Poll: Support for White Nationalism Surges In Oregon

Occidental Dissent has been in a bullish mood in 2021.

We’ve been saying all year that White racial attitudes are hardening. The George Floyd riots, Joe Biden’s embrace of systematic racism and Donald Trump losing the 2020 election has stimulated White America. If we were stagnating in the Trump years, it feels like we are on the cusp of a new surge in “domestic far right extremism” amid trends which are very reminiscent of Barack Obama’s second term.

Check out this good news out of Oregon of all places:

Corvallis-Gazette Times:

Portland Tribune:

Support for explicit White Nationalism has doubled to 11%.

Support for defending the White race in Oregon is up to 40%.

If this is true of Oregon, the trend is likely even more advanced in other states and we have seen polling that suggests White people are getting much more anxious and defensive about race. The recent obsession with banning CRT and the recent popularization of the term “anti-white” is an example of conservatives trying to tap into this bubbling wave of populist resentment.

Note: The poll also finds that support for BLM is down in Oregon.

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  1. “Support for White Nationalism Surges In Oregon”

    It’s surging in the Olde Confederacy, too – Whites in Northeastern North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia making a 180 degree mental turn from just where they were but a few years ago.

    Even old ladies, and not just a few, now talk either in blatantly White Nationalist terms, or in such semanticks as leaves little doubt what they really think.

    Fewer and fewer people are flying the Stars and Stripes and Confederate Battleflags are going up, at house where they have not been on the flag pole since granddaddy died 15 or 20 years back.

    You, Mr. Griffin, are right to be in a ‘bullish mood’.

    Things are looking, up, oh, yes, Sir, they most certainly are.

    • I drove through the Carolinas a few months back and was delighted to see a HUGE Rebel battle flag along the Interstate. It was on a pole that must have been at least 30 or 40 feet in height! I certainly hope the South will rise again, Colonel!

      • @Spahn…

        I am so glad you came through our state and saw the signs of our spine going up!

        A number of our Tarheel Confederate Organizations, in response to the loss of some of our monuments, have resolved to place large, and an ever more numerous number of battleflags all along our highways.

        Our brethren in Virginia are doing so, as well. Huge flags, particularly on North-South highways, are visible to remind every single one whose states these are and what it will take if someone wants to change that.

        If you are driving through again, anywhere near 85, let Mr. Griffin know and he’ll put you in touch with me, so that the wife and I can meet you at an old-fashioned barbecue restaurant and enjoy your company!

        We are rising, Sir, though, we are just really beginning on a process towards reasserting our sovereignty that may take fully 1, 2 or 3 decades, and we must be patient with that, while never flagging or allowing ourselves to be deterred.

  2. If White Genocide is not real….then why is there exponentially growing hatred in America towards Native Born White Working Class Americans?…For example, yesterday at Fort Carson…specifically I-8 Battalion Commander Colonel Rhodes’s anti-white comments towards the White Troops under his command……

    What did Colonel Rhodes say to the White Troops under his command? Answer:Basically, that the existence of White People in America is a hate crime against People of Color….

  3. “Laws to bar heavily armed people at protests”

    That’s a straw dog question based on a straw dog (non-) issue. Even most gun advocates don’t go to political street theater heavily armed or armed at all. The real issue is unarmed masses of people doing armed-style damage just because they are numerous and organized, and face official law enforcement controlled by politicians who are politically sympathetic to them. Namely urban Antifa/BLM.

  4. A friend visited Oregon recently and had this to say:

    Most of the rest of Oregon despises Portland and avoids going there. Corvallis is more like the rest of the state but it is a university town so that skews sociopolitical data. If a local poll in Portland and a poll in Corvallis are showing these trends then you can be sure that support in the rest of the state is far, far higher.

    Oregon has one of the smallest populations of blacks outside Alaska, so almost nobody has to deal with black behavior on a regular basis. This is likely people reacting negatively to the liberal and Jewish PMC who push BLM on everyone. BLM signs are most prominent near synagogues in Portland.

    Much of Oregon retains its Appalachian pioneer heritage. People tend to be centrist Democrats who care about economic issues. The Democrat governor was elected with barely 50 percent of the votes and there are constant recall campaigns going on. Even individual black workers and business owners will say in private that BLM has not done anything to help them.

    The general collapse of social space and the COVID lockdown (Oregon still requires masks everywhere, though this is ignored much of the time) have meant that most people can’t or don’t talk about these issues in public. “Public sentiment” is crafted by marketing firms in major cities who falsely portray normal centrist White Americans as a small minority. The truth is the opposite, and it is helpful and morale-boosting to have websites like this one pointing out that we are in the majority.

    • BLM is not about helping Blacks. It’s about gulling them into being cannon fodder for the Racial-Marxist coup. Their ostensible leaders are handsomely rewarded by those who really pull the strings…

  5. This is not unusual based on what I have observed in other Western countries since the 1990s. Usually around 6% of the white population will reliably vote nationlist. When a nationalist party is rising, it may reach as high as 20%. Then the other parties will join forces to defeat the nationalist party. After the nationalist party is gone, support drops back to single digit figures.

    What we are seeing in Oregon is the Antifa rioting in Portland effect. Antifa are so repulsive, they are actually recruiting for their enemies. Wait until whites understand what Critical Race Theory is, let alone suffer from its policies, then those numbers will rise again. The other side is either dumb, or they think they have the numbers to win, and so don’t care about the good optics of pretending to be anti-racist.

  6. “Laws to bar heavily armed people at protests”

    Obviously, 68 to 74 percent have not heard of the 2nd Amendment.

  7. Oregon never had black slavery,
    Or problems with blacks……..

    Haha haha.
    Because the Oregon state constitution forbid blacks or mulattos from living in the state,
    Part of the conditions for entering statehood.

  8. “Support for defending the White race in Oregon is up to 40%.”

    I didn’t see that. 40% is good. When whites get tired of all the anti-white shit, they will vote against it. After that it is up to the Republican Party to do something about it.

    • The Republican party won’t do anything. It is time for that party to fade into the dustbin of history.

  9. Just an off-topic observation — One of those American flags with the homosexual (rainbow) stripes, instead of the red and white, has appeared in my neighborhood. First one I’ve seen in these parts. At a different house then the blm/passover sign. Not good.

    • @Old Enough…

      In a county of 10,000 people, in The Olde Confederacy, I have observed 2 houses with these symbols up.

      Interestingly enough, both these two house owners are White, NOT Black.

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