Brian Stelter: FOX News Wants To Make Fauci Public Enemy No.1

I think the criticism of Anthony Fauci, who recently declared himself the embodiment of “science,” has grown as it has become increasingly clear to most people that he was just going along to get along. Lord Fauci buried the lab leak hypothesis a year ago for the Democrats based on dubious evidence. Even if you hate Trump, he called it the “China virus” and said it might have leaked from the lab and Fauci propping up that false consensus unquestionably had a major impact on the 2020 election.

As for Brian Stelter, his show “Reliable Sources” has become something of a running joke in populist circles. A large part of his dwindling audience are people who tune in every Sunday to catch up on the conventional wisdom of the political establishment. What obsequious thing will Stelter say next? Who in power will he have on his show to suck up to this weekend? Jen Psaki? Jonathan Greenblatt?

Notice how he doesn’t ask any penetrating questions about Fauci. He just gossips about people and discusses the conventional wisdom with Oliver Darcy, a political hack who got Alex Jones banned from social media, and Amanda Carpenter who is a Never Trumper from The Bulwark.

Note: Nate Silver now leans toward the lab leak hypothesis. It is worth recalling that the polls in the last two presidential elections also turned out to be hilariously wrong.

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    • @Terry Smoth,

      Brian Stelter looks like the bastard offspring of Mr. Sardonicus and (((Jason Alexander))). His ears look like they were created on The Isle of Doctor Moreau.

  1. The constant villification of our fellow Americans, no matter how much we disagree with them, is not only a waste of time – it is a destructive distraction that benefits only those who have created the problems we have.

    • Dear sir, it’s always a pleasure to read your gentleman comments.
      You must be some lord of noble Anglo-Saxon extraction. I’m a just a barbarian

      • @Nemo…

        Thank you so very much, Sir!

        You are so very very kind.

        Yes, I am 50% Anglo blood, which I am sure plays into how I feel, though, being a North Carolinian, I believe in treating people with respect.

        That said, my approach to my Christian Faith often puts off my fellow Modern Christians for my tribalism hearkens more to a Dark Ages Christianity.

        Moreover, I do believe war has a legitimate place in human life. In fact, life would have no meaning without it, for everything is a war, practically from birth.

        So, I must be a barbarian with you!

        Thank you again!

    • Dear Terry, you are so very gracious, and I thank you, Sir.

      That said, I was not aiming my comment at you.

      No., Sir – instead of focusing on Fauci, why ought we not focus on a Governmental/Corporate relationship so incestuously crony, that the FDA is manned by those who idea of regulation is ‘how much will I be compensated for my actions and how can I collect?’

      We are not focusing on a system of distorted governance that involves not only the United States’ Government and Big Globalist Pharma, it encompasses the academick system, as well.

      If you ask me, that’s the problem.

      Moreover, why is no one recommending we investigate President Obama when it was his decision to send this perilous and very questionable research to China, of all places, when it was discovered to be going on at UNC at Chapel Hill, and a hullaballoo ensued, because of it’s illegality?

      Moreover, why are we not investigating how it is that President Trump managed to get the FDA to circumvent the normal 10 years research safety period, this in order to get reelected?

      Seems to me, Sir, we have a lot of very very bad behavior, and it is not just a few individuals,but, however, systemick.

      Last thing – where is Congressional oversight on these matters – a decade of, at the least, horrendous mismanagement and a failure to regulate, and, at worst, high level criminal and treachery against The American People, by American officials??

      To hell with the Communist Chinese Party’s collusion in this, My Friend, what about that of the American officials, and the election conspiracy that went along with it?

      This is a controversy far graver in it’s implications that Watergate, yet there is nothing like the political backlash that occurred over that.

      • @ Ivan, good sir, after reading your post and thee questions you ask, from my observation, what i see is a compromised, bought and paid for political system, compounded with a dumbed down, distracted, indifferent population. Our rulers govern this way, quite openly, with no fear of accountability and all thee people require are bread and thee circus, so i shall continue to keep watch.

        • All very true, Dear Terry.

          It will only change when someone insists on the change, and that won’t be coming from the top.

          Lamentably, history shows us that, if governmental change is to occur, it usually has to come from either the middle and or the bottom, and that process is very very unpleasant.

          Fear, sad to say, is a component of life, and, if those at the top have no fear of those below, the whole system, whatever system you have, becomes a nightmare.

          But, then again, this is the founding premise of this country – that, if the 1st Amendment fails, and, indeed, many of the others, then the 2nd & 10th Amendments are there to make the correction.

  2. Why would an asshole who makes a living off of questionable research point fingers at his asshole frankenstein research counterparts at a lab in Wuhan? He should be bloody well removed from his job. The obvious origin of this virus out of a defence industries lab in China is an embarrassment to the prestige of scientists.

      • I vehemently disagree. The real warm gun, and the elephant in the room, is the failure of the so-called public health system in capitalist countries to control the pandemic. Death of the poor is normalized. The Dollar rules.

        • You can watch them in that video spelunking in caves and crawling around in batshit to identify and collect novel viruses. You can also see that they brought those bats to Wuhan

          • Make sure you specifically capture this video and do a granular analysis of what’s in it. The Chinese technicians are clinically insane. How is this research even legal given the evident risks?

        • The video literally shows how the novel SARS virus came out of the cave on tics detached from bats. That’s your natural transmission event.

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