GOP Rep. Ken Buck Asks FBI Director Why Antifa Isn’t Being Prosecuted

The answer is that the FBI and the political establishment supported the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last summer. There isn’t one standard. If White Nationalists had burned down a single Arby’s, it would have been treated as the worst thing that ever happened since Pearl Harbor.

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  1. Ken Buck is up there with Dick Armey. We make fun of DaQavious, but these cucks have weird names too.

  2. Don’t forget that Jan 6 was about protesting the certification of the fraudulent electoral vote and Charlottesville was about protecting the Robert E. Lee statue. The narrative keeps being twisted.

    • They’re testing the waters with government intelligence backed election fraud. They seek dictatorship, I swear I’ve seen a headline that declared the GOP are plotting to steal the 2022 midterms as if to portray the inevitable outcome as a terrorist plot. I can’t source the article because I can’t find it but be on guard but I hope I’m a paranoid crank.

  3. Terrorism is defined as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. RICO Law, or the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act,” is a law that allows the government to punish individuals associated with criminal activity. Terrorism is an example of racketeering activity. This needs a serious look, as it relates to the mainstream media’s favorable affinity for activities carried out by Antifa and BLM.

    • It would look like Biden’s cabinet. Antifa and BLM report to the highest levels of Occupational Jewry.

  4. BLM/Antifa are basically goon squads used by ZOG to terrorize conservative white patriot types into submission.

  5. This is pathetic. The republican is begging and pleading for the FBI director to throw him some scraps to take back to his constituency but wray didn’t pick up on that until halfway through the questions and by that time he had already committed to not throwing any rhetorical scraps. And then at the end the fbi director realized instead of trying to stonewall/fight him on the point it’s be easier to just say “we’re working on it”

  6. The vast majority of forward-thinking and respectable Aryan-American citizens of the Portland area (and the Pacific Northwest region, in general) are long ago sick and tired of the immoral degeneracies, regressive narcissism, and terror tactics consistently demonstrated by Antifa/BLM and their criminal, neo-communist cohorts who have been trying to force an outward endorsement of Cultural Marxism upon us, the formative minds of our children, and as a tyranny in our communities.

    Don’t believe the outright lies and media blackouts from the MainStream Media conglomerates who try to form and mold a specifically ziomarxist popular opinion: Many of us will stand and fight to rid our cities and neighborhoods from this leftist scourge where possible, and shut down the blatantly anti-White idiocy. We will no longer sleep, or stand by to become victims. Our eyes are open.

  7. Wray is an awfully smug looking bastard and why shouldn’t he be? His biggest problem is groveling Anti-White Republicans like Buck who always manage to condemn Whites who don’t want their race abolished as a “nazis”.

  8. I’m sure there’s a sigil where BLM and Antifa are anagrams of the FBI somehow.

  9. The FBI, like the CIA, should be mocked for hiring fat libtards. No Right-winger should support those horrible organizations.

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