Jacobin: We Need Class Politics to End Our Second Gilded Age

I don’t even disagree with Matt Karp.


“The third thing to note is class de-alignment and the Democratic coalition’s removal from its New Deal–era base, or even its 2008 working-class base. The point of my article was that, leaving aside the Democratic Party’s long-term change from the party which most working-class people supported, you don’t have to talk about the difference between Biden and FDR or LBJ. You can just talk about the difference between Biden, the Biden coalition, and the Obama coalition. This difference is striking in places like Michigan, where Barack Obama rolled up massive working-class majorities among black voters in Detroit and among white workers in the old auto-industrial areas. Biden underperformed dramatically in both those groups of workers, and he compensated by winning traditionally Republican suburban managerial-class strongholds. …

The Democrats haven’t really failed. They’ve done exactly what they wanted. Chuck Schumer has made it clear a hundred times: This is the coalition that his wing of the Democratic Party wants, precisely because it affords the party a stable voting base that isn’t dependent on real economic redistribution. But it will support the piecemeal social reforms and “one step forward, two steps back” economic changes that we’ve been discussing. …

That being said, these are the artifacts of certain kinds of political struggle. And if you look at the difference between the Obama campaign and the Biden campaign, you see not just broader trends that are working against class politics, but you see the calculations of Chuck Schumer. You see the political rhetoric, the style, and the milieu of the Democratic Party from those ubiquitous “Love is Love” lawn signs — which don’t mention any material issues — to the party’s various positions on economic versus social issues. You also see the extent to which it offers direct hostility to labor, or a very soft support …”

Thomas Frank predicted this.

The Democratic strategy is to court and consolidate professional managerial class voters in the suburbs by leaning hard into social liberalism and turning American politics into an endless culture war. The goal is to gradually become what used to be the old Republican Party. They’ve succeeded in adding Wall Street, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Red Dogs to their coalition.

Behold, the new FDR that is Joe Biden. What has he done with the White House and Congress? He could walk into the Oval Office and do student loan debt relief with his pen and a phone like Obama. He refuses to do that. Instead, he used his pen and phone to end the Remain in Mexico policy and blow up the border, which is his single biggest political liability. He moved with lightning speed to kill the Keystone Pipeline and to protect “trans women” in women’s sports. He has trimmed his sails on everything he promised on economics and health care – the most popular issues where he has the most support on the Right and Center – which would move the country closer toward social democracy.

As we saw yesterday, the future of the Democratic Party can be seen in Virginia which has a larger than average population of these college-educated, upper middle class suburban shitlibs. Virginia politics has devolved into toppling Confederate monuments, CRT and restricting gun rights. California and Virginia haven’t gone “socialist” under Democrat rule. NOVA has zero interest in “socialism” or social democracy. Silicon Valley isn’t anywhere close to “socialism” or social democracy either. Wealthy shitlibs rule California and Virginia and those states are being brought into line with their preferences.

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  1. If the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed….Native White Folks still a 90 percent racial majority on Nov 3 2020……None of the open hatred of White People would be on the scale that it is today……..it would just undetectable noise in the background……Nonwhites are the Voting Bloc Power of the Democratic Power…..direct consequence of 1965…….1967 is the future for Native White Folks within the borders of post-White Majority America….Why did Native White Folks take the risk?

  2. The fatal injection for the west was 1913. The Germans fought bravely to defend Europe but here we are anyway.

  3. Class politics is only part of it. Read this.


    The West, and Asia too I guess but who fucking cares about them, is dying of its own bullshit egalitarian worldview. This cornball frog acts like that number 1.8 births in france means every couple is having 1.8 kids. They aren’t. Conservative rural and traditional couples are having four or five while the urbanite scum abort 4 or 5 and keep one as a vanity accessory.

    The hostile population being imported to make up for the shitty urbanites is making war against other working class people, who then bear the brunt of their toxicity and civilizational incompetence.

    This asshole frog is lacking awareness. He isn’t representative of anything but other jaded intellectuals who are too busy writing articles with bad logic, when they should be bending their neighbors wife over a table, if not their own of course.

    Meanwhile, the bulk of who actually identify as French, German, Scandinavian or even American still have skin in the game and are increasingly itching for a fight to keep things that way.

    The problem isn’t that there’s no France to fight for. Its that intellectuals are gay and just like pandas won’t fuck to save their own species.

    Intellectuals are more than 90% of our problems as White people. Life isn’t that complicated.

    Do the White race a favor and stuff an intellectual in a locker today.

  4. This guy is a fucking hero.


    Tell him there’s no France left to fight for. No. If a guy like this has the stones to do this to that simpering cougar bait faggot macron, France lives.

    The West lives. The White race lives.

    Class warfare isnt the half of it. Yes, our elite and intellectuals must be ridiculed and destroyed utterly. They are gay and useless and have failed posterity, and failed all mandates of nature.

    Our race needs a Spring cleaning.

  5. China has debunked all of western political science and economics. According to orthodox neoliberal theories, China should be broke and politically falling apart at the seams, because they don’t do “liberal democracy,” yet they continue growing and becoming stronger whole the neoliberal west falls apart.

    • Orwell wrote the Lion and the Unicorn about this. Planned economies are superior. Especially a planned war economy. Particularly one that doesn’t advertise the hardware at all.

    • China has the magic sauce of racial cohesion that acts like gravity to gently pull everything together for the common interest.

      I envy the Han Chinese for that cohesion.

      We (as White people) are vulnerable to them though, and they must be mistrusted.

      The pervasive undercurrent of neo-maoism on the left here in the U.S. is a direct result of the influence of the Chinese and can be seen in its effects going back before Hanoi Jane and the Vietnam War, to the Weather Underground and the maoist movement here mid 20th century. The perfidious influence of the Chinese in support of the American Left is well understood, and people like Bill Ayers now pull the Strings in the Democratic party that runs the country.

      People on the “right wing” here fanboy about the Chinese. They refuse to view them objectively on a racial basis because they have the cohesion we wish White folks did. Instead we get all hung up on the Jooz as the only explanation, when it really is alot more complicated than that.

      Chinese racial cohesion is a direct threat to us because they, like the Jooz and Blacks, hate us because we are White, and Christian, and are a threat to them.

      I’ve never seen anybody on the Altright talk honestly about the Chinese Question, and I wonder if that isn’t because there’s Chinese money floating around on our side too helping to sow discord and keep the right from seeing whats happening. We are being colonized by a maoist 5th column in our own country that yes, is being faciliatated by Jews and Nogs, and our own shitty urbanite liberals and their brats, but is really coming from that same great power struggle between our decrepit Anglo Empire, and the Han Chinese.

      The Boomer conservatives instinctively know the Chinese Communists are a threat. They just don’t understand why. They think its ideological. Its not.

      We are supposed to be the ones shining light on these issues, but our “intellectuals” have a hard on for China.

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