Sky News: Footage Proves Bats Were Kept In Wuhan Lab

I’m shocked.

The WHO investigation which exonerated China which even WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said was too quick to dismiss the lab leak theory turns out to be full of holes.

The Australian:

“The Wuhan Institute of Virology kept live bats in cages, new footage from inside the facility has revealed, disproving denials from World Health Organisation investigators who claimed the suggestion was a “conspiracy”.

An official Chinese Academy of Sciences video to mark the launch of the new biosafety level 4 laboratory in May 2017 speaks about security precautions in place if “an accident” occurs and reveals there had been “intense clashes” with the French government during the construction of the laboratory.

The video shows bats held in a cage at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, along with a scientist feeding a worm to a bat.

The 10-minute video – titled “The construction and research team of Wuhan P4 laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences” – also features interviews with the lab’s leading scientists. …”

Business Insider:

“During the World Health Organization’s month-long investigation into the origins of the pandemic in January, the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention told the team that it hadn’t stored or studied coronaviruses or other bat viruses before the pandemic.

But a video released by Chinese state media just weeks before officials reported the first cluster of COVID-19 cases in Wuhan casts doubt on that assertion.

The seven-minute documentary, aired December 10, 2019, shows Wuhan CDC staff collecting samples of viruses from horseshoe and pipistrelle bats in caves across China’s Hubei province. …”

The key findings here:

  • Actually, there were caged bats in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which had been dismissed last year as a conspiracy theory
  • The Chinese are amateurs when it comes to biosafety
  • The French government was shut out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology after working with China to construct the lab
  • French intelligence had grave concerns about what was going on inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  • There were 15,000 samples of bat viruses
  • The main database of samples and viral sequences of the Wuhan Institute of Virology went offline in September 2019 and never returned
  • There was a shutdown at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in October 2019

Even if COVID-19 wasn’t manipulated through gain of function experiments and became a frankstein virus and escaped through the lab that way, it is possible that a zoonotic jump from bats to humans could have also occurred in the lab through an infected lab worker.

Note: What happened to the person who was rumored on Chinese social media to be Patient Zero? Did they ever find that woman?

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  1. The Wuhan Lab got a $600, 000 contract to collect bats. Do you think $600,000 is enough to fund gain of function research? Nah, the bats were shipped to North Carolina and Tiblisi, Georgia for the gain of function research.

    • Grant receiving science is almost certainly responsible for the release of this virus. There’s no way other virologists will finger point at colleagues on this but it’s pretty obvious that nerdy spelunkers collected the virus samples and got infected.

    • Governments create their citizens’ reality in order to keep the Borg running smoothly, all of which ultimately benefits the oligarchs. We are told who to hate, who to fight, what is worth dying for, etc – this is especially true when it comes to empires, of which the US is one.

      • Nah that video is Chinese military literally showing you how this virus jumped from bats to humans. Their phd and post doctoral researchers. Should have nuked Wuhan in 2019. .

      • Exactly. The so-called “French Republic” run by Bankers and other Oligarchs is not a trustworthy source of information. Nor is Sky “News,” Murdoch’s Fox News for Australians. Like Fox “News” itself, including the very smug, group-thinking Tucker Carlson Show, it serves its Republican target audience a blend of tasty truths mixed with a few crucial lies they must believe.

        The video and the rest of this “news” is too-obvious hybrid war propaganda and I believe none of it.

        • The second video is Chinese military propaganda and they are literally bragging about finding new virus to test. Why not watch?

        • The video speaks for itself. Post doc reseArcher wades through knee deep batshit collecting tics off infected Bats in caves a mile underground. There’s you cough cough natural transmission.

  2. All fingers point to Fauci who had ties to Wuhan and bringing dead animals virus back to life and injecting them into human viruses

    • The evidence points at lab techs in the Chinese military if that last video is anything to go by. It constitutes a confession.

  3. Wait a second… up until just a few days ago the self-styled experts on this subject were ridiculing anyone who still believed that Chinese bats and wet markets were the source of the Wuhan Flu. So now those people who were being ridiculed are vindicated? I don’t know what I’m supposed to believe anymore, except that China was a sleeping dragon that should never have been awakened.

        • It’s just more capitalist-imperial hybrid war propaganda, like the Tiananmen Square Massacre psyop, Soviet Yellow Rain, Iraqi WMD, Kuwaiti babies thrown from incubators, Syrian government gas attacks, et cetera et cetera.

          People full of hate, warmongers, want to believe and amplify these ridiculous propaganda lies that lead to death and destruction.

          The capitalist-imperial war designed to destroy socialism in China is designed to destroy socialism everywhere, and war against Chinese people is war against all peoples.

      • I’d say that video of the spelunking science team into the batcave was a warm gun.

        • Chinese scientists study bat coronavirus diseases for public health reasons, especially after the firstt,”classic” SARS, and then MERS, demonstrated extremely high fatality rates. It would be criminal neglect NOT to do so. Genuine socialism is marked by concern for the health and well being of all the people, not just for a privileged few who can afford expensive for-profit health care.

          • Maybe they were doing that and there was a fuck up in the lab and it escaped because the Chinese have so little experiencing with biosecurity? This lab in Wuhan was only built a few years ago

          • The video shows these nerds going into deep unexplored bat caves collecting tics off sickened bats. The video is on the face of it proof of the “natural” transmission. They must be fucking mad. Watch the fucking thing for once instead of reading off a script.

  4. China mite have created the virus but the democrats in this country that created the panic. Never let good crisis go to waste.the democrats should all go to jail.

  5. I wouldn’t trust an anti-China story from the neocons at Sky News. That part of the world has spawned dozens of new virus strains over the years because of the ridiculously high population density. If it was a lab leak there is no way US intelligence agencies would be unaware of it’s origins and from day one there would’ve been a serious response.

    • The lab itself claims that they have proudly discovered 2,000 of the 4,000 virus knoywn to science over the last decade. They are literally confessing to it in their own military propaganda.

        • It is a confession. Nothing could be more clearly articulated out of their own mouths. They went mad searching for virus. And they fucking found it.

        • Grab that video and repost it but by bit in 30 second clips. These idiots are crawling around piles of bat shit collecting tics off infected bats. If this wasn’t exactly how it jumped species, what was the way it occurred? It’s like cctv footage on a damned burglary ffs.

  6. The only importance of this is that it spoke directly to the credibility of the Trump administration, which had it not been kneecapped even by its own side out of a cynical desire to elect Biden from spite, would have done what business leaders were telling Trump, which was to ride it out and not overreact to what was clearly a media generated crisis.

    Its not for no reason that as soon as Biden took office the pandemic magically began to improve dramatically, even during the coldest months.

    This was a psyop and our big brains either bought the whole thing hook line and sinker, or cravenly shilled the covid narrative because they knew it was the best way to make sure Trump lost.

    Time will tell if the cost of destroying the economy and putting millions of White people permanently out of work was worth it to save some boomers and inner city coloreds from a bad flu virus that in the vast majority of cases causes no problems for healthy people.

    • This misread mass psychology. The left was prepped to wreck everything to stop Trump from tweeting about Mexicans. If it wasn’t this it was going to be something else. A mass strike even. Biden leads a coalition of Darkies and literal treasonous scumbag whites. There’s enough of them voting in the US to win together now.

    • Re: “as soon as Biden took office the pandemic magically began to improve dramatically”:

      Not statistically, because half of the over 600,000 officially-counted Covid fatalities have occurred under Biden. Although in the beginning under Trump there was little or no testing being done, and the virus was present in at least some U.S. cities as early as December, bringing the REAL total number of fatalities in the U.S. to about 900,000, so far.

  7. The accelerationism thats resulted from the Biden admins radical and open hatred of White people is an unalloyed good, and I won’t countersignal that its worth it to wake up Whitey.

    But everybody that supported Trump believes two things now, the election was stolen and Covid is a psyop to one degree or another.

    The “right wing” positioned itself on both of these issues in opposition to the White working classes common sense instinctive reaction to both of these attacks on White sovereignty.

    Thats a colossal fucking mistake several orders of magnitude larger than marching through a college town with a tiki torch screaming nonsense about the Jews not replacing us

    I take no pleasure in repeatedly pointing it out. The “intellectuals” in this thing remain dangerously disconnected from meatspace where White people actually live, and its going to keep biting us in the ass letting people like this set the tone and rhetoric.

    Autism is no substitute for organic understanding. You know you goofed if Andrew Anglin is the lone character who’s positions are being daily vindicated (just on these points, god damn I hate fucking admitting that faggot was right about anything….), while ours have to be retconned because we ran with the governments narrative on what was obvious bullshit, that Covid was a psyop, and the election was stolen.

    Our “Populist” bonafides are contingent on being alligned with the pipulace we claim to represent. On these, the two most important events of the last decade, we totally miscalculated.

    The Alt Lite, and Conservative Inc. got this right too.

    I would strongly suggest mea culpa, as the internet never forgets, and retconning is a bad look for people who want to market themselves as White advocates.

    • LMAO.

      Have you seen his blog lately? He has descended into full crackpot nuttery. Virtually everything he said about COVID: SWAT teams would go door to door and inject people with the vaccine, it was “just the flu,” millions would starve to death from the lockdowns, it was a massive worldwide global hoax with millions of people pretending to have been infected was false.

      A year later, the death toll is over 600,000, the vast majority of people know someone who has been infected by COVID and the lab leak theory has gained traction. BTW, Anglin’s position is that the virus didn’t escape from a lab. It is a HOAX. Yes, the whole world is in on the conspiracy

      • He claims that all of the deaths attributed to the virus were actually caused by other conditions (because the virus doesn’t exist). Then he claims that every death that has occurred since April has been caused by the vaccine.

        • He has turned the website into a conspiracy / anti-vaxxer hub. He is just trying to grift off those people and is throwing shit against the wall to attract an audience

          • I’ve read a few articles where he started out writing something thoughtful, genuinely good articles, but then halfway through he writes something like “but none of this matters now because the virus regime is never ending and they won’t allow you to leave your house ever again.” Then the second half of the article descends to Bush era evangelical conspiracy theories about vaccines being the mark of the beast.

      • Its hard to separate his bullshit for sure. But the consistent thread has been skepticism for the covid psyop, which I share.

        There is mounting evidence that deaths were cynically ascribed to covid just because the person who died was tested positive for covid. Which casts serious doubt on the “death count”. This was done because insurance was paying premium on covid cases, leading to a profit motive to distort the figures.

        There is mounting evidence the tests that were the baseline for the positive test figures were misused, through over cycling. This has been known for half a year or more.

        I doubt the death figures you spent all last year daily detailing. I doubt half the cases were even legit.

        My boss and I both have had covid were are certain, as we both have, for 6 months now had what is looking like permanent damage to our ability to smell. She can barely smell anything at all, Most of what I smell has an overpowering rancid smell.

        We both tested negative under our own doctors supervision as to timing, when we did experience the symptoms because the PCR tests are too specific to the stage of the disease to be reliable, even when they are administered and the correct methodology used to determine the results.

        Anglin is a crank. I’ve always thought so and still do. This doesn’t magically make him not all the negative things he is, not the least of which is a collaborator.

        But his reach extends pretty damn far, and his articles are in heavy circulation, even showcased at unz these days. His position has been consistently skeptical. Skeptical of the official narrative, and of all the methodology used to justify this ridiculous over reaction policy of economic lock down.

        In the end his bullshit detector works at least. Which is more than I can say for the people that have been pushing this hysteria.

        • Give it a year and you will smell and taste more normally. It’s a real disease and it does fuck up people. As such it’s a good thing to be hygienic, but yeah the death count is highly suspect. The comorbidity data and age suggests it is just boomers meeting the appointed time. So it is written and all that stuff. Yet I’m not upset that people are being more hygienic generally. The japs normally have masks on in the subways and on trains. It’s not a bad thing.

    • Normal working class moderates, who populists want to appeal to, are not fluthers. We don’t want to appeal to “everybody that supported Trump” because everybody that supported Trump is a worthless loser. Populism is not rebranded conservatism or stupid celebrity worship like the Trump cult.

      • This has nothing to do with Trump at this point. These keen nerds went spelunking on film looking for exotic SARS virus to test on labrats. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s overwhelming evidence of legal culpability. They filmed their team in knee deep batshit taking tics off bats and saying there’s SARS in these insects. This is not circumstantial stuff.

      • In case you didn’t notice last November, at least half the voting population supported Trump.

        There is every reason to think he was robbed of an election win too through outright fraud.

        This fringe right remnant of the populists in the country did their best to suppress Trump turnout by coordinated and widespread blackpilling, and openly boosting Biden for stuff he was never going to do. No $2,000 check. No student debt relief. More crime and a return to normalcy in foreign policy.

        The fringe also poopoo’ed the notion of widespread fraud and celebrated Trump losing. He didn’t lose. They stole it. Look whats happening in Georgia and Arizona, and starting in Pennsylvania with the audits.

        Now that same fringe is out of sync with that populist base on the most important issues to those people, which are the now certainties that Covid was a psyop to some extent, and the election was stolen.

        This isn’t a small problem at all. Its a total misalignment and the “far right” isn’t going to get out of it, because the internet never forgets and these people are pissed, rightfully.

        Nobody but us see’s the accelerationism from this as positive. Everybody else who isn’t already red pilled is pissed and looking for a target for that.

        We are standing on the wrong side in their view.

        Those “worthless losers” are my family, everybody I work with, most of the people I work for, my neighbors.

        Where do you live that you can write off all trump supporters and still think there are enough White people left to do anything meaningful at all to turn this bitch around?

        I like those Losers. They are honest, work hard and hate being lied to. They hate the system. Don’t even agree with Trump on half of his policies but THATS NOT THE FUCKING POINT. He was THEIR president and nobody can take that from them, least of all the Zuckerbergs and Twitter blue checks, the media and smarmy internet radicals.

        Those are exactly who we are supposed to be aligned with. You know, White working class people…

  8. The video of the Chinese military lab guy collecting bat samples is a smoking gun proof of Chinese culpability. Wtf were these Army scientists doing if not creating and finding weapons to use on whitey?

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