CNBC: More Pets Are Eating Insect-Based Food To Fight Climate Change for Their Owners

If these people had it their way, you would be eating the same stuff as their dogs to reduce your carbon footprint in a futile effort to control the weather and fight climate change.


“What do black soldier fly grubs taste like? Stilton and cheese biscuits. At least that’s how British start-up Yora Pet Foods describes its dog food made from the bugs.

Established in 2019, Yora introduced the first insect protein pet food sold in the U.K. Targeting environmentally conscious pet owners, it expects to have shipped over 200 tons of product to more than 200 countries and generate sales over $2.8 million. Its business is part of a movement in which manufacturers in North America, Europe and beyond are trying to make pet food more sustainable and environmentally friendly by using proteins from insects instead of animals.

“We expect that as consumers become more conscious of their own carbon footprints — and the carbon ‘pawprints’ of their pets — insect protein will be embraced by more and more pet owners as a viable and marketable alternative to traditional meat,” says Yora managing director Glenn Rankin, adding that pets consume an estimated 20% of meat and fish in their countries. …

For many people, though, bugs are less than appetizing. By comparison, getting our furry friends to feast on insects might be a walk in the park. Start-ups and long-established companies are introducing bugs to change the pet food market, which was worth some $42 billion in the U.S. in 2020, according to the American Pet Products Association. …”

BTW, the world is still technically in the Pleistocene Ice Age, which began about 2.6 million years ago. The planet is actually relatively colder today than it has been at any other point in the last 500 million years. We are currently in the Holocene which is an interglacial period. There have only been five Ice Ages that we know of in history. The planet is normally far warmer than it is today.

Climate change is real and was more dramatic 15,000 years ago than it is today. Back then, the Mississippi River was 80 miles wide in some places. Doggerland was still above sea level and Great Britain was connected to continental Europe. The Black Sea was a freshwater lake. Sundaland connected Indonesia to mainland Southeast Asia. New Guinea and Tasmania were still connected to Australia. Beringia connected Northeast Asia with Alaska which is why American Indians were able to settle the Americas. The American West repeatedly goes through megadroughts and was settled when the climate there was more favorable than normal. Florida used to be much bigger than it is today. It also used to be underwater. The Mediterranean Sea has evaporated several times and used to be a hellish desert. The Sahara Desert used to be bigger than it is today and has waxed and waned across history.

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  1. We are not feeding our Confederate cats bugs, if for no other reason than we do not want them turning blue or left…

  2. Eating nothing but bugs and grass is going to magically change the weather. Not even the craziest shitlib really believes that. It’s all about conditioning you into accepting total enslavement by The Global Oligarchy.

  3. I would love it if the earth’s climate became warmer again. There was a time when Alaska had palm trees like South Carolina and Antarctica was a tropical paradise.

  4. Most pet food is absolute garbage to start, so bugs would probably be a step up for a lot of animals.

  5. Sahara Desert was also a lush savanna, with hippos and giraffes, 8000 BC.

    I told pharaoh those pyramids would cause global warming

  6. Globalhomo msm somehow finds a new way to be more ghey and delusional an completely unhinged fricking weirdos

    • “delusional an completely unhinged fricking weirdos”

      Really good description of (((Western))) media.

      The very reason we need WHITE MEDIA.

  7. Would be a fun irony if the cicada carried a pathogen and killed the lunatics who ate them.

  8. Talk about ingrates, all these people were nourished and grew strong by the cow from the time they were born and now they see fit to attack the thing that feed them and made them strong.

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