Federal Judge Blocks Joe Biden’s Race-Based Loan Forgiveness Program For Non-White Farmers


This was the worst part of the COVID relief package which was passed in March. It was used as a major talking point by the GOP to justify voting against the bill. It made much more sense to just challenge it in federal court on the grounds that it was blatantly unconstitutional for discriminating against White farmers. It always seemed to me that it was unlikely to survive scrutiny.

New York Post:

“A federal judge has put the brakes on a nearly $4 billion Biden administration effort intended to provide debt relief to farmers of color, noting that the program doesn’t even consider the financial status of applicants — just their race.

The relief program, launched in March under Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, paid up to 120 percent of the loans for farmers or ranchers who are black, Hispanic, Latino, American Indian or Alaskan native and Asian American or Pacific Islander.

The $3.8 billion initiative drew an April lawsuit in Wisconsin Federal Court by 12 white farmers and ranchers from nine states — who said they were excluded from the program due to their race. …

“The obvious response to a government agency that claims it continues to discriminate against farmers because of their race or national origin is to direct it to stop: it is not to direct it to intentionally discriminate against others on the basis of their race and national origin,” Griesbach wrote in his decision.

Congress “cannot discriminate on the basis of race,” he added. …”

It is important to understand what happened here.

The COVID relief package created a social justice slush fund for non-White farmers. They don’t even have to prove that they were discriminated against by the USDA. They just have to establish that they are non-White. This was straight up anti-White discrimination by the Biden administration. Stephen Miller’s new venture America First Legal is responsible for suing them and getting the injunction.

NBC Narratives:

“WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are fighting an intensifying proxy war over race and farming that could have much broader implications for the federal government’s ability to direct aid to people of color.

The fight centers on which farmers get taxpayer help at a time when Biden has pledged to focus on equity and reversing systemic injustices across federal programs. Trump’s allies argue that the same criteria long used to discriminate against farmers of color — race and ethnicity — can’t be used to make them exclusively eligible for federal programs.

Whites have civil rights, too, they say in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas.

For Black farmers and civil rights groups, that’s a proposition that defies reality — and yet they are taking it very seriously, with generations of civil rights law potentially in the balance. …

“This is a landmark civil rights case,” Stephen Miller, head of America First Legal and Trump’s White House senior policy adviser, said in a statement Thursday. “The stakes in this case could not be higher: The government must not be allowed to use its awesome authorities to punish, harm, exclude, prefer, reward or damage its citizens based upon their race or ethnicity.” …”

The Biden administration holds that explicitly discriminating against White farmers in favor of non-White farmers is “equity.”

CBS Narratives:

“A federal judge has halted a loan forgiveness program for farmers of color in response to a lawsuit alleging the program discriminates against White farmers.

U.S. District Judge William Griesbach in Milwaukee issued a temporary restraining order Thursday suspending the program for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The program pays up to 120% of direct or guaranteed farm loan balances for Black, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian American or Pacific Islander farmers. President Joe Biden’s administration created the loan forgiveness program as part of its $1.9 trillion COVID-19 pandemic relief plan. …”

“Equity” is off to a rough launch in federal court.

Creating a new anti-White racial caste system will be a major challenge for Democrats mainly due to all the laws which were passed in the liberal era when they championed equality.

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  1. Coming from a farming family this is good news. However, I remember during the Obama administration a similar program did go through. All Black farmers had to do was sign a piece of paper stating they applied for a farm loan form FHA (Farmers Hone Administration) and bingo they were handed out 50,000 dollar checks with no questions asked. Many of those never farmed a day in their life and applied hoping they would get rejected.

  2. Big corporate agribusiness throws its weight around, controlling food production in most countries, with few exceptions such as Cuba. Small family farms are “no longer needed except for ag entertainment,” not serious food production, say the oligarchs of big ag.

  3. Creating a new anti-White racial caste system will be a major challenge for Democrats mainly due to all the laws which were passed in the liberal era when they championed equality.

    Then again, with demographics on your side, maybe all things are possible.

    • I’m not so sure.

      The Baby Boomers were the shitlib generation. As they aged, they moved Right. The same thing is happening to Gen X now. It is also happening to Millennials.

      Barack Obama had a larger majority both in the Electoral College and Congress in 2008 than Joe Biden has in 2021. Demographics should have been destiny by now. Instead, what has happened is that White working class voters shifted Right, Gen X and Millennials shifted Right and now you are even seeing it happen with non-White working class voters. Also, the conservative ideology that existed in the George W. Bush and John McCain era has been rejected.

      Moral of the story: demographics is destiny was overly simplistic. The electorate is becoming more polarized on the basis of education and values. At least that has been the trend for a decade now

      • I had two things in mind: liberal judges being replaced by shameless leftist judges (surely being produced in law schools at a greater rate than ever) ; and the growing proportion of non-whites in the electorate, who can often successfully be appealed to racially. Shifts in white political values can continue to stave off these demographic effects for a while longer, but not indefinitely.

        (Of course, non-white – particularly non-black – political values can shift too. I doubt they’ll do so in a way that favors, or even aligns with, your racial interests though.)

      • I don’t agree.

        The Baby Boomers got married and had families. Millennials aren’t doing either and now in their 40s certainly aren’t going to start. It’s even worse for Zoomers who nevermind getting laid seem to struggle getting dates or even talking to the opposite sex and have mountains of social and emotional problems. They’re going to live as deracinated urban soycreatures for the rest of their days.

      • Hunter, demographics still is destiny but maybe not as fast as advertised. However, in the end, Republicans will still only get 4 to 11% of the black vote depending on who is running. It’s a loser either way. Hispanics are really the fly in the ointment for Democrats. Not a big fly but still a fly. If Republicans push hard enough they can get 30 to even 40% of the Hispanic vote. Again, not enough to win but combined with the White vote it could be a winner.

        It’s due to Hispanics being of a variety of races and cultures. Blacks are just black and they are constantly told to hate Whites and America. Democrats are great at doing that.

        Many Hispanics are White. In fact Republicans should play up the European background of many Hispanics. Be they Argentinians, Brazilians, Colombians, Uruguay, Spaniards and even some Mexicans. I always crack up when I see that great Mexican boxer, Canelo Alvarez, on Tv. He is clearly of European ancestry. The man has White skin and red hair. I laugh because he goes against the perceptions of what a Mexican looks like. You see similar European looking actors and actresses on Spanish soap operas or just general Spanish television.

        So Republicans should be promoting the European background of many Hispanics while pushing for less overall immigration but with an increase in White immigration from Europe, Australia, etc. Trump was trying to push that through skills based immigration. Only Whites can’t push for White immigration. All the other groups openly push for the racial and ethnic make up of groups they are from. It’s truly incredible. This is what happens when left wing Jews take over our media.

        • Most Hispanics consider themselves White even though, in an Anglo-Saxon majority area, they wouldn’t look White to the average resident. They go by a different criteria: Colorism primarily, but also the casta system which puts the offspring of any White and Castizo (Half White/Half Mestizo) on the same plane as Espanol (pure European White).

          Much of the reason many of them spread out to the Northern and Midwestern states is that the Southwest sees them as Mestizos, but areas on the Northeast coast have a lot of Spanish, Portuguese, French Canadians, Italians, and Greeks there, so they don’t stand out like sore thumbs. Moreover, more fair-skinned Celts, English, Germans, Scandinavians just see them as Mediterranean Whites.

          If you hear them talking to themselves, they all want children with “colored eyes” and there is a term they use called “mejoranda la raza” – improving the race (and that means obtaining a White spouse to get children who look more “espanol.”

          I also believe that, if this systemic Anti-White ideology keeps intensifying – and there’s no reason to believe why it won’t – the numbers of “Hispanics” will swell like those in Florida with Whites changing their surnames and getting very proficient in Spanish.

          I don’t see a lot of Whites being outrageous about race-switching as Rachel Dolezal or Shaun “Talcum X” King and even the Ashkenazi Jewess, Jessica LaBombera AKA Jessica Krug (posing as an Afro-Latina activist).

          I am not totally surprised, despite the number of Hispanics who preferred Trump and are furious with the Democrats for encouraging more illegal immigrants from South of the Border, that the Biden administration let more HIspanics in. I think even THEY, more than the Republicans, have had a bellyful of BLACKETT-BLACKNESS. They still don’t like Whites, but that’s beside the point. They need a new wedge group and the Hispanics fit the bill perfectly.

  4. This once again shows there is a difference between the two parties and voting for virtually any Democrat in this era by a White person is dumb, anti White and speeds up our replacement.

    This absurd ” president” we now have with early dementia, a surly attitude and a limp is just a figurehead. He just goes along with it because blacks and browns are now the heart of the Democratic Party.

    Any White person with a hint of defending Whites is insane or woefully ignorant defending Democrats. Their platform is extremely anti White and anti Christian. Sorry, you can’t be promoting slaughtering children in the womb or pushing butthole Pride month and call yourself a Christian. It does not mean to hate gays but just look at their parades. It’s always about demented dress codes and it’s overly sexualized. It does say to reject their ways. A peen in the butthole of another man labeling it ” love wins” is both funny and very sad.

    The judge was nominated by a Republican President. You can be virtually sure if Obama or Clinton nominated a judge here he would have come up with some crazy excuse to keep this racket of welfare money to black farmers going. Biden does not care. He just cares he sucked up to blacks yet again since he is the most anti White president ever.

    Blacks have the greatest racket going. They can say anything and hardly ever get fired or demoted. I was reading of the pretty recent death of longtime black ” comedian,” Paul Mooney, who really just did anti White jokes. Of course he got the great news send off of ” he was a great comic, etc.,” A White guy doing 10% of Mooneys racial jokes against blacks would have been banned or constantly denounced.

    Look at Snoop Dogg. An admitted gang associate and pimp banned in some countries has never, ever had to apologize for anything and is on various Tv shows, commercials, etc. You can go through a huge list- Spike Lee, Sharpton, a ton of black ballplayers, various black actors and actresses, notorious racist Cardi B and on and on.

    Sorry, for all the Republican butt kissing and Trump’s stupid criminal reform, they are still not even in the league of Democrats and their anti White hatred, their Blm and Antifa lovefest, their anti White cop hatred, their America and White hating ” squad” members in Congress, their push to import the third world so they can vote Democrat; their push to ” diversify” everything with standards not even mentioned.

    The Democrats are truly disgusting. No 1,400 dollar Covid check or you being mad at some yahoo cops can change that fact. And Kamala Harris is so horrible as Vp, it’s truly at circus level. She does these stupid laughs and is even called ” cringe” by people who voted for her and the grumpy old man. She is without a doubt the worst and weakest Vp ever.

    The true tragedy is Harris is a hair away from being president. That video of Biden basically staggering around that restaurant/bar area with the awnings in Europe was pitiful. His wife I believe had to come in and save him again. Imagine if our filthy media remotely did its job on reporting his ineptitude?

    Good job in denying welfare to black farmers, judge, as Democrats had no problem discriminating against White farmers!

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