The Guardian: Ibram X. Kendi: “There’s a Concerted Backlash”

What should we do now that Donald Trump is no longer the president?

My position is that we should continue to stand for the things which we have always believed. We should articulate our values, interests and agenda with renewed vigor. We should criticize Joe Biden and the Democrats as well as the Republicans from that perspective. We should lean into favorable trends which are an opportunity for our views to gain greater traction. Finally, we should try to find common ground with ordinary people and craft a message which can resonate with a wider audience.

The Guardian:

“A whitewashing of history is under way in red state America. Republican officials are proposing numerous laws to ban school teachers from emphasizing the role of systemic racism in shaping the nation.

And every reactionary backlash needs a scapegoat. Conservatives have settled on two prominent people of colour to accuse of indoctrinating American children: Nikole Hannah-Jones, a journalist who oversaw the 1619 Project, and Ibram X Kendi, author of the influential book How to Be an Antiracist.

Kendi believes the movement is a concerted rightwing effort to reverse the racial awakening in America sparked a year ago by the police murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“I do think there’s a concerted backlash from people who recognize that this time last year a growing number of Americans were either speaking out against racism or growing an awareness of the problem of racism,” he told the Guardian via Zoom from Boston. …

About a decade ago, he recalls, a white nationalist conjured the phrase “Antiracist is code for antiwhite” and, along with white supremacist organisations, posted it on billboards in white communities across the US. “And now you have people who claim they’re not white nationalists arguing that those of us who are identifying and recognising the existence of structural racism are actually saying that white people are inherently evil or bad or racist when that’s not what we’re saying. We’re saying what’s inherently bad is racism.” …”

Ibram X. Kendi is blaming the “antiracist is code for antiwhite” meme for the backlash against wokeness and CRT. This is a great example of what I am talking about.

There were a group of White Nationalist activists who started relentlessly pushing this message a decade ago on the internet. Over the last decade, these people have been vindicated by people like Ibram X. Kendi, Robin DiAngelo and the Great Awokening. They successfully framed the issue as “antiracism = anti-white” and saturated the internet in that sort of discourse and when Kendi and folks like him took off those who opposed it out of instinct in the mainstream started using the term “anti-white.”

In the post-Trump era, a huge swath of the White population has developed a siege mentality under Joe Biden. Millions of people now correctly feel under attack for being White.

If the polls are correct, 40% of the population of Oregon is now basically on board with the idea of defending the White race. This number is undoubtedly higher elsewhere:

In such a situation, what should we do?

Once again, it makes more sense to continue pushing forward. We should continue to push our same message and adapt it to this more favorable context. In the context of woke supremacy, the idea that “antiracism is anti-white” is no longer as abstract as it was a decade ago.

Millions of people have seen things over the past year like Portland in flames and the White House under siege which has led them to believe it is true. In fact, it is easy to put the face of Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo on the whole phenomena now. We now have villains who personify this classic message.

This is just one example of what I am talking about. The fact that normies are now worried enough about anti-whiteness for the GOP to have to respond to it should be perceived as an opportunity. Why on earth should we walk away from something that is working simply because it has gained traction among conservatives? If more people have been persuaded by recent events and come around to our view in their own clumsy way and on their own timetable, why shouldn’t we take advantage of that?

What do we believe? What are our goals? What are we trying to accomplish? Is it simply edgeposting? Is it taking positions on controversial issues and pushing those issues until we win the argument?

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  1. Sounds like all the thankless efforts of the late Bob Whitaker and his Bugsters are starting to bear fruit.

    • Great unsung heroes, those folks. Arguing with a Bugster was what ‘converted’ me years ago. They didn’t persuade me they were right – they just incessantly repeated talking points – but countering the ‘white genocide’ thing forced me to realize that although they weren’t marching us off to gulags, we are declining as a population in our homelands and I’m not okay with that. Which was the whole point of their shtick, I think.

      Horus the Avenger also produced some brilliant propaganda videos based on Whitaker’s messaging (I think Whitaker was even the voice of an old Indian chief in one of them.) Too bad we don’t see more stuff like that nowadays.

  2. Ibram X. Kendi, the Jim Jones of Wokeness. This will not end well. You can’t demonize half or more of the population, and their children, without getting a nasty lash back about it. Even many progressives hate this stuff being taught to their kids. He really is an arrogant little snit,isn’t he.

  3. Thanks for everything you’re doing, Hunter. The Republicans, of course, are much more focused on serving Our Greatest Ally than the people of the South. Not sure there is a path forward under the current (that is to say post-Lincoln) system. I’d like to think that the pressure will push governors to act more in our interests.

  4. “There’s a Concerted Backlash””

    No, I wish that the White Backlash were ‘concerted’, but, actually, it is organick, piecemeal, and, so far, very ‘unconcerted’.

    With any luck, however, it will become ‘concerted’, soon enough, because if it does not, those of us who value a European America are going to be in bad shape, very bad shape, indeed.

  5. Hunter,

    Despite the feverish efforts of various groups, the Portland area, and Oregon in general, remain very white areas. I can easily imagine many, or most, of the Pajeets and other new non-whites leaving Oregon and going back to the east coast or shitholefornia under even a moderate amount of political pressure.

    • @Metro…

      As the culture and political wars sharpen, the self-deportations that have already begun, from Blue States to Red and Red to Blue, will accelerate quickly.

      With any luck, the whole reorganization of this country will occur peaceably over the next decade until the last step, political consolidation, comes into play, just like a tree set up to fall, without any actual pushing.

  6. We believe that: Its ok to be White

    Our goal: To secure the existence of our people and a future for White children

    We wish to accomplish: White nations for White people, apart from non-White people and at their expense if necessary.

    There. That was easy.

  7. Kendi is making a mistake repeating the mantra. Its like the BuckBreaking thing. Wtf are these morons thinking?

  8. Now comes the hardest part. Serfs must become the masters. The problem is that masters have authority but serfs don`t.

    Nationalism is at the moment like my drunken neighbor. I agree with everything what he say about local hospital but I will never let him perform my child brain surgery. I consider even bad doctor more competent than this guy.

    With the Government is the same problem. Authority counts. Northing else. Until our enemies can keep educated professional brand , until then our side remains whining peasants who has no business in high position.

    Rebranding is sophisticated thing. When Merkel announces that German science found the cancer cure, entire planet will listen. When Modi announces that Indian science found cancer cure, entire planet bursts to laugh. Absolutely nobody will care about evidence. Authority is what matters .

    This is the reason why Trump is irreplaceable. The other guys have no authority. Yes, they are nice guys and talk interesting stuff but this interesting stuff has only entertainment value.

    No how to rebrand funny serfs to competent masters ? So that people start seriously consider that some of ours can actually replace PMC class.

    Current vax debate is also good example. When tens of thousands professors and academics warning about experimental gene therapy, then people read, listen but nobody cares. When one single dr. Fauci tells in TV that go to vax then tens of millions go to make dangerous experiment. Fauci has authority, his opposition don`t .

  9. @ i find it interesting, that someone who looks like this.kendi dude, is such an expert on people who look like me, mr.Ibram x kendi, once past thee facade, is lacking severely..

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