrs Lehmann, should get used to it. And about time too

  3. It looks like race will soon be the primary criterion for admission to college. College is being dumbed down too. We will probably collapse first but our future is not looking good.

    • To hell with college, most of our young white men don’t need it anyway. And even fewer of our young white women do.

      • It’s hard to learn analytical chemistry and biology outside of the University system. Engineering less so. Without high functioning people in these areas we will just collapse into a third world shit hole with no way out. The US was the world’s leader in “Biotech” 20 years ago. Now it’s almost an afterthought. Small price to pay for twerking negroes I guess.

        • I agree. Not everyone wants to put down tile floors for a living. If you have brains, you want a STEM job.
          They know the only way to get nonwhites in, is to keep whites out.
          If this stuff keeps up, whites will go elsewhere. There are some countries, such as Dubai, with open doors to skilled and professional people willing to move there.
          The brain-drain you mentioned will happen.

          • Taiwan is moving way ahead of USA in semiconductor production. American engineers of Chinese decent are leaving to go to taiwan.
            Make more money, pay less for everything.
            Commute is a 10 minute walk, safe, high quality schools, no dope or gangs.

  4. “James Lindsay warns that CRT will lead to genocide”

    I agree.

    The proliferation of Critical Race Theory is the last step before mass physical violence.

    Whites can fight it now, in the halls of town councils, publick schools, courts, and on The Internet, or soon enough be fighting with gunpowder and lead because we failed to take this seriously here – exactly as we have done for many decades already.

    It’s the last stop before very ugly things that anyone in his or her right mind would not want to ever occur.

      • @KT-88…

        Historically I would have agreed with you, though, I am no longer sure this is the case, for, even on the syndicated national gospel radio channel that is broadcast through our local radio station, show hosts are now regularly making a big deal about the Woke Situation and the threat of Critical Race theory being taught in our schools.

      • @Arrian…

        Yes, Sir – history shows that anytime any populace or group is demonized, bad things follow suit.

        Eastern European Jew Rafail Lemkin developet his notions of Cultural Genocide immediately after WWII, specifically for this reason, and it was adopted by The UN, though, in this country it seems that few have been paying attention.

  5. Genetic white liberals want race war.. This is the only thing what could save them. But our side need to ignore even worst provocations and concentrate to smoke out and remove 2-4 % genetic white liberals who are the cause of all white race problems.

    Some sources giving 8 to 10 % but most of manager class are just club member who make lip service to remain part of privileged group. This corrupt filth will change sides when things go bad for them. And things go bad with economy crash. Bad weather always brings lost sheep`s to barn.

    Our side need ADL and SPLC style organizations to map genetic white liberals and most active mentally healthy race traitors. Any race conflict must be avoided at any cost. Small number of still patriotic white youth can not fight with colored folk who has unlimited mercenary supply.

    Soviet Union came down because our side made deal with Muslim republics and liberals failed to use 50 million of Soviet Muslims against us.

    • @Juri…

      “Genetic white liberals want race war.”

      White Liberals are spoiled brats who will keep cruisin’ for a bruisin’ until they get the ass-whippin’ they should have received when they were kids.

      The ass-whippin’ they are going to get, however, is not just going to leave a few red marks…

  6. All whites do is back up, and give in to all who have a grievance. How is this scenario supposed to play out? Remember it is not human nature to attack and kill the innocent, people must me tricked into believing they are attacking and killing someone who means them harm. The reality of the situation is the greatest hurdle to this scenario playing out. Whites do not want to hurt anyone and every black or racial minority already know it. It is going to take a huge nuclear false flag attack blamed on a white guy with three names to get that race war going. Is there anybody out there sick enough to kill millions and then blame it on whites? We shall see.

  7. If Whites continue to sit idly by and do nothing, the genocide will surely happen. It already is when Whites are bring attacked by blacks just for being White in certain areas.

  8. The American Revolution was won, because another country helped us. There has to be another nation who would benefit from having the US remain a white nation, and not turn into a 3rd world one. Without this, the military would defeat any attempt to change things.

    • It was staged to give a pretense to ending the war. Franklin did a deal with the Rothschilds to create a (((Bank of US))) and the British fake surrendered. All theater. The real battle was getting Andrew Jackson into office.

    • Responsible nations truly do need to consider the consequences of a 3rd world orc nation in possession of a nuclear arsenal. How they deal with the problem remains to be seen.

      • The US can’t keep the nuclear bombs if a a general Ursus is boss. The Germans would have to become nuclear armed in this scenario.

  9. I don’t really believe it’s Every. Single. Time. But…to quote this great American Psychoanalytic* Assoc. scholar who came up with the theory of “Parasitic Whiteness”, for which there is not yet known a “permanent cure”:
    «My grandmother informed me of my obligations as a Jew. She said I was twice indebted: to her for the blood she had once given me and to Abraham for everything else. She said these debts must be honored. Until they are honored, she said, dying was not within my rights. She said: “You are our only revenge. You are our Hitler. Promises have been made. The dead are watching and must not be disappointed.”

    She said the machine will work forever. In America, every part can be replaced. Every vital fluid can be found, everything kept clean. What has been done once can be done again. What has been achieved can be repeated.

    She said “You will die only by an act of will. As long as you are alive, Hitler has lost.” All of these things were encouraging.»
    —Donald Moss, “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Man: Psychoanalysis and masculinity” (page 46)

    *Vide: Chapter 4 of Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique to learn more about whence originated Freudian “psychoanalysis” as a [pseudo-]science, upon which 20th century psychiatry was built…

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