New York Post: Author of ‘White Fragility’ Continues Racial Con Job With New Book

Robin DiAngelo knows her audience.

They are masochists who enjoy being told how awful they are.

It is the people who we criticize virtually every single day on this website: the affluent, college-educated, upper middle class White professionals with modernist, cosmopolitan and antiracist values who live in a wealthy suburb or a large metropolitan area, usually in a coastal state back East or out on the West Coast. These people are the Democrat Independent Liberal Elites (DILEs) or the woke progressives.

New York Post:

“Doubling down on her dangerous claim that all white people are intractably, hopelessly racist, the P.T. Barnum of American race relations is back with a new book — a little light summer reading, if you will — and her premise is a whopper.

The worst of the worst, says Robin DiAngelo, are not those who identify as neo-Nazis or white supremacists or members of the KKK or the Aryan Brotherhood.

No: In her new book, “Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm,” DiAngelo posits that white, liberal, intellectual, coastal progressives — you know, the people who used her first book, “White Fragility,” as an intellectual hairshirt — are the most bigoted, the most harmful, the greatest threat to racial equality.

As a professor of “multicultural education,” DiAngelo is credited with coining the phrase “white fragility” in 2011. Of late she’s developed this into a lucrative career — along with Ibram X. Kendi of “How to Be an Antiracist” and others — teaching white people why they’re racist. Oh, DiAngelo is white.

CEOs of multibillion-dollar multinationals force their rank-and-file to sit through her corporate scoldings ($15,000 a pop as of last summer). …”

These terms are modern day euphemisms for Yankees.

The Great Awokening is merely their latest millenarian outburst. These people are always swept with religious ecstasy and get worked up with self hatred and end up determined to stamp out some great national “sin.” We use that term to describe it because it has happened before.

I’m not comfortable using “Yankee” to describe the problem.

The demographics of the East have radically changed in the 20th century. These people like Robin DiAngelo come from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds. And yet, somehow the Yankee mindset and spirit has survived into the 21st century. We’re dealing with the same problem in a new form. Perhaps we have gone from Puritan to Yankee to PMC in the 20th century or maybe the people who once lived there have just interbred with European immigrants and have absorbed them into their culture.

Here’s an excerpt from Pursuits of Happiness: The Social Development of Early Modern British Colonies and the Formation of American Culture:

“Yet they and their followers among the laity seem to have been animated by a particularly “acute fear of disorder and wickedness,” and they devised a socioreligious system calculated to cope with their overwhelming insecurity in the face of such developments. This system required both “constant warfare” on the part of individuals against their own natural inclinations toward wickedness and the implementation of a social system that would enable men through willful activity, to settle the unsettledness around them, to exert control over a chaotic world.

The world puritans hoped to substitute for the one in which they lived used suspicion and mutual surveillance to achieve a tight social regimen and to suppress individual deviance and sin, to exert tight control over the unruly forces of the market, diminish acquisitiveness and the covetous or frivolous indulgence it engendered, locate every person in an appropriate calling, urge diligence and a careful use of time upon individuals, submerge the rampant assertion of self in a concern for the next world rather than this, and achieve a degree of communal unity virtually unknown in the fluctuating world of early modern England …”

Even today, this is all recognizably Yankee stuff. It is still commonplace in the East. The difference is that God has been subtracted and the next world has been replaced by the secular woke progressive utopia. Otherwise, the fanatical impulse to repress their own “natural inclinations toward wickedness” and the thought policing, guilt culture and ritual shaming has remained intact. This culture of “mutual surveillance” in order to stamp out “individual deviance and sin” is the root of wokeness.

Note: MacDonald King Ashton, the author of Yankee Babylon: American Dream, American Nightmare, explains the origins of this below.

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    • ” They are masochists who enjoy being told how awful they are.”

      Many are raised in this ritual of verbal abuse.

      ( dare this ftard preacher to talk on the sins of churches, the falsehoods and omissions of his trash theology.)

    • I’m not a fan of either but at least with old school christians they had two separate buildings and philosophy’s for religion and politics.

      Modern social liberals are arguably bigger religious extremists because they lack any self awareness that they’re even engaging with religion

    • I don’t mean to be a dick or nothing:

      > Even today, this is all recognizably Yankee stuff. It is still commonplace in the East. The difference is that God has been subtracted and the next world has been replaced by the secular woke progressive utopia. Otherwise, the fanatical impulse to repress their own “natural inclinations toward wickedness” and the thought policing, guilt culture and ritual shaming has remained intact. This culture of “mutual surveillance” in order to stamp out “individual deviance and sin” is the root of wokeness.

      The Paul Washer clip above shows you the Christian roots of a lot of the “we’re all evil due to original sin” – and now the original sin is “racism” and “whiteness.” Biden and many, many others have used the phrase “Racism is America’s original sin.”

      But this impulse is hardly “Yankee.” Paul Washer is Southern Baptist, from Alabama, and considered a super-star of the conservative wing of the Southern Baptist Convention.

      I mean … his illustration about the 18 month old child is actually right on. Everyone knows it.

  1. White boomers skanks have been told for their entire lives that they are victims and don’t see themselves as the perps here. Like water off a duck.

    • @KT-jelly — Not the White “boomer” women I know. They poured their energy and their lives into family life. Random woman bashing by incels is weak and pathetic.

      • “Random woman bashing by incels is weak and pathetic..

        A major part of the jwish scheme, alienate men and women to destroy the family and create
        tortured children.

        What better way to destroy gentiles.

      • Nothing random about bashing boomer skanks. Did I hit a nerve? Worst generation of women in Western History. Jews could not have enslaved us without their enthusiastic support.

        • He had a point, though. Most of the boomer women still made families. The current crop of women are an amplified version of the worst of the boomer women. We allowed this all to happen.

        • November,

          This has to be one of the rare occasions that I disagree with you. A girl is bound to be submissive to her husband but she can still be supportive of male dominance and yet counsel with due respect when an important issue arises. The truth always trumps.

          • Knock him on the side of the head with your comal if you can’t get your man to come around to your way of seeing things.

          • @Cristina,

            Silence woman! Just kidding.

            You’re a Latina, so repressing the urge to express yourself is equivalent to a marxist jew in academia being indifferent to heterosexual White gentiles. It’s just not in your nature.

            Women are much more affected by appeals to emotions and not rocking the boat (agreeableness). Men want the problem solved stoically, even if it requires that the boat take a spread of torpedoes.

            Wise counsel by a wise woman is a wonderful asset. Too bad it’s such a rare phenomenon.

        • November,

          Silence woman is what one of our favorite uncles says to my sisters and me when we talk his ear off. It is true what you wrote about women wanting to be agreeable. I am fairly hardened yet I hate strife. Even arguments on this website sometimes take a lot out of me.

          Well school is out. As soon as my grandmother is out of therapy we will take her to Mexico for awhile.

    • Like White men, during the 60’s Anti-War protests, White women are dealing with a hostile ethnic collective who claim to represent them while fighting against their existential interests, strong nation and a safe environment in which to raise their families, Abbie Hoffmann and Jerry Rubin come to mind.

      Activism was chock full of “Fellow White Women” like Betty Freidan and Gloria Steinem who fought for the “right” of White women to abort their young but were hostile to any White woman who took that “My Body, My Choice” garbage seriously enough to exercise their right to CHOOSE to birth a White Child.

      I guess too many White people were noticing far too early that … EVERY SINGLE TIME .. their race was experiencing an existential policy threat it was initiated by this collective, because like Tim “White Like Me” Wise AKA WEISS and Beverly DiAngelo, they stopped being so open about who they are, i.e. Susan Rosenblatt “White People Are The Cancer of the Human Race” Sontag.

      The average White woman – much like the average White man – is too busy working to support themselves or their family to spend hours, days, and weeks of every waking minute agitating against THEIR own interests especially breaking out their own checkbooks to do so.

      This Antifa/BLM is well-funded and doesn’t serve the interests of ANYONE but those who call themselves our “Fellow White People.” Just because the females of that group don’t wear small hats doesn’t make them one of OURS.

      I have made it a point to immediately assume that any Anti-White statements even without the usual, tell-tale “Fellow White People” calling card are from that hostile collective and disregard. More over, I am gong to make sure that REAL White people recognize you Cryptos as well.

      THIS White woman has a far worse plan for you scumbags than the Red/White/Blue Star-Spangled POGROM you are so paranoid about; I am going to make it my mission in life that EVERY White person has their eyes opened to your hostile, self-serving blather and ignores it with the CONTEMPT you deserve.

    • My web browser’s “find” function spots it as a surname or part of a surname twenty-three times at the following:
      (“Names of Jews in Rome In the 1550’s”)

      Since I have no idea whether there were non-Jews with that name in Rome at that time, I can’t guess whether it tended to be a Jewish name; but in the particular case of this Robin, it is, oddly enough, the surname of her mother, not her father:

      “DiAngelo was born Robin Jeanne Taylor into a working-class family in San Jose, California, the youngest of three daughters born to Robert Z. Taylor and Maryanne Jeanne DiAngelo. Her parents divorced when she was two and the family fell into poverty. When DiAngelo was ten years old her mother died of cancer, after which time she and her sisters went to live with their father.”

      • That alone tells me she’s probably a Jewess,if I knew nothing else.They will latch onto the Jewish parents name and identify as such because they know its power and wealth.The offspring of a Jew and non-Jew almost always strongly identify as Jewish.Thanks Arrian and John Bonaccorsi for the great info.I see our lady with the kinky hair is almost 65 so sooner rather than later she’ll be with her father the Devil.These Jews hate Whites because we are Gods image and they hate our Lord and the master Jesus.They truly are evil.And whats so sick is they reflect it all and call decent Whites evil.I know now why Jesus specifically called them liars,because they lie until the average person is so confused they give up.

  2. I’d like to take her out for a dark Saturday night ride in the back of a pickup truck. Take her out in the woods, shave her head and pressure wash her and then turn her loose at 11:am Sunday in front of The Unitarian Church.

    • Flaxen,

      That was a funny comment you made on how to get a husband to see things the right way. Evidently a lot of men have encountered modern women who are no longer women. I was not chastising November in the slightest just writing that some of us have something worthwhile to say at times.

    • @Heartland
      From what I can gather:- half British/half Italian. I’ll happily stand corrected if ‘Di Angelo’ is some other origin. Her Google search doesn’t mention any Jewish, etc.

  3. That Radio Free Dixie podcast was very good, HW. I’m looking forward to the next one.

    Robin DiAngelo…..yet another neurotic, hideous-looking jewess who both fears and hates the gentiles! Can you imagine what a pigsty her apartment must be? It’s a manifestation of her disordered jewish mind.

    • “magine what a pigsty her apartment must be? ”

      That’s what poor gentile women are for,
      cleaning women.

      Keep the gentiles poor.

  4. I’m going to use that book cover as a riposte next time I am called a racist. Which won’t be long.

  5. “White fragility” is yet another example of jewish projection. “White neuroses”, “white parasitism” and “white scatological humor” are additional examples of this phenomenon.

  6. At least she doesn’t have any children. These insane leftists would naturally breed themselves out of existence, but the culture and education system they have gained control of keeps churning out fresh minions.

    • They let people like her adopt children. Entirely plausible that that is on her agenda at some point soon.

  7. The Left:- ‘all whites are waysists’
    The Left:- ‘diversity and enrichment is popular, so mass immigration must continue’
    Translated:- we’re so racist that multiculturalism is popular enough to warrant ongoing immigration.
    Whenever I try to not be a racist, people like this remind me why I am. It’s just an endless barrage against us.
    Privileged whites in Noo Yoyke often tell poor whites in flyover America that they’re privileged.

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