New York Times: ‘Take the Ship’: Conservatives Aim to Commandeer Southern Baptists

I’m not a Southern Baptist.

I’m a proud White Southerner though.

Naturally, I support the effort of the “bubbas” to run up the black flag, storm the Southern Baptist Convention, oust the cucks like Russell Moore and David French and seize control of the institution. I would much rather be reporting good news than a sad and pathetic decline into wokeness.

New York Times:

“Allen Nelson IV walked to the front of his small church in central Arkansas, stopped in front of the communion table with three large crosses behind him, and unfurled a giant black flag with a white skull and crossed swords.

For several years, the pastor and father of five had felt that too many of his fellow Christians were drifting unmistakably leftward on issues of race, gender and the strict authority of the Bible. The flag was a gift from a friend, energized — like Mr. Nelson — by the idea of heroically reclaiming the faith.

It was time, he believed, to “take the ship.”

“We’re fighting for the very heart of the Southern Baptist Convention,” Mr. Nelson said in an interview. “For a long time what I thought a good Southern Baptist pastor should do was to send money and trust the system. We can’t do that anymore.”

Mr. Nelson is not alone. He is part of an ultraconservative populist uprising of pastors from Louisiana to California threatening to overtake the country’s largest Protestant denomination.

Next week more than 16,000 Southern Baptist pastors and leaders will descend on Nashville for their first annual meeting of the post-Trump era. It is their most high-profile gathering in years, with attendance more than double the most recent meeting in 2019, after a pandemic cancellation last year. It caps months of vicious infighting over every cultural and political division facing the country, particularly after the murder of George Floyd. …”


Is this what is happening?

If so, I hope they strike a blow for the South and recapture the institution. No quarter should be given to the enemy which has poisoned the church from within.

Note: Look at what has become of the Anglican Church or the Church of Sweden which is so woke it recently declared itself a “trans” church.

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    • My daddy of assimilated Hungarian Jewish stock, and my mama from those early Anglo-Colonists who settled Southern lands, waged the long wars with the Indians, The English Crown, and then the New England Yankee United States’ Government, I came up in a family that attended Presbyterian Church.

      When The New England Yankees forcet integration on us, I was sent to a private Episcopal school, and I belonged to a boy scout troop that met in a Lutheran Church.

      The sum total of all this complex and diverse experience, plus much more, led me to being Orthodox.

      Though The Jew England Yankee Empire has bought our Arch-Patriarch Bartholomew, and is trying to destroy our church everywhere – from the Ukraine, Serbia & Montenegro, to here at home, they are not succeeding and they will not succeed.

      That it is so is not accidental, but, rather, is because The Orthodox Church is undiluted from the earliest Christian times.

      This lack of dilution creates much stronger parapets against the Devil and his minions.

      That said, I am, against Orthodox Rules, affiliated with a local Southern Baptist Church, because there is the centre of my tribe – The White Southern Race.

      And so it was, when the wife and I returned from New England some years ago, I joined this ole-timey church, and not a second too soon, because the reverend and some of the deacons were working feverishly to take the church with Dr. Russell Moore, Al Molders, Beth Moore, and David Platt, over the cliff.

      Not that this reverend and these deacons were not some of the most genuine and godly men you might ever hope to meet, for they were.

      That is the complexity of life – you must fight those who, in all other respects, are admirable men.

      Problem was, however, that they were wishing to mollify The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government and the culture it uses as an irregular proxy to do it’s domestick conquest.

      The views of our reverend and some of the deacons were at best, naïve, and, at worst, out and out scalawaggeddy treacherous.

      To that end, I quietly served by being willing to speak out in a very publick way those things which the conservative and traditional element of our church no longer felt comfortable to say, but, which desperately needed to be said and heard.

      And I said these terribly insensitive things in politically incorrect terms, over and over again, and it caused a great, unpleasant, and bitter battle which rankled more than a few and cost me a lot of good will and some friends.
      That said, I was prepared to pay that price and any other price, because, the way I see it, I am not only fighting for my daughters’ future, I am standing up for all our voiceless ancestors; they who deserve not to have their graves and monuments trampled, our churches and institutions defiled.

      I am happy to report that 6 years later, as of 2021, we won this battle in our old Northeastern North Carolina church.

      The traditionalists are now firmly in control, most of those unaffiliated now with us, and the ‘reformers’ either gone are resigned to the fact that our church, carrying on much as it did in the late 19th century, will continue that way.

      I share this with everyone so that you can know that right near your house are important wars to wage.

      Fight them and win them.

      Be kind to all, but, speak loudly for our faith, our customs, and your race.

      Do not give an inch, or if you must, launch an immediate counterattack to take it back.

      We are not powerless in this fight, but, in fact, still hold the high ground.

      Our enemies do not have the resources to cover local ground, beyond inhabiting those electronic means with which they usurpt our minds in the 20th century.

      This, however, My Friends, is no longer the 20 the century.

      Fight these local wars and win them, and ,if you cannot win, move down here and lend your strength to us, just as we will lend you ours.

      • Ivan- Szervus! I, too, have watched EVERY DENOMINATION with which I have EVER been associated/involved/covenanted/and-or Chrismated into, purposely begin to WORSHIP BAAL.

        As Fr. Seraphim Rose said over forty years ago, ‘In the end, ALL the Churches will worship Antichrist.’ And he, a former Methodist academic, who became a Russian [ROCOR] monk!

        First, it was the RCC- Vatican Eww was the DEATH KNELL of ANY remaining catholicity that Rome EVER had- I watched Latin Masses, and Devotion to the BVM go the way of lesbian nuns, Kumbaya, and sandal-wearing ‘Father Hals’ denouncing the Vietnam War… while Hymnals were replaced with Missalettes (those abominations from hell!) while the downhill slide into TOTAL APOSTASY was as purposeful as it was unconscionable Thank GOD, my mother died well before she could see what her Church had become! Today, you have lone individual voices like Williamson, and Ann Barnhardt telling all us ‘former Catholics’ how utterly untenable being one is, in ‘the present era.’

        Then it was PECUSA- going from the most beautiful liturgical language, music, and architecture known to the Western World, to ‘bare ruined choirs’ and the ‘feedbox theology’ she imbibed from ROME, and watching the Episcopals jettisoning EVERYTHINGthey ever had, and replacing it with what? -the 1979 BCP (!@?)- while the rot proceeded on, even faster! Openly gay organist/ choirmasters, sodomite ‘men’s’ choirs in churches more and more ‘personnel’ by sodomite Clergy as well, with effete attempts at Liturgies with ‘smells and bells’ higher than Everest- while at the same time, in the seventh circle of Hell, became so devoid of the Spirit, that it all became a ‘GAYme’. Then the Priestesses of Sappho invaded, and it was the end… until we got Gene Robinson and Jefferts-Schori! Let the dead bury the dead…

        My collegiate foray into Baptistic reductionistic culture lasted all of six months, but it gave me a taste the Hal Lindsey/LaHaye/Falwell/Robertson Idiocracy known as FUNDIE culture. Even as a 20-something, I wanted some mental stimulation, and not Larkin Charts, and LGPE timelines!!!

        Then, after marriage, for a brief time, we engaged in an attempt at confessional Lütheranism- but, no matter which alphabet soup you tried [ELS, LCMS, WELS] all it was, was the ‘We’re NOT the ELCA’… but “we don’t want to be sacramental Lutherans, either” mindset. The truly Jante law passive-aggressive nature of American Lütherans was made manifest, time and time again, early on in our marriage… “This is most certainly true.”

        What about the Reformed, or the Trad Anglicans? Well, the history of the PCA, that was supposed to ‘save’ the Southern Presbyterians, has become little more than seeker-sensitive Multiculti, ‘yap and clap’ rock band watered-down parody of itself, (and forgot the very ethnic nature of the SCOTS Presbyterian faith, that once was the “Kirk o’ the Celts,”) while the various alphabet soup of the “Continuing Anglicans” think that historic liturgies can be given to ‘the lesser races outside the law’ and Kipling said, and turn Africans into Anglicans- while not trading their heritage for a mess of multicultural potage. FOOLS, all.

        NO WONDER people have flocked to Orthodoxy! Even the Pseudo-dox SCOBA cults…..

        If Fr. Seraphim’s prophecy means anything, it is that the RACE of EUROPE is the RACE of CHRISTENDOM, and NONE OTHER is the RACE OF THE CHURCH. You cannot save souls while geocoding your own race, people! Because, if you do, you are nothing but BLASPHEMERS AND HERETICS, and fall under Seraphim’s curse! And sometimes, when pointing that factoid out, I begin to feel like Elijah, ‘and I, only I am left.’ Because of people’s blindness, either to uplifting their own race, or working to NOT worship at the sodomitical “Asherah” or the “Baal shrines” of the [sic] ‘Sacred Negro.’

        Cambria will not Yield has done a yeoman’s service on this one theme for over a decade, but the Jewish Bolsheviks have now silenced him, and no one seems to give a damn. More’s the pity.

        • @Fr. John+ …

          Thank you so very much, as per usual, for your highly edifying comments, validation, and, as well, for having shared with us some of the complex path you have sojourned.

          I will add a few comments late,r but, for now, I must alight elsewhither!

          Have a great day!

  1. Go for the low IQ hanging fruit. Are there any Baptist churches that don’t support refugee resettlement and open borders?

    • Those churches are also expected to support faggotry and Zionism. Which are pretty much the same thing.

    • @KT-88

      Of all the Baptist Churches in my area, I cannot think of a single church which supports any of the LGBTQ agenda or is preoccupied with Israel.

      There is one Methodist church that is with those agendae, and, as a result, has seen it’s membership fall precipitously off.

      Though Northeastern North Carolinians and Southeastern Virginians are not, as a group, anywhere near so well-apprized as are the majority of those who come here, they have gotten the basicks figure out, about what is going on, and have taken up their positions in the trenches.

  2. One thing that helps us, is that “Wokeness” turns any organization into a snake pit of backstabbing, meanness, and just makes for sheer mental and emotional exhaustion. People just get tired oof it eventually

  3. Our brethren may not win this battle, HOWEVER… that the battle is being waged, has already achieved some success (Jezebel Moore is gone) is a sign that losing is no longer an option we are prepared to accept.

    And once you have that attitude, it is only a matter of time before we win and we win big.

    First the churches, then the schools, then the legislatures and a new confederacy.

    Hip Hip Hooray for Jeff’ Davis!

    • I was pleasantly surprised to see that US 1 in Virginia is called Jefferson Davis Highway, Colonel.

        • Oh, Erring One – just because someone is a heretic, a blasphemer or an ‘Intuhleckshual’ doesn’t mean they are thereby, intelligent. Witness the idiot Wokesters all walking lockstep to the DUMB-o-Crat idio-logy. Q.E.D.

          Even St. Paul said, ‘STUDY to show thyself approved.’ If all you do is listen to 700 club, or Moore’s pronouncements about ‘white sinfulness,’ and/or entertain N-words to your commencements, pulpits, or Republitard Conventions, I can guarantee, you are a fool… but then, so is anyone who listens to liberal Impastors… or Fauci, Gates, or Biden.

      • @Spahn…

        Thank you so very very much, Dear Spahn, for your kind and highly complimentary words!

        If you like knowing about The Jeff Davis Highway, I suppose you ought know that all throughout Virginia, particularly in my Southeastern sector, Confederate highways abound, as do monuments, memorial signs, and, though flags got a bit scarce over the last decade, they’ve started to pop up here and there again.

        One last little bit of encouragement I’ll give you from my area : though we are not a quick-witted or well-studied bunch, once we figure out what’s what hell itself will not move us off a position.

        Though I do not wish to be glib about our situation, I do not think that our enemies truly comprehend with whom they’ve pickt a fight.

        Southerners, though lovers of what is hospitable, congenial, and friendly, are, as a lot, a very very spiteful bunch when we feel aggrieved.

        Lest anyone doubt it, they may consult what happened to our enemies down here in the 1860s and 70s, and, as well, the 1960s.

        No, Sir, once our dander is up, it does not go down.

        Be well!

  4. Everyone here hates my takes on Christianity but I’m not here to take a piss on Christianity [exclusively] here.

    There’s been a lot of evidence of intelligence agencies having relationships with religious orgs.

    What people also always forget is that to get the tax free status as a legally recognized religious org you need to apply and get approved.

    Every religion is required to push the same state department line or get labeled a hate group and have to pay taxes(at best).

    Which is why I always found the Christ answer absurd. Are you talking about the based Jesus that only you know or hippie gay pride Jesus?

    If you told a shitlib christian they’re wrong about their understanding of Jesus’s teachings they’d call you a racist devil worshiper.

    • As long as mainstream Christianity remains Anti-White I’m not opposed to eliminating the 501c exemptions they enjoy. Of course being Anti-White is why they enjoy those exemptions.

      • Did you know that there once was an organization of Protestant independent Churches, who were totally against 502 (c) 3 status? Or that LBJew purposefully chained churches to the erring state, when this was made an ‘option’?

        Now you do….

  5. If these men are successful the NYT, WaPo and CNN will soon be running articles on how the pirate flag is a symbol of racism, homophobia, sexism, etc. The media in this country are our enemy.

    I am heartened to see this offensive. Even though I am not a SB I support this cause.

  6. “Racism” means anything that interferes with White Genocide. Is a “good Christian” supposed to believe that Jesus created the White race to be blended out of existence?

    • That always got me. How can any Christian be okay with miscegenation? Don’t they realize they are supporting the destruction of God’s creation?

      • “How can any Christian be okay with miscegenation?”

        Trust me, they are literally ‘blinded by the god of this age’ – and/or not wanting to be thought, ‘racist.’
        Hell, I know my savior is a White Aryan, and I only worship THAT GOD, alone.

        That’s MY sola. Because Jesus Christ is the Last Adam, he, too, is NOT a (literal) God-damned ‘Jew,’ or an ‘N-word’ …….but a White Man.

        “Santa Claus and Jesus are White”. – Megyn Kelly (remember when that was said?)

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