Joe Biden: Climate Change Is The “Greatest Threat” To U.S. Security

I don’t think Joe Biden has any idea how radically the world that we take for granted has changed across history and will continue to change regardless of our actions.

FOX News:

President Biden warned military servicemembers Wednesday that top Pentagon officials consider climate change to be the “greatest threat” to America’s national security in the coming years.

“When I went over to the tank in the Pentagon when I was first was elected vice president with President Obama, the military sat us down and let us know what the greatest threats facing America were, the greatest physical threats,” he said. “This is not a joke. You know what the Joint Chiefs told us the greatest physical threat facing America was? Global warming. 

“There will be significant population movements, fights over land, millions of people leaving places because they’re literally sinking below the sea in Indonesia, because of the fights over what is arable land anymore,” he added. …”

Here in the South, the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico has advanced into and out of the Gulf Coastal Plain at least 20 times over the past several million years. The delta of the Mobile River used to be beyond Dauphin Island and what is now Mobile Bay is a flooded river valley. Florida is a relatively recent development and the world is a lot cooler than it has been throughout most of history.

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  1. The “Climate Change” delusion shows no sign of dying out, it’s been going strong for 30 years now. It really has replaced the role of religion for atheist leftists.

    • Then his dad appeared…Joe my dad said “cow farts will kill the earth.”

  2. “Climate Change Is The “Greatest Threat” To U.S. Security”

    What happen to ‘WHITE supremacy’, I thought that was the greatest threat to the US ?

  3. This is following the same pattern as the overpopulation scare of the 1970’s.

    Create a big scare, mindful ppl take drastic measures (not having children), then ignore the previous fear and allow mass immigration of pregnant roaches.
    This time, put high taxes on all fuels, then encourage the use of more fuel.

    Again, this is the pretense to justify a gigantic tax scheme.
    Zog desperately needs a massive infusion of new tax revenue.
    Then zog will use those funds to finance more of their social perversions.

    • Then they tell us that we need to import millions of third worlders or our economy will die and social security will go broke.

  4. Normally that last video shows the US moving west into the pacific to form the Atlantic. In the video Europe moves East and the British islands form from New Foundland and sort of appear. All Biden was doing in speech was telling whitey to accept a flood of niggers. How is he any different from a slave trader after all?

  5. 1 million years ago, Wisconsin was under a mile of ice.
    40 million years ago, Wisconsin was a tropical forest.

    Obvious cause, dinosaur farts.

  6. I always looked at Biden as an opportunistic career politician who would adopt whatever policy is necessary to be elected. In that reapect I viewed him as a highly successful democrat (with a little ‘d’) or conman (same thing). But increasingly I look at him as basically a buffoon.. Actual soldiers had to be laughing at him after this speech.

  7. Wait. I thought he said “white supremacy” was the greatest threat to National security. Is he now saying that white supremacy causes increased carbon dioxide emissions? Will they leave “white supremacists” alone if these bogeymen start buying carbon credits?

  8. Didn’t they just tell us “White supremacy” is the greatest threat to national security? Can’t these psychopaths get their lies straight?

    • The White Supremos are staying home watching the fall of civilization on their mobile phones, so they had to go with something else.

  9. A lifetime environmentalist, I was, in the late 1980s, an early adherent and devotee to what was then termed, ‘Global Warming’.

    As time went by, however, and after I did more and more research, I began to realize that not only was ‘The Science’ NOT irrefutable, it was was being unduly commingled with a political intent to destroy what little was left of the sovereignty of White Western Countries.

    Unfortunately, that’s how they do it – take a set of truths, blend it finely with some lies, then broadcast it at you 24/7, until you have become Pavlov’s Dog, for their point of view.

    As to those who wish to use this complex set of theories to justify how they wish to rebuild this society, particularly my Southern Society, I cannot continue to exist in the same country as they.

    No, I will not wear a mask, not eat Cicada Scampi, not redo my 18th century house to Modern Leftist standards, not watch athletic games with anti-White messages, not adjust my pre-WWII Southern jargon with their endless new semantick list, nor will I reverse what I taught my girls – always be kind and polite to everyone, but, never allow yourself to think that you are just another cookie-cutter part of one Human Race.

    • “that’s how they do it – take a set of truths, blend it finely with some lies”

      Bingo !
      You have it.
      The propaganda works just like baited poison,
      put some poison in the middle and wrap it with meat.

      Meat to conceal poison, truth to conceal lies.

    • Holy crap, you have children? Please, God, make it that by writing “my girls” he’s being like those fat women who refer to their breasts that way and he’s talking about his man tits, or that he’s referring to the 16 cats who share his decaying doublewide as his girls. No one who writes as bad as this should pass their genes on to future (gulp) writers.

  10. I thought “White” supremacy was the biggest threat to US security? I guess Joe is forgetting or doesn’t remember what he said.

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