New Rising: David Sirota: BlackRock, Koch Robbing Future Homeowners

We’re open to the idea of class politics and ending the Second Gilded Age. We just don’t see that happening in the Democratic Party which has become the PMC party.

Daily Poster:

“Billionaire Charles Koch’s foundation has bankrolled three conservative legal groups leading the court battle to eliminate prohibitions against tenant evictions during the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, Koch’s corporate empire has suddenly stepped up its real estate purchases during the pandemic — including making large investments in real estate companies with a potential financial interest in eliminating eviction restrictions.

In the last few months, the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Pacific Legal Foundation, and the New Civil Rights Alliance have been pushing federal courts to strike down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium, which is designed to protect millions of Americans from being thrown out of their homes during the pandemic. The groups have so far won two rulings. …”

In a nutshell, this is the problem with the Republican Party.

The governing ideology of the party is antiquated and deeply unsuited to the current Republican coalition. Conservative institutions are funded by libertarian billionaires like Charles Koch whose values, interests and politics are out of sync with both the Republican base and the wider electorate. Finally, the politicians are owned by these people and their staffers come from these institutions.

The typical Republican voter is engaging in backlash politics and voting against the Democrats because of toxic culture war issues, not for Charles Koch or Ben Shapiro’s ideology.

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  1. This is one of those internet hoax stories. But, don’t believe me. Send Blackrock an e-mail and ask if the story about them bidding up the market in single family homes is true?

    Now it maybe that “Blackstone”, not “Blackrock”, a really greasy bunch of Jews, is doing something shady for one of their “partners”? Not that Blackrock isn’t employed by people like the Koch family, the Mellon family etc. etc. Blackrock is basically Jews employed by gentiles. Where Blackstone is various Schwartzmans etc. Blackstone is bad news!

    Maybe there is something going on in Las Vegas where a zoning change has not become public?

      • That’s the facts. Often times big money gentiles employ Jews. Even Richard Mellon Scaife had a Jew lawyer who often acted as his spokesman.

  2. Even though I live far out in the Olde Confederate Boonies, where few wish to live, houses go on the market and are gone a day or two later – whereas up until recently they would stay on the market for months and, even, for years.

      • Dayumm. I at least adopted the mindset of the South (Family, Folk, Faith of my fathers- i.e., pre-schism Orthodoxy), when I moved here, having already loathed everything the Land of 10,000 Loons held as ‘good’ and ‘noble’ – including my family’s last allegiances to the Lutheran cult…. But if Californication comes to the South, y’all are gonna need to mandate re-education centers, before letting those Yankees engage in voting, or getting a driver’s license.

        Oh, and it’s not just Blackrock that’s sold you a bill of Goods. Fauci, CDC, Gates etc. just had us buy the crap vaccine, too..” The time for beating around the bush is over. The time for balanced discussions is over. The time for investigations is over. We don’t need any more candy-ass investigations. We need to haul these mass murderers before citizen tribunals and bring the hammer of justice down.”-

  3. This is a bigger issue than this “culture stuff” by a mile. When they buy up everything because people are cash strapped, eminent domain is next for whatever projects these oligarchs desire.

    When the White middle class becomes renters who decides who your neighbors will be? They will.

    We are intentionally distracted by things that either do not matter or we can not control while the Kochs, Soros and others play with us like puppets by inserting this or that into the public discourse.

    Culture, woke, militias, whatever are catnip. If we got money out of politics, these billionares and corporations would not have this kind of influence and control.

    Citzens United (corporations are people and money is free speech) was the most odious policy the republican party every conjured up.

    • Vickey,
      “This is a bigger issue than this “culture stuff” by a mile.”

      Although it may not seem obvious, all these things are interwoven.
      Cultural decancy and economic decay tread in each others footsteps.

    • “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson

      Just another part of Kalergi Plan USA…

  4. They are buying up trailer parks too. They love the low end. They love tormenting the poor.

    • Sure, they can keep jacking up rents.

      Notice, pushing micro-homes, for the past 10 years ?

      Put 5 micro-homes on each trailer pad, then charge 2000/mo to live in a 8×10 garden shed, in squalor. Keep bringing in immigrants, to force rents ever higher.

  5. I was originally one of those low tax, limited government conservatives. The genesis of my beliefs was not any kind of concern for billionaires, but rather feeling threatened by the unending demand for gibs by the parasite classes. This is coupled with the observation that benefits usually designed to help “working families” inevitably end up getting diverted.

    I now see the problem of the oligarchs, but most conservative voters may never get over their visceral disdain of the welfare leeches and illegal alien looters.

    I really don’t think that many conservatives care about protecting the Billionaires.

    • After financially and actively supporting Trump in 2016, we realized sometime in 2017 that both he and the republican party were a scam, but worse our town changing during Covid when our republican govenor opened way early and non-whites trickled in to shop and hit the bars.

      We were fine bartering and working for cash during the lockdown. Anyway, a property several lots down had been for sale and all of a sudden what appears to be a mixed mulatto family was moving in.

      Must have been done online because I’m at home and never saw those people before they came with a UHaul. I do not know if they own it or rent.

      Unless you live back here no one knows this area exists. At least they didn’t.

    • “If Blackrock is willing to take the risk of leveraging up to buy single-family housing at above-market prices, that their prerogative. So long as they own the downside risk. No bailouts. Ever.” Shapiro

      That lying fkn k*k*. He knows Damn well that blackrock is using federal funds. It was part of the covid recovery plan. He knows they will be first in line to demand federal bailouts, via their bought senators…..TOO BIG TO FAIL !

      As to the Koch brats, Robert Koch made a big mistake, leaving those two punks any money. If they had to work for a living, they might have been grounded in reality.
      (Robert Koch made the primary fortune and seemed realistic , he hated communism, having worked in the USSR.)

      • The bail out Shapiro referred to is already in place anyway, at least in areas with public water and sewer. Its called Section 8. Section Hate (Whitey that is)

  6. Blackrock is one of the Jewiest companies out there right now. So, of course, Sirota (who is Jewish) starts talking about the Kochs to take some of the attention off the Blackrock story. The Kochs are the favorite go to gentile boogeymen for Jewish leftists while they completely ignore all the Jewish vulture capitalists.

  7. They’re ripping little Benny the jew apart on GAB for supporting his follow “Whites” at blackrock.

  8. Because of zero interest rates a lot of people are trading up, this is natural and to be expected.

    This is also a good time for 1st time home buyers, who want to take advantage of zero interest rates. It’s just a matter of shopping around, and not being afraid to say no, or making a below asking price offer.

    The only way that a big outfit like Blackrock might get involved in residential property, is if there was a zoning change and they wanted to buy single family homes to build a casino, or resort hotel, or something of that order on the property. I could see that happening.

    Remember: There are 1000 Million in a Billion.
    There are 1000 Billion in a Trillion.

  9. Aoc may be a lunatic but even lunatics hit the Mendoza line( baseball reference still used for a guy named Mario Mendoza back in the day hitting a paltry .200 batting average). That is Aoc. She is quite correct when she says we don’t need billionaires. Or at the very least, tax them at 80% percent over a billion.

    What is the point of people so stupidly rich? Basically to own everything as they worship themselves. Guys like Bezos are just doing stupid things now because they passed obscenely wealthy a while ago. It seems only Warren Buffet, worth about 80 billion, lives a normal life still in the home he bought decades ago in Omaha, Nebraska. He is rather odd politically backing guys like Obama but I admire his down home attitude. But he too should be taxed very high after the first billion.

    I remember our hideous President Biden saying how America can ” fit” more people in through immigration as if becoming a place like China or India is desirable with hordes of people squeezed in. That is exactly the goal of some of these oligarchs. Stuff people in like cattle into cramped housing quarters and apartments. All these monsters care about is more cash.

    There is nothing more gross and piggish than seeing a 75 to 80 year old insanely wealthy guy speaking of cutting back or tossing people out or firing them because ” muh profits” are not enough. Hey old geezer, your time to leave this world permanently is nearly upon you. At least show some grace, humor and courtesy in the way you treat others and acknowledge you don’t need any more cash!!

    So getting money out of politics would be a great thing as well as heavily taxing anyone worth over 1 billion dollars. Really..what is the point of having more. So you can brag like Trump or do dumb crap like Bezos?

    • ” only Warren Buffet, worth about 80 billion, lives a normal life still in the home he bought decades ago in Omaha”

      That’s only one of his homes.
      He lives with his mistress , in other homes.
      He spends over 5000 a night on hotel rooms.

    • Warren Buffet is the scumbag who got the pipeline shut down, because he had invested in oil tanker trains to bring in the oil. He donated handsomely to the Democrat Party to effect this which is why, first shot out of the box, Biden – the best politician that money can buy – shut down the pipeline, wiping out the jobs of hundreds of thousand of pipeline workers as well as any ancillary businesses that sprung up to service those workers.

      To hell with Buffet and his Aww, Shucks, Ma’am faux hostility. He’s another one of the rich who deserve to be put on trial for capital treason, and have all their wealth confiscated and redistributed to Americans whose jobs were lost to the policies they bribed our corrupt politicians for before they and the politicians they bribed are publicly executed by hanging.

  10. No financial company should have more than 10 billion in assets, it’s too dangerous.

    “Big banks are more dangerous than standing armies”……jefferson

  11. Like gates, turner etc. buying up all this farmland, it should be outlawed.
    No one should own more farmland than they and their immediate family can farm.
    We are going backwards, to the old feudal land barons.
    They will control the food supply and set the prices to exploitive levels.

    • Feudal Lord’s had to physical fight to keep their Earldom, Shire, March, Duchy. Would be better for everyone if we went back to that.

  12. If your career prospects are dependent on frequent relocations and changes of employers or gigs (and many people’s are) then buying a home probably isn’t wise anyway. It’s sad, but true and also adversely affects family formation.

    • “also adversely affects family formation”

      TERRIBLY !

      By the time a young couple have enough money for a house, they are far past prime child rearing years.

  13. Ppl don’t realize this, but the low interest rates ‘to stimulate the economy’s are causing institutional investors to overprice stocks and land , in an ever desperate race to seek return.

    In prior decades, they would go to bonds and debt paper, but the current returns are zero. So now, they are going to stocks and land, seeking appreciation.
    This is creating dangerous bubbles.

    • In Capitalism the profits of Big Business are privatized but their losses are socialized through taxpayer-funded bailouts and subsidies. That’s basically all I know about how the economy works.

  14. The Kingfish was a charismatic fellow, he probably would have mastered the medium of television had it been widely available in the 1930s.

  15. I see some here still covet what they don’t have.

    Sure, tax the handful of billionaires at 90% so the government can pay for gender reassignment in the Military.

    Jesus, if you want their money SO BAD, then use your white brain and concoct a plan to TAKE it like some fearless negro takes a Mercedes from an unsuspecting dupe in a parking lot in Birmingham.

    Don’t worry, these billionaire/millionaire home buyouts don’t include your 20 year old dilapidated double-wide.

    • Gunny. I find it funny you are defending billionaires. Something you or virtually all people will never be. Not sure why you are defending people who often pay little to no taxes. Unless you are one of those people who actually thinks in your deepest dreams you will be one.

      What we need is a strong middle class. Not billionaires. Sure there are a handful of geniuses in given categories who create things and they are obviously rewarded very well. But in the end what one makes in a salary or being someone like Jeff Bezos is arbitrary. Unfortunately America got off that track and now does all it can to reward the super wealthy while not looking out for the overwhelming majority of people.

      You can make sly comments about the super wealthy not wanting to buy our double wides but in truth you are very wrong. The whole article is about unchecked, greedy, super rich who obviously make a good deal of their money being shady at best. That is why they are buying up homes and turning them into homes you rent and not own.

      But you are defending companies like Blackrock or a Koch because of either brainwashing from conservative philosophy of ” bootstraps” or you somehow believe you will be one of them. Is it ever enough? So being a 75 year old with 5 billion dollars is not enough? More cut throat and stealing and killing other people’s dreams is fine, huh?

      These are the same bs artists who used to argue for 6 dollar an hour wages while they live large always with the same lie that the company can’t pay more. Again, it’s all arbitrary.

      While you or anyone may respect a super wealthy person’s personal fortune, don’t turn them into GOD. If you look under the hood that fortune was often built on screwing over and taking from others or treating workers generally miserably.

      Billionaires are basically not necessary despite your bootstrap b.s..Or tax them very high after a billion. We used to tax the very wealthy quite high for many years because a booming middle class is where a nation’s best interest is and not watching Bezos and his brother blast off into outer space because he’s aging and bored and it’s all about me, me, me.

  16. I’m surprised that Tucker Carlson has fallen for this story to some extent, but, he did give some “Pedro” 4 minutes to tell it. LOL.

    We are in a lot worse shape, than I thought we were in, if Jews like Blackstone or Blackrock have talked the likes of the Koch family, or the Mellon family into attempting to corner the residential real estate rental market as many of you have expressed.

    Let’s say you can buy 4 homes for a million dollars in Jew Acres or Hindoo City (Cary), North Carolina, for a mere billion dollars you can buy 4,000 homes. Now there are roughly 95 million homes in the US you have a long way to go to corner the residential housing market.

    Then there are problems like the maintenance of your 4,000 homes, taxes on your 4,000 homes, collecting the rent, and a hundred other unforseen circumstances. So maybe, you could have invested your Billion in something less problematic.

  17. “Now there are roughly 95 million homes in the US you have a long way to go to corner the residential housing market.”

    You don’t realze , the small margin moves the market. 90% of homes are static, not on the market. 10% or less are in play.
    Plus, the entire market is super-overleveraged.
    A catastrophe, waiting to happen.

    • Proverbs 18:2 ESV / 51 helpful votes
      A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

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